a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 14)

karan woke up the next morning to see naina sleeping on the floor beside him. karan felt horrible that because of him, she had to sleep like that.

karan: naina, wake up.

naina panicked.

naina: karan, are you okay? do you need the cream?

karan: naina i’m fine. you slept on the floor, are you okay?

naina had a headache because she didn’t get proper sleep but lied instead.

naina: i’m okay karan.

meghna came in.

meghna: karan, are you okay?

karan: yes, bhabhi. i wasn’t too well last night but naina took care of me.

meghna: well, she’s your wife. naina, are you okay? you don’t look so good.

naina: yeah, i’m okay di.

nirmala then came in to remind them that they were getting late for work.

nirmala: meghna, naina, you’re getting late for work. naina, you’re not even ready yet?

naina: ma, i’m not going to work.

meghna: why not?

naina: karan could have pain from the medicine any time, di. besides, i can work from home as well.

karan: naina, you should go to work. i’ll be fine, don’t worry.

nirmala: karan is right, naina. i’m here and if anything happens i’ll take care of him.

naina: okay ma.

naina explained karan’s medicines to nirmala and went to shower and get ready for the office.

naina’s outfit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/15/bd/53/15bd536db7ebe17ba525adcea0ecab8f.jpg

naina: ma if there’s anything you need, please call me. karan, you too.

nirmala: naina, i will take care of everything. now go.

naina went to work and couldn’t concentrate all day. rohit realised this and it became more obvious when naina almost signed a deal that would not make profit but instead lose a lot of money for the company. naina’s never made any mistake in the business and there had to be something seriously wrong that she almost made such a big mistake. it was karan. naina was worried for him. she didn’t know what was going on and if he was okay or not. when naina went home, all of them, except karan, was eating dinner. naina joined in.

nk: how was work?

kunal: busy.

meghna: great.

naina: okay.

later in her room, karan noticed something was wrong.

karan: naina, are you okay? is everything alright?

naina: yes, everything is okay.

karan: naina, sit down.

naina: karan, i don’t have time for this.

karan: naina, sit.

naina sat down.

karan: now, tell me what’s wrong.

naina: i almost signed a deal that wasn’t supposed to be done that would’ve costed the company millions. i’ve never made a mistake but i almost did today, karan.

karan: what happened?

naina: i couldn’t concentrate.

karan: why not?

naina: because i was worried for you. all day i kept thinking that the medicines might affect you or you might need something. it was killing me.

karan: naina, i was okay.

naina: i know karan but i couldn’t stop worrying. i can’t go to work knowing that you might be in pain or you need your cream or something else is wrong. i can go a few hours when needed to work but i don’t think i can go everyday for the next three months. i’ll just make me feel better if i’m here and i know how you are.

karan: but naina,

naina: karan, please don’t stop me. please let me be here.

karan: if it makes you happy then okay. but, if you ever want to go back or whenever you need to, you will. work comes first naina, not me.

naina wondered what a statement that was. naina could never put work before karan, forget karan, naina could never put anything before karan. the next morning at breakfast, naina told everyone what she decided.

naina: i’ve decided not to go to work until karan gets better. i’ll take care of everything from home and if needed, then i’ll go to the office.

nirmala: you’re worried about karan, aren’t you?

naina nodded.

nk: whatever makes you happy, naina.

later on, rohit came and discussed a few projects with naina in the hall when she heard her name.

rohit: so, that’s basically what we need before we can go ahead.

naina: okay, i need the shipping quotes as well.

karan: NAINA!

naina: karan?

naina ran to the room to see karan in pain.

karan: naina, it hurts a lot. please help.

naina: karan, take off your shirt.

naina put the cream on karan while he winced in pain. rohit saw all of this from afar and left. rohit couldn’t see any of this happening, he was heartbroken because for the first time ever, he saw his life slipping away – naina.

thank you so much for reading! i’ve pre-written a few chapters so hopefully not many slow updates. i will update every two days, not any longer, i promise. also, i guess i won’t be ending this ff soon. one more thing, i know karva chauth is in august or something but it happens in the next chapter because karva chauth is my favourite! comment any karva chauth scenes you want to see and i might add it into the chapter.

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  1. Amazing update.. loved it.. but i think if its karva chauth, then u pls bring the concept.. coz, if we give, then fun wont be there.. its my suggestion..

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you! i’m so sorry for the late reply but i hope you enjoyed the karva chauth chapter.

  2. The link is not working….awesome epi but who is playing rohit’s role??keep updating ASAP and resend the link please

    1. NainaSharma

      i’m so sorry about the link. i don’t really have anyone playing the role, you can imagine whoever you want to for rohit, really. i already updated the next chapter, hope you enjoyed that. also, here’s the link, i hope it works – https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/15/bd/53/15bd536db7ebe17ba525adcea0ecab8f.jpg

  3. WOW! Lovely episode..loved Naina caring for Karan…boarding my flight so will not be able to write the long comment I wanted to write…today’s episode was so emotional…three viewpoints…even though I love Nairan, I somewhat feel bad for Rohit…

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much! i hope you had a safe flight. rohit will get his own love interest soon though, so i guess he won’t be suffering for long, unless i get rohit and naina together. you’ll have to keep reading to find out! x

  4. Titli

    Nice part.. loved nairan.. but felt bad for rohit..

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much! i did too, but don’t worry, he’ll be happy soon!

  5. prettypreeti

    hi sorry ns i am late and didnt commen\t in last chappies..bt i read them 2da so i now wanna hg …lovred it sooooooooooo mch..karva chath interesting
    post soon…bt rohit..aww……but will u turn him negative???/nooo..bt nairan were wow

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you for the comment and it’s okay, don’t worry about it. i’m really happy you enjoyed! i already posted the next chapter, it’s up. i hope you enjoyed. well, i don’t know yet to be honest but i did say that i won’t make anyone negative exactly in this ff. they’ll all be right in their own ways. i don’t know if nairan will end up together or if karan will tell naina to go back and she and rohit get back together or even if there’s someone else in naina’s life, someone else she loved before rohit? but it’ll all make sense at the end. ?

  6. nirdesica rae

    m in cmpltly luv wid ur ff

    superb,amazing,fantastic nd so on

    nd yeah I m a #nairan shipper…

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much!! i am too haha, i really love those two. i guess it’s because it’s been so long since we’ve gotten such a unique couple on tv that you really fall for those two!

  7. Aarzu

    Nyc epi Naina keep…. ? ? ? ?

    1. NainaSharma

      thank youuu so much! i’ve really been enjoying your ff too, i’m sorry for not commenting though. been super busy lately but i’ll try to comment soon!

  8. Threemaimai

    feels sad towards rohit.. but nairan are awesome… 🙂

    1. NainaSharma

      it’ll all come together at the end, don’t worry! i really love nairan too. ❤?

  9. I love it its really awesome. . . . Can’t wait to read next chapter I loved nairan scene when was caring for karan and feeling bad for rohit u r just amazing di post next chapter soon

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you so much! i already posted the next chapter, it’s up. i hope you enjoyed that too! x

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