Twist In Tale – Shivika Shot 2

Hi all this is VHM back with the next part of my OS…..First of all Thank you so much to each one of you who have commented on the first part of my OS…in the second part too the suspense and confusion continues …but I am sure this will be interesting and worth your time…please forgive me for grammatical and typo errors….

Anika and Rudra travel towards Gulmohar 65.
Swethlana and Mrs. Kapoor men moves towards Hospital where Romi is admitted.
Om and Swethlana goes towards their respective rooms to change.
Shivaay moves here and there thinking something…everyone is confused to what is happening…..

Rudra while driving asks Anika
Rudra: Bhabhi abhi tho bataoo aapke mann mein kya chal raha hain? Ham kaha jaa rahe hain? Ham kya karne wale hain? Tension se meri weight badh jayegi…
(Bhabhi please tell me what are you thinking? Where are we going? What are we going to do? My weight would increase in this tension..)
Anika: Rudra ye waqt haseen mazaak ka nahi hain…hame kuch bhi karke Shivaay aur Tia ki shaadi rokni hogi …is keliye chahe mujhe apni jaan bhi dena padhe
(Rudra this is not the time to joke …we have to somehow stop shivaays marriage…I will not mind sacrificing my life to stop the wedding…)

Rudra becomes emotional and says
Rudra: Bhabhi please aise mat kahiye …mein aapko kuch hone nahi doonga…aap bataoo aagey kya karna hain…
(Bhabhi please don’t say so…I will not let anything happen to you…tell me what needs to be done…)
Anika: rudra maine jab Tia ke mobile se Dushyanth ko call kiya tha tab kisi aadmi ne call uthaya tha..ho saktha hain who Dushyanth hi ho…isliye hame sab se pehle Gulmohar 65 jaan ahoga aur waha kya chal raha hain pata karna
hoga…jyada time nahi hain rudra isliye jaldi chalo…
(rudra when I called Dushyanth from Tia’s mobile some male person has spoken to me…I suspect him to be Dushyanth…therefore we have to first reach Gulmohar 65 and find out who it was….we are not left with much time)
Rudra : ok Bhabhi
He speedens his driving and are on the way…

On the other side Mrs. Kapoor’s men reach Hospital to check on Romi’s body…Khanna sees them and remembers few of them to be present in OM as guests…he calls Shivaay and informs the same.

Shivaay gets stunned and looks towards Mrs.Kapoor and smiles…Mrs.Kapoor is confused as to what is running oin Shivaay’s and Omkara’s mind…
Shivaay moves aside and asks Khanna to inform Romi to act as dead and he will call the doctor to handle the situation there. Khanna does the same and Shivaay calls the doctor and says
Shivaay: Doctor waha kuch log Romi ko dekhne aa rahe hain…aapko unse kehna hain ki Romi mar chuki hain aur aap uski postmortem keliye lene jaa rahe hain…
(Doctor few persons are coming there to visit Romi…you have to tell them that Romi is dead and u are taking sending her body for post-mortem)
Doctor: par Mr. Oberoi …Romi tho zinda hain… (But mr. Oberoi Romi is alive)
Shivaay: Doctor jaise mein keh raha hoon waise kijiye warna Shivaay Singh Oberoi aapki hospital bandh bhi kara sakta hain

(Doctor do what I say else you know Shivaay singh Oberoi can close your hospital too)
Doctor: ji sir aap jiasa change waisa hi hoga (OK Mr.Oberoi I will do as you say…)
Doctor rushes to the room where Romi is acting dead..the men come there and check her breathe and confirm that she is dead…..Doctor asks them who they are and they reply randomly…doctor says that he has to send the body for post-mortem then. The men leave from there and Khanna thanks Doctor and Romi for their help. The men inform Mrs.Kapoor that Romi is actually dead. She informs the same to swethlana and they both feel happy.

Here AniRu reach Gulmohar 65 and peep into the house through window and are shocked to see Robin..they look at each other and try to find a way to save him… Meanwhile Rudy falls making a pot break and the men surrounding Robin get alerted and run out to catch AniRu.
Anika informs Police and AniRu try fighting with goons they somehow manage to enter the house and from there to room where Robin is kept. A goon tries to alert Mrs.Kapoor but Rudy acts on time and smashes his mobile and ties him.Anika asks Rudy to untie Robin while she will collect all the mobiles so that their boss is not being alerted.

In Oberoi mansion Om and Swethlana get ready and come downstairs to get ready for marital nupitals. Both the would be couples enter the mandap and the pandit start the wedding rituals.. While Tia stares at Swethlana , Om stares at Shivaay. A stream of tension is seen on all their faces as how will this riddle get solved …how will the marriage stop…..when Shivaay receives a call… he without anyone noticing presses his bluetooth button and listens ….he has a sigh of relief on his face which goes noticed by Om…he too smiles….
Shivaay slowly types message and sends it to someone and looks at Omkara…he winks his eyes….

Mrs. Kapoor men reach Oberoi mansion and mix in the other guests as guests…Shivaay observes their moves and signs Omkara. Omkara nods .
Here Police arrives unusually on time and arrests the goons and asks Anika, Rudy and Dudhyanth/Robin to accompany to policestation to complete the formalities.
Anika requests the police that they will do all the formalities but right now they have to rush to Oberoi Mansion to stop something that is very important for their lives. Police agrees on a condition that they will also accompany her and the trio readily agrees.
They all drive towards OM.

Here in Oberoi mansion the wedding is taking place and Omkara tells Swethlana that once he gets married to her he is going to take all possible revenge from her that she would not believe in her dreams as he is not the old Omkara now but a changed rude and arrogant person.
Swethlana says she knows about him and she knows how to control him , she will not look back to go to his father if he does anything stupid or will create such scenarios that Jhanvi will destroy herself and this time she would not survive too.
Omkara looks at her in anger says
Omkara: don’t you take name of my mom..and what do you think Tej will let you in in his life after you have married me and he will accept don’t know him completely he is true businessman ..once his trust is broken he will die but not believe the person who broke his trust and this time even if you play other drama of saving him or killing him there is none in Oberoi mansion to regret.
Swethlana is shocked and says
Swethlana: if you dare to do anything to me..i will apply for divorce and I will get half the share of your property but trust me i will ruin you….
Omkara laughs and says
Omakara: thanks for reminding me you have yourself told me what you are going to do I will be careful…either you will land up in jail or you will burn yourself as my mother has done…I promise you either of this would happen.
Swethlana starts getting scared….
The couples are asked to stand up for taking pheras….they get up and at the same moment police enter Oberoi mansion…..

Everyone is startled to see Police over there
Police: Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi you have to come with us right away….we have to question you regarding Miss Romi murder.
Shivaay: aap jaante ho aap kisse baat kar rahe ho? Maine aapko khabar kiya Romi ke baare mein aur aap mujhse ulta Romi ke murder ka poochtaach karne le jaane ki baat kar rahe ho? Abhi mein commissioner se baat kartha hoon…
(Do you know whom you are speaking to…I have informed about Romi and you are asking me to come for questioning…I will right away call the commissioner…)
Police: Mr. Oberoi hame complain mili hain ki aapne Miss Romi ka khoon kiya hain
(Mr. Oberoi we have received a complaint that you have killed Ms.Romi)
Shivaay: kisne kiya ye complain? (Who gave the complaint?)

Police: Koi Mr. Robin (Someone by name Robin)
Shivaay: Robin? Woh tho Tia ka bhai haina? (Robin? He is Tia’s brother right?)
Shivaay turns towards Tia and says
Shivaay: Romi ke baare mein complaint Robin kyun karega ?
(Why will Robin complaint about romi?)
Tia was shocked to listen that Robin/Dushyanth has complained and so were Swethlana and Mrs.Kapoor.

Tia: aisa aisa nahi ho sakta…Robin kaise complain kar sakta hain? Robin tho Robin tho…
(This ..this can’t can Robin file complaint?…Robin is…Robin is)
Mrs.Kapoor tries to interfere but Police interrupt her and asks Tia to continue speaking …
Mrs.Kapoor gives a grave look at Tia and Tia gets scared
Tia: Kuch nahi Robin tho desh se bahar gaya hain isliye mein ghabra gayi thi…Aur kuch nahi…
(Nothing Robin is out of India that’s why I was tensed…nothing else)
Police: Ek baat kahiye ms.Tia Robin se aapka kya rishtha hain ?
(Let us know are you related to Robin?)
Tia: woh…woh…
(He..he is my hu..)
Mrs.Kapoor: who mera beta hain …I mean Tia ka bhai hain….
(He is my son..i mean Tia’s brother)
ShivOm gives a disgusting look
Mrs.Kapoor: par aap hamse ye sab kyun pooch rahe hain?
(But why are you asking all these?)
Police: Mrs.Kapoor aap kisi Dushyanth ko jaanti hain?
(Do yu know someone by name Dushyanth?)
The evil trio gets shocked
It was Mrs.Kapoor turn to fumble…she says NO..NAHI
Police: aise kaise ho saktha hain ki aap apne bete ka asli naam nahi jaanti I mean Robin ka asli naam Dushyanth haina?
(How is this possible? You don’t know the name of your own son…I mean Robin’s real name is Dushyanth right?)

The evil trio were scared to peaks….
Mrs.Kapoor: ye aap kya bakwaas kar rahe hain…mere bete ka naam Robin hain Dushyanth nahi…
(What nonsense are you talking …my sons name is Robin not Dushyanth)
Shivaay goe to Tia and says
Shivaay: ye sab kya hain Tia? Tumne tho kaha tha ki Dushyanth tumhara koi purana dost hain? Ab police keh rahi hain ki Robin hi Dushyanth hain..tum mujhse kya chupa rahi ho? Sach kya hain Tia.

(What’s all this Tia? You have said that Dushyanth is your old friend? And now police is saying Robin is Dushyanth? What are you hiding from me? Whats the truth Tia?)
Mrs.Kapoor was now getting trapped and she comes to Shivaay and says
Mrs.Kapoor: Shivaay tum police ki baat maan ke Tia par kaise shak kar sakte ho? Tumhe meri baat par yakeen karna hoga…samjhe…
(Shivaay you are suspecting Tia based on the statements by police? You have to trust me…understand)

Om: Mrs.Kapoor aap apne hone wale damad se aisi unchi awaaz mein kaise baat kar rahi hain? Mujhe khud hi samajh nahi aa raha yaha kya chal raha…aur ek baat bolo aapka beta apni hi behen ke shaadi mein nahi aaya aur apne behen ke honewale pati par complain kar sab kya chakkar hain.
(Mrs.Kapoor how can you talk in this tome to your would be Son In Law? Iam unable to understand why will Robin complain against
Shivaay knowing he is going to get married to her sister…and why did he not attend heronly sisters marriage? What’s all this mess?)

He turns towards Pinky and says
Om: choti maa aapko kuch gadbad nahi lag raha … sab kuch paheli jaisa nahi lag raha hain kya?
(Choti maa don’t you feel something is fishy? Everything seems to be a puzzle?)
Mrs.Kapoor: koi paheli ya gadbad nahi hain…police ko kisine bhatkaya hain…aur ham jhoot kyun bolenge….tum chup raho Om.
(Nothing sort of a Puzzle…Someone has given wrong information to Police..and why will we speak lies? Just Shut Up Om)

Shivaay: Mrs.Kapoor aap mere bhai se tameez se baat kijiye…mein kuch bhi bardaasth kar sakta hoon lekin mere bhaiyon ke khilaaf ek shabd nahi…agar aap chahthe hain ki mein aapki beti se shaadi karoon tho aapko abhi issi waqt sab ke saamne mere bhai se maafi maangni hogi…warna mein ye shaadi kabhi nahi karoonga….
(Mrs.Kapoor please talk with respect to my brother…I can bear anything but not a word against my brother…if you want me to get marraued to your daughter then at this moment apologise to my brother..else this marriage will not happen)

The evil trio were shocked and felt terribly insulted before everyone
Dadi: Shivaay ye sab kya ho raha hain…yaha shaadi nahi barbaadi dikh rahi hain…mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha hain.
(Shivaay whats all doesnot seem like a marriage anymore but it looks as a destruction…I cannot understand anything)

Shivaay: Dadi aap tension mat lo…mein sab theek kar doonga…..
I(Dadi…please relax..i will handle everything)
He whispers in her ears “bas thodi der jo bhi ho raha hain aap dekthe jaaoo…..
(whatever is happening just watch for sometime everything will get fine)
Mrs.Kapoor has no option left and she turns towards Om and says
Mrs. Kapoor: I am sorry Om
Shivaay: aise nahi Mrs.Kapoor aap apni ungli dikhake use chup rehne keliye kaha isliye aap abhi apna haath jodh ke use maafi maangengi
(Not like this Mrs.Kapoor pointed your finger towards him now fold your hands and say sorry)
Mrs.Kapoor gets angry and says
Mrs.Kapoor : Bahut ho chuka Shivaay ab mein sacchayi Om ko batake rahoongi
(Its enough Shivaay…now I will reveal the truth to Om)
Shivaay: kaisi sacchayi…kya kehna chahthe ho?
(What truth…what do you want to reveal?)
Mrs.Kapoor : uss video ke baare mein , mein ab sabko bataoongi infact sabko dikhaoongi…..

(About the same I will tell everything infact I will show everything…)
Police: woh sab aap baad mein kar lena par pehle hamre sare sawaalon ka jawab dijiye….
(you can do all that later , first answer our questions)
Mrs.Kapoor : aap shivaay se poochtaach karne aaye the na fir aap hamse kyun poochtaack karne lage…jo kaam karne aaye who kijiye…
(you have come to question Shivaay not us..then do the job which you have come for)
Police: Mrs. Kapoor aap hame mat sikhayiye hame kya karna hain aur kya nahi….jitne aapse pooch ajaaye utna aap boliye…warna aap pe alag sa fir register karke poochtaach keliye le jaayenge….

(Mrs.Kapoor don’t tell what we need to do..we know our job…soif you aren’t supporting us then we will have to file an aother FIR and take you for questioning)
At that moment AniRu enters the mansion….
ShivOm gets relieved and heads towards them….Evil trio finds themselves getting trapped….. ShivOmRu and Anika stares towards the evilTrio angrily …..
Shivaay moves towards Anika and holds her hand, caresses her face and says
Shivaay: Anika tum theek tho ho? Tumhe jyada lagi thon nahi ?
(Anika are you ok? You didn’t get hurt much right?)
Anika was angry on him for the earlier incident and quickly moved his hands away and said
Anika: Mein theek hoon….yaha kuch sabit karne aayi hoon aur uske baad yaha se isse pehle mujhe aur koi jaane ko bole chali jaoongi
(I am fine…I have come here to prove something and after that before anyone points me more I will leave from here)
She angrily stares at Pinky and walks towards her and speaks
Anika: Aunty ji aapko Tia aur Mrs.Kapoor par bahut yakeen haina? Aaj mein aapka sara yakeen thodoongi…aisa andha yakeen jo aap aakhein bandh karke kar rahe the who sab aaj door ho jayega
(Aunty ji you trust Tia and Mrs.Kapoor right? Today I will break all your trust on them….all the blind faith will be wiped away)
Pinky: Anika …dekh mujhe tujhse koi baat nahi karni aur kuch nahi sunna…tu bas yaha se chali jaa…aur haan
(Look Anika ….i don’t want to hear or see anything …just ;leave from here…and onemore thing…)

Anika cuts Pinky’s sentence ,raises her voice and almost in shouting manner says
Anika: aaj aapko sunna bhi hoga aur dekhna bhi hoga….aapne mujhe bahut kuch kaha kachhda, mitti, dhool, manhoos, chor aur bhi…aaj mein dekhna aur sunna chahthi hoon ki aap Tia, Mrs.Kapoor ko kya kahengi
(Today you have to listen to me… you have spoken about me much, I am dust, waste, and whatnot…. Today I want to listen what you would say your beloved Tia and Mrs.Kapoor)
Mrs.Kapoor moves towards her and raises her hand to slap Anika when Shivaay steps in and holds her hand and says
Shivaay: Don’t you dare…Anika ko haath bhi lagaya tho mujse bura koi nahi hoga..Anika meri patni hain aur hamesha rahegi…

(Don’t you dare….If you even touch Anika I am going to break your both hands…Anika is my wife and she will always remain my wife…)
Mrs.Kapoor: ruk jaao Shivaay..tumhara ghamand aur tumhara ek bhaichara abhi todhthi hoon….
(Wait Shivaay…today I will break all your arrogance)
She goes towards the projector and opens her watch, takes out the chip and inserts into the disc, the lights are dimmed…. The video starts playing and everyone is shocked to hear the confession of Daima….
Om hides his face and sits down while Shivaay holds him Anika asks Rudy and Soumya to keep an eye on swethlana and Tia so that they don’t take the advantage of darkness and try to run away.

All the guests and Oberoi family are shocked to core seeing that video…..
After the video is played Mrs.Kapoor comes towards Shivaay and says
Mrs.Kapoor: Shivaay maine tumhe bahut mauke diye par tumne nahi mana isliye aaj maine tumhare aur Om ke rishte ko hamesha keliye todh diya…..ab bhugtho….
Om tumhe mujhse haath jod kar maafi chahiye thi na ab zindagi bhar tumhare haath chehre par rakhke rote rehna…. Rudy pehle hi Shivaay se naraaz hokar chala gaya…Om tumhe pata hain Shivaay ko iss video ka sach pehle se hi pata tha aur usne tumse itni badi baat chupaya…sach pata hone ke baad Shivaay ne tumhe nahi bataya to tumhara shivaay se kafa hona banta hain …iss ghar ki neev tum teeno bhai ho aur maine iss ghar ke neev ko hila diya….. ye sab shivaay tumhari wazah se huan…tum chup chap meri baat maanlete aur ye sab aise nahi bhikartha…..

(Shivaay I have given you many chances but you never listened me….so I have broken your relation with Om… Om you wanted me to fold my hands and apologise, now you hide your face with both hands and cry….Rudy has anyways left Shivaay because of his behaviour towards Anika….and you know what Om Shivaay already knew the truth behind this video, so your anger towards Shivaay is valid…the pillars of this house are all three of you…but today I have destroyed the pillars …and all this is because of you Shivaay…..had you followed what I have asked you to do…all this wouldn’t have happened)

Shivaay asks his men to switch off lights and starts clapping his hands and a smile appears on his face…The evil Trio were shocked seeing Shivaay smiling….Om also got up moved towards Right of Shivaay and removed his hands from his face and started smiling…Rudy moved towards left of Shivaay and started smiling…all three were clapping their hands and moving around Mrs.Kapoor, Tia and swethlana…..
None of the family members were aware of what were happening …it was confusion all around in Oberoi mansion….

Precap: Plot revelation and Reunions …..

So tell me how you felt reading this…all sort of comments are welcome..i will stop this OS if you guys don’t like…please do comment..seeing your response I will post my next part…VHM Signing off…

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