The episode starts with Anika sitting near pool side and remencing the days event…… She laughed at her fate for punishing her as she loved everyone and considered them to be her family…….. Shivay who came in search of his lady love found her sitting near pool side lost in her thoughts and he was sure about what she was thinking and what she is thinking……. before he could step forward she stood up and informed him that she needs some time to be alone and saying so she left…… Shivay who stood there lifeless just assured her that everything ll be fine and take her own time……

At the same time a girl with long hairs wearing white color salwar with a luggage bag was walking in the darkest road like a lifeless body just tears traveling with her………at one point of time she couldn’t hold back her tears and sat at the middle of the dark road with a thud……letting the fate of her’s laughing and mocking at her…..

Flashback few hours back……..

Gauri after consoling Anika left to her room and soon freshed up and stood in front of her sankarji’s picture……..closed her eyes to pray for the goodwill of her family and happiness of her family…but her prayers were disturbed by her omkaraji……

Om: wow…..Gauri you made a permanent plan to stay in this house…..

Gauri(turned immediately to face her husband) omkaraji what are you talking about??? And what plan are you talking about????

Om(shouting) enough….do not try act smart…..I know what type of people you are……first trapped Kali Takur and ran away from marriage and then came here as CHULBUL and cheated all of us…..spoke in such a sweet way that my own mom and Bua maa got flattered and now remaining members right…..I know what type of girl you are….you are​such an characterless and do anything to for money….you ll kill people for ur own benefit and then you ll never worry about your own mother and then you’ll start trapping people……. You middle class girl and people ll do anything to get money………and (before he could complete his face got imprinted with gauri’s hand A TIGHT HARD SLAP STRAIGHT ON HIS FACE)

Gauri(eyes full of rage) don’t you dare MR.OMKARA SINGH OBEROI……. You don’t have any rights to point fingers on my character or my self respect……… Just because you speak oly truth and support oly truth doesn’t mean that you are great and kind hearted man… be honest and Frank you know you are really a stone hearted man…….who just see’s with one eye…..and a person who wears a mask in the so called name of truth…..not everyone ll like and love to lie…….it’s the situation and the problems they face make them to lie……….and regarding character u were talking right and who are u to talk about it u urself doesn’t know how to judge urself….have you ever seen urself in the mirror coz u can differentiate how you look and a stone looks like… are……..I just don’t want to tell it…….you know what Omkara……you are mere a stone not an human being…….. Not oly you can give ur life to ur mom we also can give irrespective of the situation….even if they are not our own…..soon she removed her mangalsutra and throwed it over his face and took a glass of water poured it on her maang…….you Mr. Omkara it’s better to stay away from you coz I can’t live a suffocating life with u around me…..

Saying this she packed her bags and left the room with a slight of less burden and smiled in relief and left Oberoi Mansion…..

Flashback ends……

Gauri remembered all the conversation between her and om and cried thinking about his accusations….then she stood up wiped her tears and spoke to herself…..

Gauri you dint do wrong… did correct when it comes to ur self respect you have to answer back….and you gave him the correct answer….who is he to judge you and ur character…..he is a stone and he doesn’t even think or care about what one feels……

Soon she left the dark road and walked towards the tmrws light of her life……..


Sorry guys coz ive made Gauri slap om coz I wanted her to do that in real dbo but no….that’s y….even I felt bad but what to do I felt like giving him a slap……

Share ur thoughts… comment both positive and negative…..

See you soon with next shot……

Take care…

Love you all….

Keep smiling always….

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