Twist In Tale – Shivika Shot 1

Hi readers…this is VHM back with few shots OS on the current track of Ishqbaaz. I hope you will find this interesting…Please forgive me for the grammatical and Type errors…
The first part will move with a bit of suspense and drama as therewill be no romance..but I promise as the story unveils I will include all the components.
Hope you will support me as you all did for my earlier OS. Here it goes ….

Anika: Aap meri taraf dekh bhi nahi rahe ho aur mujhse baat kyun nahi kar rahe ho?
(why aren’t you looking at me and neither are you talking to me?)
Shivaay: mein nahi kar raha hoon tho tumhe kuch farak pad raha hain? (does it makes any difference to you if I don’t do so?)
Anika: nahi (no)
Shivaay: nahi…mujhe sunayi nahi de raha hain ..jor se bolo (no…I can’t hear speak it loud)
Anika: mujhe koi farak nahi padta…. (no it doesn’t make any difference)
Shivaay: koi farak nahi pad raha tho tum mujhse pooch kyun rahi…kal meri shaadi Tia se ho jayegi..shayad mein tumse fir mil na paoon…baat kar na paoo…isliye agar mein kal ke badle aajse tumse door rehna chahoon tho tumhe koi problem hain…
(if it doesn’t make any difference why are you questioning me….tomorrow is my wedding…I may not be able to talk to you or meet you…so what if I do the same from today itself do you have any problem)
Anika stares at him with a slight layer of tears in her eyes….Shivaay walks off angrily but her bracelet entwines his cuffs they turn back and stare but in his anger he breaks the moment and her bracelet and leaves from there…Anika picks up her bracelet and stares Shivaay….
Later she meets him in Om’s art room and says
Anika: mujhe nahi pata aapka aur mera rishta kaise aur kaha se shuru huan …par jab se mujhe yaad hain ..aapne jo kuch mere liye kiya uskeliye mein thank you kehna chahthi hoon…
(I don’t remember how our relation started and what happened…but from when I remember anything whatever you have done to me I wanted to sat Thanks)
Shivaay: jo mein sunna chahthe hoon who tho tumne nahi kaha aur ab thank you keh rahi ho…nahi chahiye tumhara thank you bas yaha se chali jaoo …
You will never speak out what I wanted to hear from you..why are you saying thanks now…I don’t need any thanks..just ..just leave from here)

Both are sad and teary eyed crying within themselves
Anika leaves to her room and Shivaay calls someone to pick up the statue and send it to om.
On the other side Swethlana and Mrs Kapoor had made up their minds to make their next move.
It’s the day of wedding….Anika is to be seen nowhere..Shivaay is searching for in every nook and corner…..Shivaay calls her but in vain…he decides to speak to OmRu and asks them to meet in his room..they both anxiously arrive in Shivays room..Shivaay meanwhile checks his room to see if there are any hidden cameras placed so that whatever he speaks today to his dearly brothers are not known.
OmRu : kya huan shivaay-bhayya? (what happened Shivaay/brother)
Shivaay: tum dono ko mujhpe yakeen hain? (do you both trust me?)
OmRu: ye bhi koi poochne wali baat hain? (is this something to ask?)
Shivaay: theek hain fir aaj mein jo tumse kehne jaa raha hoon woh tum dhyan se sunna aur jo mein karne ko boloonga who tum bina koi sawaal ke karte jaana…
(okay..whatever I am going to say now listen it carefully and without asking any question do whatever I am asking you to do)
OmRu: okay par baat kya hain (okay ..but what’s the matter?)
Shivaay: mujhe itna pata hain ki Tia, Mrs Kapoor aur Swethlana hamare dushman …par mujhe ye nahi pata who saath saath milke kaam kar rahe hain ya alag alag hoke ….jaise bhi ho par hamare khilaaf ye teeno hain…
(I understood that Tia, Mrs Kapoor and Swethlana are our enemies…but I am not sure whether they are together or operating separately.. however it is but these three are against us)
Ilsiye mujhe tum dono ki madat chahiye…Rudra …Anika ghar par nahi hain aur ab waqt aisa hain ki mein use dhoondhne nahi jaa sakta kyun ki mujhe akele Tia ur Mrs Kapoor ko rokna padega…isliye tumhe Anika ko dhoondhna hoga aur mujhe uski khabar dete rehna hoga..aaj mujhe tumhari bahit jaroorat hain Rudra …I hope tum ye karpaaooge….

(I need help from both of you..Rudra ..Anika is nowhere to be seen..i want you to tack Anika and find her out somehow meanwhile I waill tackle Tia and Mrs Kapoor..track her and keep me updated about her…I hope you will do this for me)
Rudra: Thank God bhayya aapna kuch mujhe karne ko bola tho sahi warna hamesha mujhe chota maan ke kuch nahi bolthe…I promise bhayya mein Anika Bhabhi ko wapas le aaoonga…
(Thank God bro atleast you thought to take some help from me..else you don’t ask me anything saying I am still a kid)
Shivaay Turns towards Om and says
Shivaay: Om abhi mein jo tumse karne ko bolne jaa raha hoon tum who sunke mujh se naraaz mat hona mein tumhe sab samjhata hoon…

(Om whatever iam going to say now I know you will be startled and may be angry but please don’t be so as I will explain)
Om: Shivaay tum bolo jo mujhe karna hain aur tumhe kehna hain…mujhe yakeen hain tum bina wazah ke mujhe kuch bhi karne ko nahi bologe
(Shivaay say what I need to do and wht you want to say..i trust that without any reason you wouldn’t say anything annoying to do)
Shivaay: thank you Om… mein ek saath teeno ko nahi rok sakta isliye mein dono ko rokunga par Swethlana ko tumhe rokna hoga…isliye tumhe use shaadi karne ki announcement karni hogi ..woh bhi meri aur Tia ki shaadi ke muhurat ke samay par hi…
(Om I can’t handle three at a time therefore I will take care of two while you have to take care of Swethlana … you need to make an announcement of marrying her..that too along with my wedding with Tia)
OmRu get shocked hearing this and scream “Kya ?” (What?))
Shivaay explains them something which is muted
(Don’t worry I will reveal what he explained a bit later)
Om: theek hain Shivaay….agar ye karne se pareshaani door hogi tho mein ye karne keliye tayar hoon
(Shivaay don’t panic…if my doing this will make everything clear then iam ready to do this)
Shivaay: are you sure Om…aisa nahi hain ki tumhe mere liye ye karan hi hain…agar tum nahi karna chahthe tho bhi koi problem nahi….

(Are you sure OM…it’s not like you have to do this…if you feel u don’t want to then it’s completely fine)
While the three were discussing Prinku knocks the door and says
Prinku: bhayya aap logon ko neeche bula rahe hain..isliye aap jaldi aajaoo muhurat ka waqt nazdeek aa raha hain.
(Bhayya everyone is calling you down…the wedding time is nearing)
ShivOmRu: haan aa rahe hain (yeah we are coming)
The three go down and before they could meet the guests a sudden sound of someone falling down is heard. Everyone are shocked to see that it was a gal. The next moment Rudra screamed “Romi”.
ShivOm were shocked to know it was Rumi while Tia was shattered to see her like that and no one was aware of where Anika was.
Shivaay screamed that ‘’She is not breathing“.He sees Swethlana and Mrs Kapoor taking a sigh of relief. He shouted for the security and asked them to first call ambulance to take her to hospital and then call police and also asked them to close all doors and allow no one except Oberoi immediate family members and Anika. He also warned that Swethlana, Mrs Kapoor and Tia are not to be allowed to go out.
Mrs Kapoor started speaking to Shivaay
Mrs. Kapoor: Shivaay ye sab kya hain…ham bhi tho Oberoi parivaar ka hissa hain tho tum mere aur Tia ke saath aise kaise kar sakte ho?

(Shivaay what’s all this…we are also a part of Oberoi family and you cannot do this with us)
Shivaay: Iam sorry Mrs. Kapoor ab iss halath mein , mein kisi par bhi yakeen nahi kar sakta..aur baat aapke parivaar ka hissa honeki tho ab tak meri shaadi nahi huin hain.
(Iam sorry Mrs.Kapoor in this situation I cannot trust anyone..and being a part of family , you still are not as I have not yet got married to Tia)
She moves close to Shivaay and says/wispers
Mrs. Kapoor: shayad mujhe abhi who video Om ko bhejna chahiye kyunki tum meri baat manne keliye tayar nahi ho rahe ho?
(I think I must send this video to om as you are not following what I am saying)
Shivaay: Mrs Kapoor ..aap aisa kuch nahi karengi..kyunki agar aapne who video Om ko bhej diya tho mein Om ko sambhal loonga aaj nahi tho kal par aapki beti Tia se kabhi shaadi nahi karoonga aur who ek naazayaz aulad ki maa ban ke ghoomegi…isliye aap mujhe ye dhamki dena band karengi tho aap keliye accha hoga.
(Mrs. Kapoor you will not do any such thing …because if you send the video I will sooner or later console my brother but I will never marry your daughter and she will be left unmarried bearing a unwanted child…so stop blackmailing me)
Mrs. Kapoor stands shocked seeing the guts of Shivaay and thinks how come he is not afraid.
Meanwhile Rudra calls up Anika who still doesn’t pick up the phone….later Rudra calls up one pf his friends and aks him to locate Anika’s location by her mobile.

Rudra gets to know she is travelling towards Gulmohar 65. Rudra quickly travels in that direction where he sees Anika lying on the ground in a small stream of blood…He quickly informs ShivOm who shouts Anika and stands still almost lifelessly.
Swethlana Tia and Mrs Kapoor smile evily and Mrs Kapoor heads towards Shivaay and says
Mrs.Kapoor: ab tum mera kehna maan jaao …kyunki tum Om ko tho sambhal loge par Anika ko kaise bachaooge..tumhare agey kuaan hain tho peeche khaii..ab kya karoge Shivaay…tumhare paas kuch aur option nahi hain isliye jaise mein kehthi hoon waise karo.
(I think now it’s time you listen to me because you can handle om but what will you do about Anika…you are in a state where ypou cannot move forward or step backward…you have no choice left so do what I say)
Shivaay is angered much by now and says
Shivaay: agar Anika ko kuch bhi huan tho I promise Tia ko mein aise hi nahi chodoonga….kyunki Anika nahi tho Tia bhi nahi aur aap mujhe acchi tarah janthi hain ki Shivay Singh Oberoi jo kehtha hain who kartha bhi hain….dhyan rakhiye Mrs Kapoor aap mere se Tia ki shaadi kara rahi hain..baazi palatne kieliye jyada waqt nahi lagta….
(if something happens to Anika I promise I will not leave Tia..because if No Anika then no Tia….you know the fact that WEhatever Shivay singh Oberoi says he will do so… take care Mrs.Kapoor you are getting Tia married to me…it dpoesn’t take much time to reverse the moves )

Saying this he asks Om to take control in Oberoi Mansion and he leaves to the hospital where Romi and Anika were admitted and he receives a call and shouts “Kya?” (What?)
He announces that “Romi is dead” and he will complete formalities in the hospital and return. Tia shatters knowing Romi is dead while Mrs.Kapoor slowly moves towards Tia and asks her to control herself otherwise their plan would fail miserably. Both Swethlana and Mrs Kapoor smile unnoticeably.
Anika gains consciousness before Shivaay could reach and sees Rudy standing beside her with tears in his eyes.
Anika: Rudra tum aise ro kyun rahe ho…mujhe kya huan hain? Mein theek tho hoon……
(Rudra why are you crying? What happened to me? Iam okay)
Rudra: Bhabhi ye sab kaise huan aap ko itni chot kaise aayi ? aap bina bataye kaha chali gayi? Kyun aap aise hamesha karte ho? Kisi aur se nahi tho mujhse kaha hota mein aapke saath chaltha. Bas Bhabhi ab mein aapko kahi aur jaane nahi doonga.
(Bhabhi what happened with you , how are you hurt? Why did you leave without informing? Why do you do these things? If not to anyone else you could have said me I would have gone along with you. Enough now, I will not let you go anywhere else)

Anika: Rudra mein theek haoon ..mujhe ek baar ghar le chalo mujhe bahut karooru baat kehni hain sabse..please rudra mujhe jaldi se ghar le chalo…
(Rudra iam ok….please take me home once.. I have something important to tell Shivaay…please Rudra take me home)
Rudra: nahi Bhabhi jab doctor kahenge ham challenge…aap abhi please let jaoo…mein doctor k obol kea at hoon ki aapko hosh aa gaya hain.
(No bha hi we will leave if doctor says so..please sleep her..i will be back after informing the doctor)
On the other side Rudra informs Shivaay that Anika is fine and has gained consciousness….and Romi is not dead.
Shivaay gets relieved hearing and asks Rudra to take care of Anika and not allow her to go anywhere not even to Oberoi Mansion also asks him not to inform anyone that Romi is alive.
He rushes to the room where Romi has been admitted and asks her
Shivaay: tum OM mein kya kar rahi thi? Aur tumhara ye haal kisne kiya? Tum kuch bata kyun nahi rahi ho?
(What were ypu doing in Oberoi Mansion? Who did this with you? Why aren’t you saying anything?)
Romi was unable to speak anything but gains her strength and says something to Shivaay which makes him startled. He asks Romi to sleep and act as if she is dead as someone might be coming to check on her and she is smart enough to know who are they. Romi nods in positive and Shivaay informs his personal security Mr.Khanna to keep an eye on Romi and inform him even if he gets a slight doubt. Khanna agrees to him.

He arranges secret cameras in Romi’s room and calls up Om and says He will be coming in a small time and complete his marriage with Tia and asks him to inform the same to all the people in Oberoi mansion and OM does the same. Shivaay starts for oberoi Mansion.
Anika in the hospital begs Rudra to take her to oberoi mansion and Rudra who couldn’t deny her anymore drove her to OM.
Shivaay reaches Oberoi Mansion from hospital and asks them to continue with marriage…Mrs Kapoor on the other side calls someone to check on Romi.
The marriage rituals start and Anika enters the OM and shouts Shivaay. Shivaay and everyone turns towards her. Pinky walks towards her and shouts
Pinky: ab kya karne aayi ho? Tumhe kuch kiye bina rehna tho hain nahi. Kuch kya tumhe kuch bhi nahi hain na sharam na haya…kaisi aurat ho tum.? Tumhe hamesha sirf chot kyun lagti hain mar kyun nahi jaati?.
(What do you want to do now as you have come here…you can’t stay without creating any issue…don’t you have shame …what kind of a woman you are? Why is it that you are always hurt why don’t you die once for all?)
Dadi interferes and shouts
Dadi: Pinky tum ye sab kya bole jaa rahi ho…usne abhi tak kuch kaha bhi nahi aur uss pe baras rahi ho..tum use kuch bhi kehne se pehle sochthi kyun nahi ho?
(Pinky what nonsense are you speaking? She hasn’t spoken a single word till now and you are shouting at her…think before you say something of this sort)

Pinky: bas mummy ji..aaj mein nahi chahthi ki ye ladki aur kuch hangama kare…
(Enough mummy ji…I don’t want any more drama or issues to be created today)
Dadi turns towards Anika and says
Dadi: Anika puttar tumhe jo kehne hain tum bejijak kaho ..mein kehthi hoon tumhe koi nahi rokega.
(Anika speak out whatever you want to say without any hesitation)
Anika turns towards Shivaay and says
Anika: Shivaay Tia ki shaadi ho chuki hain Dushyant se…mera yakeen kijiye mein sacch keh rahi hoon…ye shaadi rok dijiye…ye galat hain…
(Shivaay Tia is already married to Dushyant…please trust me…stop this wedding..this is not correct)
Everyone gets shocked and Shivaay gets raged and shouts
Shivaay: Tumhara dimaag kharab tho nahi huan..tum aise kaise Tia ke baare mein keh sakti ho? Kuch din pehle tumne hi mujhse kaha ki mein Tia se shaadi karloon aur ye sab keliye accha hain. Aaj aake keh rahi ho ki mein ye shaadi rok doon. Kya hamesha tumhi decide karogi ki mujhe kya karna chahiye aur kya nahi. Iss se pehle mein aur kuch kahoo Anika tum yaha se chale jaoo….mein abhi issi waqt Tia se shaadi karoonga aur tum agaey kuch nahi karogi.
(Are you out of your mind? How can you say something about Tia..few days before it was you who asked me to get married to her for all good…today you are saying to stop this marriage…will you always decide what I should and what I don’t. before you say anything else leave from here..i will at this very moment marry Tia before you create anymore mess.)
OmRu gets shocked seeing the entire farce
Anika: Shivaay mujhe bhi thodi der pehle sach pata chala…isliye keh rahi hoon..sab galat ho raha hain aap ye shaadi mat karo..mein chali jaoongi par aap ek baar yakeen karlo.

(Shivaay I got to lnow the truth sometime before..thats why I had to let you know this at this moment…whatever is happening is not correct please stop this wedding.. I will leave but please trust me)
Pinky comes in between and pulls her hand and drags her towards the door and asks her to leave the Oberoi Mansion and not to come back….
Rudra runs towards her and stops Anika from falling down and says
Rudra: chahe duniya idhar ki udhar ho jaaye mein Anika Bhabhi ka saath dena nahi chod sakta ….agar jo Anika Bhabhi bol rahi who sach hain tho unke saath hoon ..isliye mein ye shaadi nahi attend karoonga
(even if world goes upside down I will not leave my support to Anika Bhabhi…and if she is saying truth then I am with her…iam not going to attend this wedding now)
Shivaay looks happily towards Rudra and gives a smile to him and nods his head while Swethlana, Mrs Kapoor and Tia look at each other thinking that without they doing anything the bond between Shivaay and Rudra broke.
Rudra leaves with Anika from Oberoi Mansion and says
Rudra: Bhabhi aap ek baar mujhe bata deti tho ham proofs ke saath Oberoi mansion pahunchthe. Abhi bhi der nahi huin hain. Aap bataoo ab ham kya kare ..aap jaise chahengi mein waise karoonga.
(Bhabhi you could have said me once we would have collected all the proofs and reached Oberoi mansion. Tell me what needs to be done..i will do what you say)

Here in Oberoi mansion Om takes the mike and says
Om: I want to make an important announcement. Mein swethlana se abhi issi muhurat par shaadi karna chahtha hoon. Mera bhai Shivaay Tia se aur mein Swethlana se ek mandap mein ek hi muhurat mein shaadi karenge.
(I want to make an important announcement. I want to get married to swethlana. Shivaay will be marrying Tia and I will be marrying Swethlana in this same mandap at the same time)
Swethlana, Tia and Mrs.Kapoor gets shocked hearing this along with other Oberoi family members and guests.
Swethlana turns towards Om and says
Swethalana: Om ye tum kya keh rahe ho? Abhi aise kaise ham shaadi kar sakte koi muhurat naa kuch tayari..bas tumne aise hi announce kar diya?
(How can you say Om…how can we get married jow itself? No muhurat and no arrangements)

Om replies
Om: mujhe muhurat par koi vishwaas nahi hain…rahi baat shaadi karne ki agar hamne engagement kiya hain tho shaadi karne mein kaunsa muchkil hain…tum bas thoda tayar hoke aa jaoo..mein bhi sehra pehen kea aata hoon…Mrs Kapoor Tia ke saath tumhari bhi Maa banke shaadi kara degi.
Om turn stowards Mrs Kapoor and says
Om: I hope aapko aise karne mein koi aitraaz nahi hoga…dono aapki hi beti haina
Mrs Kapoor gets shocked and says KY KYA?
Om: I mean Swethlana bhi aapki beti jaise haina?
Mrs Kapoor: ha …haan…mujhe koi problem nahi hain
The evil trio looks confused seeing each other.

Anika and Rudra travel towards Gulmohar 65.
Swethlana and Mrs. Kapoor men moves towards Hospital where Romi is admitted.
Om and Swethlana goes towards their respective rooms to change.
Shivaay moves here and there thinking something…everyone is confused to what is happening…..

Precap: Confusions, emotions and revelations….

So tell me how you felt reading this…all sort of comments are welcome..i will stop this OS if you guys don’t like…please do comment..seeing your comments I will post my next part…VHM Signing off…

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