Twist in the tale…Part 9

The day simply passed by. It was evening and Abhi was as usual wandering about the college spreading his charm everywhere…it was his routine to take a tour around the college once in a week and today he had gone for it. With hands in his pocket and his sling bag hanging in his shoulder, he roamed around. Feeling pretty bored, Abhi took his headphones out and plugged it in, in his phone. Purab and Nikhil walked beside him not uttering a word. They simple watched Abhi walk, coolly. Nikhil unzipped the bag he was carrying and took out a sachet of packed shake. Purab gave him a deadly stare.
“I am hungry” Nikhil apologised… “Silence increases my hunger” he said and gulped the milk shake without a noise.

After a moment of thinking, when Purab could take it no more “What flavour is it?” he asked looking at the sachet lusciously. “Chocolate… I have one more too…wanna have?” Nikhil pointed his bag. He made it out that Purab was gonna ask some share of it and so he offered his other one…though he was in no thought of handing it to him! Purab immediately grabbed the bag and took it out. He unscrewed the cap and pushed the nozzle into his mouth and drank a gulp of it. Shocked and surprised, Nikhil watched his friend in awe… he thought Purab would reject the offer! Murmuring, he turned to the one he was having and finished it in a minute.

Abhi scrolled down his list and grew furious… there wasn’t a song that he wished to hear at that moment. Frustrated, he switched it off. When he was about to put the mobile back in bag, his friend called his name out.
“Abhi, you know I hate silence” Nikhil said wiping his mouth. Abhi understood that his friends had had a feast without him. Looking at Purab, he saw the sachet which he estimated to be at least half full. He grabbed it immediately and drank the remaining half.

Nikhil started laughing like a madman while Purab leaped over Abhi and strangled his neck. Abhi started laughing too and Purab went on shouting “That was the only thing left…canteen will also be closed by now…you are going to starve me to death…I am going to die…don’t attend my funeral too”. He was shouting like a madly while Abhi and Nikhil where laughing like morons. One of the other dept. professor passed by…he, saw a man trying to choke another insane to death while yet another lunatic was busy laughing…he instantly recognised them, “You are the three idiots of this college…you three should have joined a mental hospital instead” he muttered and moved away!

After some ten minutes they relaxed and stood apart. Purab’s face was shrunk. But Abhi took out another shake from his bag and his face lightened up.
The trio walked after Abhi handed Purab the shake and he happily sucked it.

“It’s been months since we were actually like friends. It all started when you ditched Lakshya” Nikhil said with a frown.
“After you gave that stupid reason… I was like, ready to skin you alive” Purab seasoned his criticism.
“Come on I was just—
Abhi! Stop! I am in good mood…” Nikhil stopped further talk.

“Ok, I surrender. No more pra…” Abhi thought twice before he could tell the word ‘Practical’! “…no more. Fine…? Happy you are?” Abhi raised his arms.
“Let’s go” the trio continued to roam.

‘Uff… Someone who never even thought of agreeing to others that he was wrong is now ready to completely let go their principles. How much I would have persuaded him to change, in such things…he never listened to me. I always thought of teaching him a lesson… but he chose it himself now… this would be painful for him and I never want that. But as there is no way, I will let things happen as they are about to. At least I’m happy that I have no hand in his pain. But still…’ the thoughts broke as sorrow engulfed the person. Not that he isn’t worried… he is too much worried, and that, is the problem. But the thought that he will change strengthened the person. ‘Anyways, it’s just the beginning Mr. Mehra. You will soon see’ the person thought and broke into a smirk.
So, here is the end of this epi.
I know this was actually very boring, but couldn’t pen something better. Sorry yaar. Regular classes started again…will try a better one next time. Also will try longer ones next time.

But, here we have a new character… or actually a different side of the same character, maybe! Any thoughts…?

And i guess next post will only be by Monday. Sorry for the delay… in an advance!

Do comment—tell me whatever your thoughts are.
Love you all. Bye.

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  1. Saranya24

    So cute friendship yaar i love thr bond but pls dnt bring anythng evil in tat new character or othr side of someone loved it love u???????

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    Their fight was too cute dr

  3. Nice epi di..waiting for nxt epi

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