Twist in the tale…Part 1

The hot sun scorched the earth and people were busy wiping their sweat off. Abhi was standing with one of those uneasy looks his handsome face can make. This day was terrible for him. Scorching sun on a side and wetting waterfall in the other! When finally he couldn’t stand anymore he simply walked out.

“Uff… handling these girls is a very difficult task!” Abhi said as he came out of the canteen.
“Hey man… who is it this time? Mina? Nina? Tina?” Purab asked… sitting amongst a group of boys.
“Whoever it might be… Abhi is now gonna start new! New life! New relationship!” Nikhil said giving Purab a hi-fi.

The gang of boys laughed while Abhi sat next to Purab, pushing Nikhil aside with his back! “You are jealous man!” Abhi pulled Nikhil’s nose. Nikhil frowned while Abhi laughed. “So… who is it now?” Purab asked him, handing over a pack of Bingo Crème and Onion to his Bestie Abhi… “It is Sira yaar… you know right she proposed me a month ago… it seems!” Abhi said munching a big chip and thinking about it.

Everyone else wanted to divert the topic. But Nikhil didn’t seem to stop. “Had it been a big task to convince her?” he asked straight away to Abhi. “Not so difficult yaar… I just had to hold a bucket in front of her to catch her tears… man! She must drink a hell lot of water” Abhi started joking. “Stop kidding Abhi. This is not a matter to joke. You think their tears are worthless?” one of his honest friends barked at him. “Come on man… I don’t tell them to propose me…if I don’t like… I drop. Is there a fault?” he raised his brows.

“Hmm…” Purab nodded and turned away not wanting to indulge more in this. If he did… he very well knew what his devil would do!
Purab received a call. ‘Ha! Just now I had been thinking about her’ Purab smiled and walked away to attend the call.

“I don’t understand how you guys fall in love just like that. I mean… love at first sight? Love by seeing a girl help an old lady? Love by seeing a girl dancing madly in rain? And like seriously?? Be practical yaar. It will work only in movies. For life…na!” He said making a face and shaking his hand showing it won’t work.
It was Purab who made him say these suddenly… don’t understand? The thing is, Purab’s story was love at first sight! And seeing Purab walk away, talking to his love… Bulbul, Abhi could only remember their love story which he thought is… an impossible made possible tale!

Purab was simply roaming in the mall without any reason. He had come with his cousin for shopping and she literally abandoned him! What will a boy be worth for, when shopping make-up kits and fashion clothing? And so, Purab had to roam the mall for hours until she had done with her work! He passed his time reading all those silly posts in FB… until he heard a shrill. Startled, he turned, just to see a girl holding a furry brown puppy and yelling at another person who was carrying mops and buckets…probably cleaner! He walked over its tail in a hurry it seems! After a minute when the crowd cleared, he could see the girl gently caressing the puppy! Purab stood mesmerised. ‘Bulbul’ someone called for her and she handed the pet to a small kid! She started running away after giving the kid a kiss in his cheek and then a flying kiss…That’s all, Purab was simply pulled into her beauty! He fell for her.

Telling all this to his peers, who were listening to this for a thousandth time, Abhi made his usual statement “Such things won’t last”. He applied his theory, trying to make his peers understand the lesson…

Purab came back.

“It’s me Purab. Meet me in the coffee shop. Sharp four! You come late by a minute… forget your weekend date! Understood?” Abhi said everything as if he memorised them by heart. “Stop teasing me Abhi. Yeah…she said all those. So what…?” Purab puffed and took his bag. Hanging it on his shoulders, he started to move away.
“She told something else too. Her friend is also coming and she is going to introduce me to her…” Purab sniffed like a child and moved away.
Abhi smiled and all other boys dispersed… except Nikhil.

“What happened with Sira?” Nikhil was so nosy! “Nothing yaar… it felt like… yeah…things were good initially but it just didn’t go well man. You know what? When I told Neha that it won’t work… she smiled and said, ‘I understand’ and think of Remi… she actually introduced her new BF next day! But see Sira, she just can’t understand. If we had really got serious in our relationship… god knows how I would handle her later!” Abhi shook his head showing disapproval. “Serious? To which extent…?” Abhi found Nikhil scowling. “Why are you getting angry man? Anyways, I don’t have any time to explain you. See you soon” he hung his diesel bag on his shoulder… whistling, he put his hands in his pocket and walked away with his handsome smile…

“Why are you so interested?” Purab asked Nikhil, who walked by.
“I… I know Sira personally… like… leave it, I want to calm her down” Nikhil said as he ran to the canteen.

“One day or the other… you will understand what it is to have your love wave a bye to you” Purab said, as he saw Abhi vanishing into the white light.

Hello my beautiful sisters and awesome friends… yeah, it’s me again… up with another story… rather short story!

So, this is all about a boy who is practical and logical *as he thinks* in every single issue. He is always the teacher when it comes to life…things simply come to him in such matters. At times ppl found him correct and at other times found him terribly going wrong…but whatever the thing was, he would always be able to make it out at the end. Some people tagged him insane but practically, he was the only sane person in his petty gang. But when it comes to sensitive things, he is seen as a person with no heart who sees only through his mind, and he literally makes it true. With no way to make him understand, he is always left to himself in such matters… So, trying to apply all his concepts in his life, he applies it even in his most personal relationships. But what he didn’t know is that logics have no space in the world of love. Love is itself a question mark to many… trying to define it will only bring more question marks and trying to materialise it is practically, impractical!
So, let’s see how cupid plays his part in this fellow and how his concept vanishes into air…

With love your Ani…

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