a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 12)

karan and naina went outside to the hall to find everyone there waiting for the results as vishal left without saying anything.

nk: what happened? what’s wrong?

naina: karan’s taking an allergy test to find out how it all started so it doesn’t happen again. it seems like karan had a very high allergic reaction to something which instead of getting cured in a day, takes a week.

karan: but, because of the expired medicines masi ma gave me, my condition has gotten worse throughout the years.

naina: vishal bhai said that with the right medicines, karan should be fine within the next three months.

dadaji: naina, i want you to take care of karan from now on. i don’t trust anyone except you to take care of karan. karan’s food, medicines, clothes, everything. it’s all your responsibility now.

naina nodded and she looked at sandhya and saw no remorse on her face. she ruined karan’s life and naina wanted to know why, why she did such a horrible thing to karan – to her own family.

naina: why did you do this?

sandhya: excuse me?

naina: i asked you a question, masi ma. why did you do this to karan? you purposely made his life hell. why?

sandhya: naina, stay in your limits. i don’t have to give you any explanations.

naina: no, you don’t have to explain anything to me but you owe all of them an explanation. you owe karan an explanation and if you don’t want to give it then fine, i’ll find out myself.

nirmala: sandhya, why did you do this to my son?

sandhya: i was dadaji’s friends daughter. when dad died, dadaji gave me a home. nirmala, when you couldn’t give birth, i helped you. i became a surrogate mother. but what happened after kunal was born? you all gave me importance but when karan was born through nirmala, all of you took me for granted. i wanted to show you my importance in this house and see, i made all of you incomplete without me.

naina: you ruined karan’s life because you wanted importance? you wanted a place in this house and so you ruined someone’s life. masi ma, you don’t make importance, you don’t show your importance, you earn it. same goes for respect, you earn it.

sandhya: i know and i’m sorry karan. i didn’t mean to take it this far but if i stopped, everyone would know what i’d been doing.

karan: masi ma, i’ll never forgive you for what you did to me. i considered you my mother. but i was wrong because my mom can never do such a thing. dadaji’s right, from now on, only naina’ll take care of me and no one else.

khyati was watching all of this from far and saw how naina had her brother wrapped in her hand and hated naina for it. karan was favouring a girl who lied to them about her identity and all we know, there’s more she’s been hiding, khyati thought.

nirmala: sandhya, if you try anything to hurt my family again, i will kick you out of this house.

sandhya: i’m sorry nirmala, i really am.

most of them decided to give sandhya another chance but karan and kunal were furious at her. naina, however, had this weird feeling. she felt bad for ruining relationships. just then, the allergy test came and they went to their room to take it.

karan: naina, you take it first.

naina: karan, are you scared?

karan: no, i’m not scared of anything naina. i just want you to take it first. why, are you scared?

naina ignored him and easily took the test. naina had no problem with needles and in fact, she enjoyed it more than anything. naina liked taking blood tests and karan, not understanding what was going on, was confused as to why naina was screaming or crying.

karan: naina, you’re not scared of needles?

naina: i was but then eventually i overcame it. i love blood tests karan, seeing everyone all scared and then when it’s my turn, they all think i’m going to be scared but i don’t care.

karan looked at naina bewildered. then, karan had to take the test. when the needle was about to go in, karan got scared and tightly held onto naina’s hand.

naina: karan, it’s okay. it’s a small needle, it doesn’t hurt. i promise.

after the test was done, the person left and karan realised what he had done and started panicking. karan went and took a tissue, cleaning naina’s hand.

karan: naina, naina i’m so sorry.

naina: karan, relax. i’ll take the medicine when it comes, okay? i’ll be fine, don’t worry.

karan: i’m sorry.

rohit entered their room and handed naina the medicines.

rohit: here you go, princess.

naina: thank you, roh. i don’t know what i’d do without you.

rohit: really?

naina: yes, of course.

rohit: so, if i died then?

naina put her hand on rohit’s mouth when he mentioned dying.

naina: roh, i would never be able to live if anything happened to you so don’t even think about it.

karan saw all this and felt this weird feeling in his stomach. he didn’t realise what he was feeling was jealousy. then, he remembered that he touched naina’s hand and she had to have the medicines so she wouldn’t catch his allergies. karan then thought, how horrible it must be for naina to stay in such a marriage where when he touches her, she would have to take medicines.

karan: naina, medicines.

naina: huh? oh yeah, i have to take a pill.

rohit opened the packet and took out a pill for naina to have.

naina: thank you.

naina had the pill and rohit left.

karan: do you still love him?

naina: karan, i don’t know what i feel for anyone, anymore.

karan: why are you staying here, naina? why are you doing all of this for me? why are you staying in a marriage where whenever i touch you, you’re going to have to take a pill?

naina: karan, in three months, you’ll be free of this allergy. you’ll be able to touch anyone without consequences. besides, i think you’re making your condition too much of a big deal. karan, this condition isn’t you, it’s a part of you. i’m staying here because i’m your wife and i’m doing this because i care for you and as your wife, i’m going to make sure you get better no matter what.

karan didn’t know what to say to that. naina kept proving to karan that she genuinely cared for him but karan couldn’t be her husband. it just wasn’t meant to be.

thank you for reading! i read your previous comments and i’m so sorry i haven’t been able to reply to them yet. i’m thinking of ending the ff soon because i feel really bad for taking so much time to update. if you guys are okay with a few late updates, i’ll most probably continue. also, keep your eyes open for the next chapter because it is my favourite and i think you’ll love it too!

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  1. Threemaimai

    I don’t mind as long as u update it with fab story…
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    1. NainaSharma

      i’ve been enjoying your ff too! i’m so sorry i haven’t commented yet. thank you so much! i won’t end the ff. ?❤

  2. Tamihna0808

    Aaw! Don’t end it yet, it’s really good! Keep it on hold for some time and come back to it later! It’s super good! Hope you continue! ???❤

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you banana! i won’t end it, i just might have later updates. ??

  3. Titli

    U r having a good story, so i would love to wait.. coz sabar ka fal mitha hota hai.. and if u keep everyone waiting for a bit, they ll be desperate to read ur ff.. so its alright.. u can continue.. but zyada late maat kariyo.. hehe..

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you haha! i’ll update a little slow but it won’t be that long, don’t worry. i’m not ending the ff. ❤

  4. I don’t mind if they were late updates I would love to read u r ff please continue it don’t end it please

    1. NainaSharma

      i won’t end it, although, there might be a few late updates!


  6. Shruthy

    Lovey dovey. ??? Karan being jealous, omg. ??
    Can’t wait for their story to have a progress. Waiting waiting !

    1. NainaSharma

      thank you haha. i’m sure you’ll enjoy the upcoming chapters, a lot of nairan scenes. ??

  7. Nooo!?Please don’t end this ff…We are ready for late updates but please don’t end it???

    1. NainaSharma

      i’m not ending it but i’m sorry for the late updates! ??

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