Twist In Tale – Shivika Shot 3

Hi all thank you for all your comments and encouragement… I have taken clues from last week spoilers to write this story but it’s my own imagination ….i hope you are liking this…..sorry for all the typo and grammatical mistakes….
This part will be plot revelation and confrontations…hope you enjoy this….


The evil Trio were shocked seeing Shivaay smiling….Om also got up moved towards Right of Shivaay and removed his hands from his face and started smiling…Rudy moved towards left of Shivaay and started smiling…all three were clapping their hands and moving around Mrs.Kapoor, Tia and swethlana…..
None of the family members were aware of what were happening …it was confusion all around in Oberoi mansion….
Dadi could not control her anxiety and stops all her three grandsons and asks them to tell whats happening
Shivaay: Dadi ham teeno bhai inke bewakoofiyon ko yaad karke dekhke has rahe hain…
(Dadi we are laughing at their foolishness)
He moves towards Mrs.Kapoor and speaks out
Shivaay: aapne kya socha ki mein aapki dhamkiyon se darr jaoonga aur aapka kehna maan loonga…
Aapko jo karna tha aapne kar diya…par uska result kya nikla…Om mera bhai mujhse naraaz hoke uska chehra chipake rote huan mujhse alag ho jayega… parOm hamesha mere saath hain aur rahega…
Aapko kuch samajh nahi aaya na…aayega bhi nahi…kyunki aapki soch choti hain …itni choti ki aap apne betiyon ko bhi nahi choda…tho ham log kya cheez hain….
(what did you think I will bend to your demands by getting scared…you did what you wanted to do..but see now Om isn’t crying hiding his face nor he got away from me..he is and will always stay with us
You din’t understand anything right..i know you wouldn’t understand …because your thinking is low….you have thought so low that you din’t leave your daughters either…then who are we)

He goes to Tia and says
Shivaay: Tia tumhe pata hain ki tumhare iss bacche ka papa zinda hain?
(do you know father of your child is alive?)
Tia: Shivaay baby…mein.. mein kuch samjhi nahi
Shivaay baby…I..i donno ..what you are saying)
Shivaay: Ohh come on Tia itna bhi masoom banne ki kosish mat karo…. Tumhare bacha uska papa.Dushyanth …ooohhhhh ..i am so sorry….i mean Robin….sorry again…tumhara bhai zinda hain
(Ohh come on Tia don’t try to act innocent..the father of your child..Robin ohh I am so sorry…I mean Robin…sorry again…your brother is alive)

Swethlana and Mrs. Kapoor gets shocked while Tia stands still and rest family members were confusingly shocked….
Tia: ye … ye nahi ho sakta…Robin mar chukka hain…maine khud use mara tha…galti se maine khud use swimming pool mein dobadiya tha…aur who mar gaya…tum jhoot bol rahe ho Shivaay…you are lying…
(No..this ..this can’t happen…Robin is dead…I have killed him by mistake….he drowned in swimming pool and are lying…you are lying…)
Shivaay was about to say something when Pinky comes forward and asks
Pinky: Shivaay ye tu kya bole jaa raha hain…Tia ka pita Robin hain…wahi Robin jo Tia ka bhai banke yaha aata tha…..kya bol raha hain ..jawaab de
(Shivaay what are you saying? Robin is husband of Tia..robin he is her brother…answer me…do you understand what you are saying?)
Shivaay says
Shivaay: Mom ye sacch hain Robin Tia ka bhai ya Mrs.Kapoor ka beta nahi balki Tia ka pati hain….Hamse rishtha judne se pehle Robin aur Tia ki shaadi ho chuki thi….ye sab iss maa beti ka khel hain…..

(Mom this is the truth ..robin isn’t tia’s borther or Mrs.Kapoor’s son…he is her husband…before our alliance she was already married to him…this is all the drama played by the mother daughter duo)
Pinky: aisa nahi ho sakta Shivaay..tu iss Anika ke baat ka vishwaas kar raha hain…jo kisi ki nahi ho sakti uski tu baat maan raha hain
(This cannot be true are trusting Anika’s words…she is none to us and still you are listening to her)
Shivaay: aapko kya ho gaya hain mom …aap apne bete se jyada Tia par viswaas kar rahi hain…ek minute rukh jayiye mein abhi aapke saamne sach khada karta hoon.
(what happened to you mom…you trust Tia more than your own son…wait a minute I will show you the entire truth)
He signs Anika to go ahead and get Robin inside

Anika brings Robin aka Dushyanth and Tia eyes widens in shock…tears roll out of her eyes and she suddenly turns towards Swethlana and Mrs.Kapoor.
Before Tia can say anything Shivaay asks Robin to say the truth himself else they are not at loss but Tia and her unborn baby would be definitely at loss.
Robin/Dushyanth: Haan mein Tia ka pati hoon aur Tia mere bacche ki maa bannewali hain…actually ham dono ki shaadi bahut pehle ho chuki thi…lekin mein tia ko acchi zindagi de nahi saka…isliye Mrs.Kapoor gussa thi mujhse aur unhone Tia ko mujhse door rehne ko kaha aur Tia ki shaadi Shivaay se karne ki bhi socha…sab kuch theek chal raha tha…Ham sab ne plan banaya ki Tia shivaay se sirf paise keliye shaadi karegi aur 6 mahine baad Shivaay ko divorce dekar alimony ke taur par shivaay ka aadha property lekar mere paas laut jayegi….sab kuch sahi chal raha tha lekin Anika ko ham pe shak ho gaya…aur dheere dheere uska shak yakeen mein badaltha gaya…aur ek din Anika Om aur Rudra Tia ka peecha karthe karthe ham tak pahunch gaya…darr ki wazah se Tia ne mujhe swimming pool mein dobaya..lekin mein mara nahi..behosh huan…
(yes I am Tia’s husband and Tia is bearing my child…actually we got married way before, but I couldn’t give a good life to Tia…

Mrs.Kapoor disliked me for that…later she took Tia away and asked her to stay away from me…she also planned to get Tia married to Shivaay…everything was going fine …we planned that Tia will get married to Shivaay and after 6 months she will get divorce from him and on the basis of alimony she would take half of the share of Shivaays property…till then also everything was going good….but…but Anika got doubt on Tia and slowly her doubt was turning out to be true….one day AnikaOmRudra followed Tia and almost caught both of us..Tia got scared and drowned me in swimming pool…I did not die but I fell unconscious)

Tia: fir tumhe bachaya kisne…aur maine tho tumhara dahan bhi mar diya tha
(Then who saved you…and I have performed your final rites too)
Robin: tumhe gabrahat mein samjha ki mar chukka hoon aur apne mom ko call kiya…who aayi thi tab meri aankhein dheere dheere khul rahi thi…unhone mujhe behosh kiya aur tumse kaha ki mein mar chukka hoon aur meri dahan karne ki tayari karo..tum waha se chali gayi aur Mrs.Kapoor mujhe waha se mere ghar le jaane ko kisi se kaha aur meri jagah kisi aur lash ko rakh diya.

(you were scared and in that you thought I was dead..later on you called your mom…she came there and then I was slowly opening my eyes…she made me unconscious gain and informed you I was indeed dead and asked you to prepare for my final rites….you left from there and mrs.Kapoor took me from there and might she has kept someone else’s body in that place.)
Everyone stands shocked listening to Robins Confession.
Tia turns towards her mom

Tia: Mom aapne mere saath aise kyun kiya? Meri aur Robin ki kya galti thi..kyun pne mujhse itna bada jhoot kaha? Sab aapke hisaab se chal raha than a fir kyun? Aapko meri dhuk kyun nahi dikhayi de rahi thi ? Kyun mom? Kyun?
(Mom why did you do this to me? What was our fault..why did you say such a big lie? Everything was going as per your wish then why? Couldn’t you see how shattered I was? Why mom? Why?)
Mrs.Kapoor: aur kya karti Tia..tumhe Robin ke alava kuch aur dikh nahi raha tha…isliye maine mauke ka fayda uthaya..Robin ko tumse door karne ka iss se accha mauka mere paas nahi tha…aur dekho Robin ke maut ka badla lene kaise tum sherni ki tarah iss ghar mein laut aayi….par tumhare iss pyaar ne iss bewakoof ne mera sara plan chaupat kar diya….how disgusting
(Then what should have I done? You couldn’t see anyone other than Robin…so I have used the opportunity..opportunity to make you far away from Robin…this was the best opportunity I got….and see how you made up your mind to take revenge of Robin’s death….but your love and this idiot has failed all my plans…how disgusting)
Tia now goes to Swethlana and says
Tia: Dii …aapko bhi ye baat pata thi na…fir aapne mujhse kyun nahi kaha…kaise aap mujhe aise haal mein dekh sakti thi…
(Dii…you too knew this..then why couldn’t you say …how could you atleast seeme in such state?)

Tej says “Dii”
Tej: iska matlab Swethlana aur Tia behene hain..aur Mrs.Kapoor ki betiyan
(this means Swethlana and Tia are sisters and daughters of Mrs.Kapoor)
Wow…manna padega Mrs.Kapoor kya chal chal rahe the…
(I must agree your plots Mr.Kapoor)
Shivaay: itna hi nahi bade papa…swethlana ne khud aapki accident plan kii thi aur aapko bachane ka natak karke iss ghar mein lauti….uske baad jaanbooz ke seedhiyon se gir ke badi maa ko fasaya aur aa piss ki baton mein aate gaye aur kuch socha nahi…kahir iss bare mein ham baad mein baat karenge

(Not only this Bade Papa..Swethlana did your accident and acted to save you…then she deliberately slipped from stairs and blamed badi maa …you blindly believed her and didn’t look from any other perspective…anyways we will talk about this later)
Om goes towards Robin and says
Om: Robin iss sara khel mein Romi in sabke saath thi….aur aaj woh maut ke kareeb hain
(Robin in all this Romi was also involved and now she is in her last stage of death)
Robin: kya?
Om: Haan Robin…Mrs.Kapoor aur swethlana ne Tia ke saamne Romi ko behoshi ka injection diya aur usko seedhiyon se niche giraya…ab who hospital mein hain.
(Yes Robin..Swethlana and Mrs.Kapoor have made Romi unconscious and pushed her on from stairs..she is in hospital now)

Robin moves towards Tia and slaps her hard and says
Robin: maine socha ki tum Romi ko bhi apna maanti ho par nahi …tum sabke khoon mein hi dhoka hain
(I thought you treat Romi as your own sister but I was wrong…there is deceiving in your blood)
He leaves towards hospital .

Anika goes to Pinky and says
Anika: Sach aapke saamne aa gaya aunty ji….mera koi parivaar nahi hain..mein roadside pali badhi hoon…mujhe theek se kuch karna nahi aata par mujh mein sacchi neeyat hain..mein kisi ko dhoka nahi deti…mein kisi ka fayda nahi uthathi…
(truth is before you Aunty ji…I don’t have any family ..i have brought up myself roadside…I don’t know how to be perfect…but I have good intentions…I don’t deceive anyone…I don’t take advantage of anyone)
She stares at Shivaay and continues

Mein kisi se pyaar karoon tho us keliye apni jaan bhi de sakthi hoon….par aap bade lognon ka mujhe kuch samajh nahi aata….yaha rishtey hote hain par rishton ki samajh nahi hota…yaha paisa hota hain par khushi nahi hoti….yaha sab kuch miltha hain par sukoon nahi hota….yaha pyaar rehthe hue bhi nahi rehtha…iss se accha tho meri zindagi hain jaha mein aur sahil apni choti si duniya mein khsush rehthe the….pyaar se rehthe the aur ek dusre keliye rehthe the…..khair mein aapko ye sab kyun keh rahi hoon..mujhe jo karna tha mein kar chuki..…ab aapko aapke bete aur Tia ki shaadi Mubarak ho….mein yaha jis wazah se aayi thi who kaam poora ho gaya…ab mere yaha rukne ka koi maksad nahi hain
(if I love someone then I can give my life for them…but I don’t understand you big people…here there are relations but there is no understanding between the relations…there is money but there is no get everything but you don’t get peace…there exists love but it’s existence is not known….my life is far better than yours because me and Sahil we stay happy in our own small world…we stay with love and we stay for each other…anyways leave it, why am I even speaking to you about all this…whatever I wanted to do I have done…now congratulations to you on the wedding of Tia and Shivaay…the reason for my coming back is fulfilled and I don’t have any other reasons to stay back.)
She turns to leave when Pinky shouts
Pinky: rukh jaa Anika abhi bahut kuch baaki hain tujhe dekhne aur sunne ko
(Stop Anika are left to listen and see something else)
She goes towards Tia and slaps her hard followed by a tight slap to Mrs.Kapoor and then vents

Pinky: mujhe auraat hone par aaj sharam aa rahi hain..rishtoon par sharam aa rahi hain……kya kami chodi thi Tia maine tumhare liye..tumhara saath diya..sabse ladthi rahi….apne bete se bhi root gayi…tumhari har baat ko mana..aur tum kisi aur ke bacche ko mera shivaay ka bacha banake iss ghar mein ghoomthi rahi…arey tumhe aise karthe hue sharam nahi aayi….kaise aayegi… jab maa ne hi sharam chod diya tho beti ko kya sanskaar milenge…. tumne tho bhai jaise pavitra rishte ko apavitra bana diya…duniya mein shayad hi koi aise hoga jo apne pati ko bhai banake doosron ko bewakoof kartha hoga…. chi hain tumhari zindagi keliye…wapas kabhi bhi iss ghar mein kadam rakhne ki bhi mat sochna…
(Iam feeling ashamed to be a woman…I am feeling ashamed about all the relations…I did not leave any stone unturned for you Tia…I always supported you…fought with everyone…I took offense from my son…I accepted everything you said…but you have come here being a mother to someone elses son and made everyone believe to be shivaays son…didn’t you get ashamed doing such cheap thing…why will you feel ashamed when your mother don’t have any values how will you get?…you have not even left a pure relation of brother made fun of that relation and made it impure…shame on you,your upbringing and your life..don’t you ever dare to show me your face and step in this house.)
She goes to Mrs.Kapoor and says
Pinky: aurat shabd ka matlab hi badal dala…aap neeche tho giri huin thi par mujhe bhi neeche gira diya….aap iss mamle mein safal ho gayi….aaj mujhe baki gharwalon ke saamne sar uthakar baat karne ka bhi nahi choda…aapko tho mein …
(You have changed the meaning of the word woman..not only you have fallen low but you made me fall have succeeded in this…today I am not in a position to keep my head high and talk to anybody in this house)
She raises her hand but ShivOmRu stops her and asks her to relax…..She cries unconsollably….

Rudy goes to Swethlana and says
Rudy: aap teeno ko samjh nahi aa raha hoga na ki hamne ye sab kaise kiya aur Om ko farak kyun nahi pada uss video ko dekh ke tho ab suniye
Shivaay ne yeh sara plan pehle hi kiya tha….Anika Bhabhi ka memory loss wala natak Shivaay bhayya ka rachaya huan tha….uss plan ke chalthe Anika bhabhi Tia ki dost ban gayi aur Tia se sara information nikala…lekin Om ke video ka tab tak hame kuch pata nahi tha…Jab Anika ne Gulmohar 65 kaha tho Shivaay bhayya ne ek aadmi ko uss dhaisa ko gulmohar 65 ke aaspaas dhoondhne ko bola….
Shivaay bhayya ko tab pata chala ki who dhaisa mar chuki thi aur usko marne wali koi nahi balki who khud Mrs.Kapoor thi….

Ek aur baat bataoon Tia aka Lady baba…. Jiska tumne dahan kiya who wahi dhaisa thi…ek minute ruko mein report dikhatha hoon….
(all three of you might be thinking how your plan failed…then listen…
Shivaay ,made this plan…Anika bhabhi’s fake memory drama was planned by Shivaay…as per the plan Anika Bhabhi became friends with Tia and gathered all the information from Tia..we were not aware of the video about Om…when Anika Bhabhi took the name of Gulmohar Shivaay bhayya asked one of his man to search for this dhaisa around the same place..then Shivaay bhayya got to know that Dhaisa was dead …
Let me tell you one more thing Tia aka Lady baba…the one whom you did final rites was none other than dhaisa)
Everyone was shocked to core even Swethlana and Tia too…
Now the major twist in the tale is….

Precap: revelations and Confrontations to end ….

So tell me how you felt reading this…all sort of comments are welcome..i will stop this OS if you guys don’t like…please do comment..seeing your response I will post my next part…VHM Signing off…

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