A TWIST IN TALE (Episode 3)

thanks guys for much support nd yaa it’s frst episode I didn’t pay attention but soon you wil see all the pairs as abhigya will BE with them…

the episode starts ishani saying to herself tats tday is her anniversary and takes tea to ranveer to wake up, May be he planned some suprises. ishani enters into the room and rv was found nowhere. she calls ranveer but no response.. she again calls ranveer….. he says yaaaa I am in shower. .. wait… ishani arranged the pillow in bed and waits for rv. rv comes out and says what happened? why are you shouting? ishani says I am shouting? and thinks not to spoil the mood. okay ranveer do u forget something. . rv says no madam .. it’s time ,I am going … and kisses her forehead and leaves….

ishani stands there where rv comes back In few minutes.. rv says I am sorry ishani …I forgot to say… ishani thought … good he now remembers and says it’s okay say… rv says maa asked to call you.. ok.. ishani says this is the thing you forgot? rv says hmmm then wat ?
ishani says nothing ..
rv leaves.
PRAGYA was sitting with her book when a call comes.
PRAGYA smiles and takes hey … ishani … wats up..and happy anniversary yaar…. ishani says thank you. PRAGYA asked why are u so sad. ishani says nothing like tat.. PRAGYA says arey i can judge you with your voice say wat happened… ishani says ranveer didn’t wished me.. PRAGYA says ohh so sad … then… ishani : I am not saying any stories madam… he left to office…
PRAGYA says maybe he is planning for something. . ishani says nothing lyk tat… ok come here in evening… with abhi… PRAGYA says I don’t know he will come or not.. tat tym abhi enters and pragya looks at him.. abhi says where should I come? .PRAGYA was suprised by his question… she says hmmm…haaa … tday my friend ishani- ranveer se anniversary, she is calling us. abhi says k let’s go. PRAGYA says to ishani tat we will come.. and cuts the call…

twinkle comes to coffee shop with her friends ,and sees kunj coming towards her. he says hey you…. twinkle says you don’t have work, kunj says ofcourse I have but not much important. he asked can I join with u. twinkle says yes…
kunj begans to flirt with other girls and twinkle gets irritated. she says I am having headache nd hence I am leaving.. . all others says we are also coming with you and leaves. kunj says how jealous my baby and smiles…

abhi ,pragya, bulbul, purab comes to ishveer’s house. ishani welcomed all ,bulbul asked where is ranver bhai… ishani says he is not at home.. he is in his office..
and while all are chatting they hears a sound.. ishani says I think it’s a thief and gets a wooden stick. abhi and purab asked them to be here as they are going to catch tat thief. ..

yash comes home and sees payal and ansh doing their homework and says arey my sweet kids are doing homework.. aarti says don’t spoil their mood yash ji. . as they were now dng the homework…
yash says ok my madam and leaves… aarti smiles….

abhi and purab takes a stick and follows the thief who is covered by black shawl.. they sees him leaving to ishveer’s bedroom… they calls all the ladies and ishani puts a cloth around his face and all starts to beat…
after 15 mins ,pragya says let’s see his face.. abhi asked why next time he comes means to be carefull… PRAGYA gets irked and Abhi says okay…. and removed the cloth….

all were shocked……

yash says I have prepared for u both something and you should accept and hand over the tickets to abhigya…. they were shocked….

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  1. its ranveer right

  2. It’s amazing niki…..waiting for your next part

  3. Honeymoon ohhh waitng for tat

  4. Honeymoon tickets I think

  5. thanks for giving equal importance to ishveer and yasharati☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  6. Ur ff is not so interesting. U gave much attention to abhigya not IshVeer. Sorry mam ain’t interested

  7. rookey rookers

    finally u gave inportance to my ishveer . matsh and ishveer the best 4ever . nice . continue ur ff .ishveer rocks . and that is my ranvi right ?

  8. Every character balanced very good I liked it … Nikita go ahead .

  9. 15 minutes???lol…so pity

  10. Thanks nikita.atlast u give some importance to my ishveer.nice epsd.I think it is my Ranvi.right?but every one beated him.so sad.

  11. Plzz give mych more important to ishveer..and nyc epi.. i thnk tat thef is my hoty rv..waiting for nxt epi

  12. nice epi i think that thief is ranveer

  13. Super di

  14. nice episode…

  15. Hey I think you should make Twinj scenes little more longer, Booz there are hardly scenes of them. Any ways I love your ff, u r an awesome writer keep up your work!!!!!

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