a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 15)

naina woke up at 3am because of karan’s screams. karan had pain again. naina took care of karan and when she was about to sleep, she checked her phone to realise that the next day was karva chauth. naina didn’t understand why no one told her about it as they were supposed to have the sargi at 4am on karva chauth morning. naina went out to see if anyone was there or if there were any preparations but there wasn’t any. just then, she saw masi ma come out of her room for water.

masi ma: naina, what are you doing awake at this time?

naina: masi ma, karan was in pain again so i was just taking care of that.

masi ma: oh okay. is he okay now?

naina: yes, he’s much better. he went to sleep also.

masi ma: why are you wake, though?

naina: masi ma, tomorrow’s karva chauth but ma didn’t say anything about it and so i thought that maybe i didn’t hear her. i went out to check if there was sargi or anything for tomorrow.

masi ma: naina, nirmala doesn’t take part in it because bhaisab never wanted him to and we decided that maybe we shouldn’t tell the both of you to take part in it either.

naina: oh, okay.

masi ma: good night.

naina understood where everyone was coming from but, she wanted to keep the fast. naina had always imagined her first karva chauth and so she was going to keep it. naina went to the kitchen and quickly ate whatever she could find before the sun came out. then, naina went to sleep. the next morning, naina woke up to see karan not in the room. just then, he comes out of the shower in a towel. naina looked at him.

naina: good morning.

karan: naina, you were asleep.

naina: yes, but now i’m awake.

karan: aren’t you going to look away?

naina: what?

karan: naina, i’m not wearing any clothes, doesn’t that make you feel embarrassed?

naina: no, am i supposed to feel embarrassed?

karan: yes, i’m not wearing clothes, naina.

naina: you’re wearing a towel, isn’t that enough?

karan: naina!

naina: karan, i lived in bali. people were shirtless all the time. it’s not really a big deal for me anymore. anyways, i’m going to shower, i have a meeting to go to later.

naina showered and went down to the dining table to greet everyone.

naina’s outfit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/1c/86/88/1c868863eaa86247ea180d44cbc879f1.jpg

nirmala: naina, sit and have breakfast.

naina was about to sit when she remembered that she was keeping a fast.

naina: no ma, i’ll eat with karan upstairs today.

naina went upstairs and gave karan his food.

karan: aren’t you eating too?

naina lied and told him that she already ate. naina then left to go to work and told nirmala before she left so that someone could take care of karan. after work, naina came back home at around dinner time when everyone was already at the dinner table, except karan who today was going to come down. naina was feeling dizzy and was about to faint when kunal caught her.

nirmala: naina, what’s wrong?

naina: nothing ma, i’m okay. i just haven’t eaten much today.

nirmala: naina come and eat. here, have some water.

naina: no ma, i can’t eat or drink.

sandhya: why not, naina?

naina: i can’t break my fast until the moon comes out.

meghna: moon?

naina: i kept a fast for karan because it’s karva chauth. i asked masi ma last night and she said that no one fasts for it but i wanted to fast for karan’s long life. i can only break it when the moon comes out.

naina left to go upstairs and saw karan standing there listening to everything. they both went to their room.

karan: naina, why did you keep the fast?

naina: i kept it for you, karan.

karan: you don’t have to do all of this, naina. i don’t accept our marriage. when i don’t think of myself as your husband then why would you do all of this?

naina: so does this mean that you won’t break my fast?

karan: i’m not breaking your fast because i’m not your husband and you’re not my wife.

naina felt horrible. a weird feeling came through her and she was devastated. but, naina wasn’t going to agree. naina decided that she wouldn’t eat or drink till karan broke her fast. naina didn’t eat dinner and felt sick but ignored it and went to sleep instead. later, before sunrise, karan woke up again in pain and woke naina up too. naina started putting his cream when she got dizzy.

karan: naina, what’s wrong?

naina: i’m okay.

karan: naina, you didn’t eat, did you?

naina shook her head.

karan: naina, you haven’t eaten anything in the last twenty four hours.

naina: and i won’t eat for the next twenty four hours either if you don’t break my fast karan.

karan: naina, why are you so stubborn?

karan took naina to the balcony where the moon was still up and made her do all the rituals. once karan fed her and broke her fast, naina was about to bend down to take his blessings when he left. karan apologised to naina in his heart for making her suffer like this but he didn’t know that she wouldn’t eat just because he refused to break her fast. naina on the other hand promised herself that karan would be more than happy to break her fast the following year.

thank you for reading! i think there’ll be a leap in the next chapter where karan will be cured. a lot of twists will come, however. naina and karan haven’t really come that close in the three months. it’s just little things like this that have happened, nothing significant. however, after he gets better, what happens in the next chapter is the biggest significant thing that has happened yet.

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