twist in the abhigya’s story OS part 2

Haiii guyzzz…I really don’t have any further idea for this os but I tried somehow after seeing ur lovely comments. So I will continue one more part. Hope you guys like it. Thnq so much guyz but sorry I was not able to comment each and everyone as I was little bit busy. Ok coming to the story…

Abhi and pragya left in the shock hearing her answer. Abhi wakes up suddenly and feels relief as it’s his dream. But he was scared whether his dream may come true. He sees pragya who is sleeping peacefully beside him. He kisses on her forehead and goes to deep sleep again.

Both abhi and pragya gets so busy in office work. They don’t even have time to talk to each other. Days starts passing like this. Dadi gets worried for both of them as they are not taking care of themselves. They both too get worried about dadi so they decide to keep a care taker for dadi.

One day abhi wakes up and gets down. He sits in sofa. Pragya comes there with coffee and gives him. She sits there and says abhi did you search lady for dadi? Abhi says no pragya! U know na i was little busy so didn’t get time. However today I’ll search a lady for dadi. She says ok and goes for gardening. He leaves to his room and gets ready. pragya is busy in gardening.

A lady comes to pragya and touches her feet. Pragya gets shocked and asks who are you? Why are you touching my feet? She starts crying and shares her family problem. Pragya gets touched hearing her problems and wipes her tears. She asks her whether she can take care of dadi. The lady happily agrees. Pragya takes her inside. Abhi gets downstairs and sees that lady. He asks her who is she? Pragya tells him everything. He says ok but he suspects her whether his wife came. He whispers in pragya’s ears to check her fingers. Pragya says what? I didn’t get u. he again tells her. pragya gives a strange look at his behavior. She says everything is normal. He feels relief.

From that day she takes care of dadi. abhi and pragya feels relief. They again get busy in their office work. One day abhi’s ex father in law comes to house. They all feel tensed at his arrival. He hugs abhi and apologize him for his rude behavior on that day. Abhi asks him not to say sorry as it’s not his mistake. Anyone will feel bad like that only when they lose their loving daughter. He thanks abhi as he understood. He makes him sit. Pragya goes to kitchen to bring him something. Dadi and abhi talk to him. He gives documents. Abhi asks him about those papers. He says those are papers of mansion. Abhi asks him why he was giving. He says I bought it for my daughter as a gift for her marriage day but unfortunately she left us but now I thought it to give it to u. abhi refuses to take it. Pragya comes there. He says ur like my daughter at least u tell him to take these papers. She too refuses then he asks don’t u take it when ur papa is giving. She gets touched and takes them.

So one day they get shifted to mansion. They are amazed to see such a wonderful mansion. He arranges servants to that mansion. They get excited and go to each and every room. They all celebrate that night. One day they both leave to office. Abhi calls pragya to his cabin. He asks about one file. She comes close to him and starts explaining about that. He is lost in her beauty and doesn’t concentrate on the work. She observes him at once and asks what happened? He takes her close and shares a lip lock. She feels shy and runs from there. He thinks I have to share most memorable moments this night.

He leaves office and starts decorating the room with flowers and candles. He thinks this is going to be the best night. Pragya finishes her work and enters inside. She is amazed to see the room and gets shy. He sees her and comes close to her. he takes her to bed and keep hand on shoulder but suddenly someone rings the bell. Pragya goes to downstairs. She opens the door and gets shocked to see abhi’s first wife. Abhi comes downstairs and asks who came? He turns towards door and gets shocked to see his first wife.

She sees him and gets happy. He was in shock. She hugs him and says I m so happy today I never thought I will see u again in life. I know u’ll be very happy with my arrival but who is she? He says she is my love and now my life. She at once laughs and says good joke but this is not the time for kidding. He tries to say something but She greets her and goes to dadi room. Dadi gets shocked to see her. She talks with dadi. Abhi asks her how she got survived. She says after the accident she went to coma but didn’t die. She was in come for few months. Later she came out of coma. Then he immediately remembers about the ring so he tries to see her finger. He says ok and says I would like to give u something show ur hand. She says ok and holds her hands. He gets shocked seeing her hand.

I will end this part here…I will try to post next part soon and will end it in next part. I hope you like this epi. Guyzz I m little bit busy so tomorrow I may upload my other ff little bit late. Don’t mind for that I will try my best to give it early. Thnqqq so much maya, di, monesha, rose, saranya, asmitha, abhigya, adhya, krish, sharaya, tina, reshma pradeep, pragya, nasima, sugan, varsha, durga and sweety and silent readers too…plz do comment ur opinion on this episode…keep supporting..byee guyzz…

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