A TWIST IN TALE (Episode 2)

Hope u guys love it. Nd special thanks to naveena di who really encouraged me when I put this story before her. Thanks yaar. ….

The episode starts with aarti sits before pragya and says looking beautiful. PRAGYA smiles. Aarti says I know pragya, you are doing this marriage for your mom.and please pragya adjust with abhi.. he from the core is good but sometimes he may be rude. Acha promise me you will keep our family happy… pragya says promise … both hugs.

Abhi in his room thinks how can I marry and says to himself .. I want to do this for dadi… she could not see me heartbroken. And tanu… tanu.. she is my past … she went far from me. …

In hall ,pandit ji asked dadi to bring abhi nd pragya. She orders nd next minute ,yash ,purab,kunj brings abhi and twinkle, aliya,bulbul brings pragya. .
They both sat on mandap without looking each other as they were not interested nd abhi looks at his dadi and pragya on Sarla. Both smiles fakely.

Aliya introduces twinkle as pragya’s friend nd bulbul as pragya ‘s sister to purab,kunj.
All chatted for a while nd pandit ji asked both to take rounds and finally abhi to put mangalsutra around pragya’s neck. Abhi looks on… he came out of his thinking and was abt to put but stopped hearing a voice.

THIS MARRIAGE WILL NOT HAPPEN ,all were shocked hence abhi too. A lady in pink and white lehenga stands before them. . She again says

THIS MARRIAGE COULD NOT HAPPEN ……WITHOUT ME… and smiles. She stands with a handsome guy.both laughs. Sarla says arey.. beta tum… dadi waise…. ishani.. pragya’s friend nd ranveer, her husband.
Panditji asked abhi to put mangalsutra around pragya’s neck ,he did so.. nd also asked to fill sindoor… now only he looks at her… how beautiful she is…a tear escaped from pragya ‘s eyes… and she wiped off….
panditji says now you both are husband and wife. Take blessings from elders.
they both get blessings from dadi ,dadi ,sarla ma and badi dadi.purab says bhai tmrw we have a small party for ur marriage ,it’s decided by producer. Abhi says ok ..and says i am feeling tired ..I am going to room. And purab get my shoes.kunj says arey ur shoes are missing yaar and sure it’s stolen by pragya di ‘s family.. Abhi gets annoyed. Dasi says beta it’s a ritual the boy’s family should find ur shoe otherwise to give money for them.
Bulbul says let’s play. Kunj says we too ready nd all goes and searches …
kunj asked twinkle to say? She asked why she should say? Kunj says what a stubborn girl you are? Twinkle says ohh hello.. go nd search ….kunj says i know and leaves.

All could not search and finally abhi says i will give money and takes money from his pocket and gives to bulbul and she gives the shoes. Abhi went on leaving pragya. Dadi asked aarti to take pragya in and arora’s left.

Aarti takes pragya inside abhi’s room and makes her to sit on bed and says call me if you want anything. PRAGYA nods yes. Aarti leaves. PRAGYA looks around the room ,the walls were full of abhi’s photo.. she could find cd’s ,guitar nd everythg. ..

Abhi comes in and sees pragya feeling comfortable. He says be comfortable as I am going to practise in my music room and leaves. PRAGYA changes into her night dress and lies on bed .waits for abhi but she left asleep.
Around 2 am, abhi comes in and finds pragya sleeping and covers her with blanket and sleeps on couch.

Next morning, pragya gets up .and gets ready. She sees abhi sleeping on couch and feels guilty. PRAGYA leaves to kichen as she want to prepare dish. Aarti directs her nd leaves…

All were waiting for breakfast in dining hall. Abhi comes there and greets all .Dadi asked him to take seat. Robin comes with dishes. All tasted it ,abhi says bhabi you are the best . You cooked well today .aarti says I didn’t. Abhi asked then who ? Robin? Dadi says arey… tis was cooked by pragya and calls her . PRAGYA comes and dadi gifted her a ring and blesses her. Yash asked how is the dish. Abhi looks at pragya and says good. Meanwhile ,kunj ,purab comes. Yash asked you both don’t have work .? Always entering when we are happy to spoil the mood .all smiles …. purab says we came to help in preparations bcoz tday there is a party naa. ..

Yash says oh okk. And asked all to be careful with these two and says I am leaving.
twinkle and ishveer also comes there nd all had a great time.

In evening ,
Abhi and pragya comes down and all reporters took pics of them .bulbul says it’s dance time and asked abhigya to dance. Both nods no. But dadi insist them..Abhi forwards his hand towards pragya, she says I don’t know to dance. Abhi says it’s k come and pragya holds his hand. Abhi places his other hand on pragya ‘s waist and both begins to dance. Slowly ,purab: bulbul, kunj and twinkle nd ishveer dances. All claps for them.

PRAGYA stands alone from the crowd ,twinkle comes there asking why are you standing here. PRAGYA was silent.twinkle says you have to forget your past pragya nd start a new life with abhi. PRAGYA says I couldn’t …twinkle says for ur mother….
PRAGYA hugs her . Twinkle brokes the hug and wipes pragya’s tears and gets her inside .
all leaves from there once the party gets over.

Twinkle was waiting for taxi ,kunj asked can I drop you? She nods yes and leaves.

In the car ,ishani says I am happy for pragya di as she got married to abhi..ranveer says yes the rockstar and both smiles.

Payal says to ansh tat nobody cares for us. PRAGYA heard it and asked wat is the problem.
ansh says I am having doubt in maths nd I hate maths. PRAGYA says arey maths is an easy subject I will teach you. . Aarti says no you take rest pragya says its k and takes them to her room.
after teaching them for an hour ,payal nd ansh says it’s easy na. Thanks pragya … aunty.
They fall asleep on pragya ‘s lap and she finally sleeps in sitting position. Abhi comes from the music room and sees pragya sleeping nd gets on the couch.

Next day ,pragya wakes up gets ready and takes coffee to Abhi .she wakes him , he opens his eyes and sees pragya. He shouts saying do ur own work. And these will be done by robin and calls robin. Robin comes and Abhi asked him to do his work and says my morning is just spoilled and goes to fresh up.

PRAGYA cries and goes to kichen and makes breakfast. All were eating ,abhi comes down and moves towards the door but dadi calls him to have breakfast but abhi says he have important work and leaves.

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