twist in abhigya’s story OS part-1

Haiii guyzzz…this is arshi fan..i am writing os for the first time i dont know whether u like it or not but i just tried to give u this story..

Abhi is alone who has only dadi for him. But leads a poor life. And he starts searching one job to take care of dadi’s needs. He attends so many interviews but fails everywhere. One day he waits in bus stop as he wants to attend interview.

Its starts raining heavily there a girl comes running in white chudidhar. Abhi in an excitement tries to see her face but due to crowd he was not able to see her she comes and stands beside him. He sees her but she sees other side. Meanwhile bus comes there. They both get into bus but he was not able to see in bus also. She gets down in one stop. Abhi gets disappointed as he didnt see her face clearly.

Abhi gets down in his stop and goes inside a company for interview. He sits tensed as he was worried whether he will get this job or not. A girl keeps hand on his hand and says dont get worry like this u’ll surely get this job. He turns towards and lost himself seeing her beauty. She is only our pragya..

He didnt speak even a single word she starts saying about herself. Peon calls abhi for interview and later pragya too..both get selected. They both feel happy and become friends within a short period. But abhi develops feelings for her. He admires her a lot. She too likes him..

Day by day they get developed and abhi starts his own company..he gets more profits and becomes rich. Pragya works at him. Dadi selects a girl for abhi. But abhi dont like to marry her as he loves pragya. So he immediately calls pragya to pragya as he need to talk to her.

Pragya comes there and he proposes her. Pragya says sorry abhi! I cant love u. Plz forget me. He asks her why? She says she is a divorcee..he gets shocked listening to this..she leaves from there.

She resigns her job and goes away from his life. Dadi gets worried about abhi and makes him get married to another girl. But she doesnt love abhi she married him only money but still abhi is in prags thoughts.. he keeps on thinking about day he buys a diamond ring keeping pragya in his mind and keeps in his wardrobe but she sees that and thinks he bought that for her. She keeps the diamond ring. Abhi is shocked to see for her hand and scolds her.

Days starts passing. Pragya thinks about abhi and cries. She thinks to go to him and wanted to see how he is. So she lands mumbai and gets to know that he got married. She cries badly. But suddenly she gets a call. She immediately runs to hospital and gets shocked to see abhi injured. She asks the ppl who admitted in hospital. They say that his car met with an accident. Luckily he survive but his wife was dead in that accident.

From that day prags take care of him. She too start loving him. Abhi feels bad for his wife death. But abhi thinks to do remarriage so finally she convinces abhi and get them married. They started living happily.

One day abhi gifts a diamond ring to pragya. He remembers fb. After his wife death. He grabs the ring from her finger at that time her finger gets separated. She gets happy seeing that beautiful ring.

One night its starts raining heavily. Power goes off. Pragya lits candle. Someone knocks the door. She opens it and sees a girl standing. She says that her car was troubling and its raining so she requested shelter for that one night. She agrees and gives her saree. That girl asks pragya to take rest and goes to kitchen to prepare dishes.

Pragya calls abhi for dinner. He sees the girl and asks who is that. She says about her. He says ok. She starts serving for abhi and pragya. Abhi sees her finger missing and asks what happened to ur finger? Why is it missing? She says its because of u..they both left shocked..

I know guyzz this is little bit long update..thank u for reading it with patience..sorry if anyone feeling bad after reading this ff..if possible will try to come back again..byee guyzz..

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  1. Omg! Now I have a lot of qns in my mind. The girl is the wife so is she alive or its the ghost?? Ur OS is also mixed with thriller element! I just love it but cant wait to know the truth…pls update the part 2 asap!!

  2. u r one give os also horrible yaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Ur all the ff was thriller nice

  4. Nice and luvlyyy epi….

  5. Omg it seems to be a thriller?but nice yaar☺

  6. u r really a gd writer I loved it next part pls fast

  7. Awesome

  8. Awesome…yaar….soo thrilling…yaar..plz continue……

  9. Omg superrrrrrb arshifan is this a horror story I lk it nice……….. Yaar

  10. Awesome

  11. omg omg omg!!!!!!!

  12. Wow arshi ur os too

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    Ur OS is also a Thriller!!!!?????

  14. wow..amazing shocking turn and twist..its so horrror ….suprb…ur story like a one page of horror…supr..very thrilll…

  15. awesome trilling….

  16. It was an captain cool OS…..I guess Abhis wife came back as a GHOST….juz joking…dunno

  17. Guyzzz thnq so much each and everyone for ur sweet comments..i just wrote this ff only upto here and i dont have any further idea how to continue this so i m not sure of next part for this os

  18. Omg u don’t HV ideas ahhhhh hey plzzzzz try to update next part asap…

  19. It’s nice os

  20. Its amazing… good going on arshi fan… well written… good luck!!

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