Twist of love – Swaragini Episode 1

Hey friends meet me moni. I will say u my way of love in this story. I will not give intro but i will directly start the story.

One area will be seen where it contains two boards by naming shamsher land & supreme land. Two villains will come from different cars & will face each other.

Shamsher: This land belongs to me take off ur board.

Supreme: No this land is mine u better take off ur board.

They will send each other one one person. They will fight, Then one police car will come & stops the car & says this land belongs to police department. So u people go from here otherwise i will arrest u both. They will leave from there.

Then scene shows to one person falling from 2nd floor of a building. Dp will be seen throwing that person along with his belongings.

Dp: U idiot u had cheated me by saying that u r married. But u r not. I want to light diya in this house but u r lighting cigarrete. I want to see playing of small children in this house but u r bringing girls & u r making my house dirty. Leave from here.

Person: ut sir please forgive me.

Dp: No never.

Person: Ok then i will leave. I will also see who will come to this house by doing marraige that person will make ur life hell. This is my curse for u. He leaves from there.

Dp: blo*dy idiot.

He goes inside then we will see aadarsh.

Adarsh: What is this dad? Y r u behaving like this with tenants. If u behave like this i can’t bring any more tenants.

Dp: Adarsh u have to support me i can’t allow this stupid things in my house.

Pari: From the day i enter this house i am seeing u both one day also u will not behave like a father & son.

Dp: Leave it pari by the way where is ur devar.

Pari: Dnt know papaji from morning onwards his phone is swithed off.

Dp: Dnt know with which idiot this idiot is roaming.

Then sanskaar enters by riding bike. After he enters the house his father asks him where he went he told that he went for jogging. Atleast today come with me to court i will give u best job by asking judge sahb.

Sansky: No dad i will not do anything.

Dp: When will u change idiot rascal……

Sanky asks pari help she diverts topic They leaves.

Tomorrow i will give entry of laksh.

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  1. Nice…hope it’s swasan

  2. Nice year continue
    Wait for the next episode
    Please make it as sawsan and raglas

  3. Hii I know the story it’s ido rakam ado rakam movie in telugu right nice

  4. awesome..hope u r giving swasan as the pair…

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