twist in the abhigya’s story OS the end


Haiiii guyzzzz…thnqqq so muchhhh for ur comments and support. I m really happy even my os is getting good response. So lets go to the story…

Abhi is shocked to see her hand as it looks normal with the ring. He thinks how can this happen when I grabbed her ring. He asks pragya to show her hand. He observes the same ring to pragya’s hand. And he was left in shock. he asks her how did you get this ring? She says what abhi? Why are you asking like this? he says because I removed it from ur hand when I thought u dead even ur finger got separated. She says what? He says yes. she says but see its normal. Maybe its some other who wear similar ring.

She again asks ok leave that you didn’t tell who is she? I said na she is my wife. She says what? He says yes i married her as I thought u was dead. She says how can you do that abhi? How u forgot me so easily? Abhi tries to say something but she stops him. She goes near pragya and says U!!! What a lady you are? I’m really surprised. You married my husband him without knowing completely about me. How can u do this? pragya remains silent and starts crying. She says you spoiled my life. I’m not going to leave u for this. I will prove that u married him for his property and will kick you out of this house. Abhi gets anger and shouts at her. he asks her not to speak one more word for as he is not ready to listen those stupid words. She says ok but remember I’ll stay here with my full rights and she goes near pragya and says abhi is mine and will be mine forever. She heads to stairs. Pragya is left in tears. Abhi tries to console her but in vain.

She goes to abhi’s room and sees it decorated with flowers and candles. She throws away the petals and off the candles. She thinks I will how you both will be happy. she goes to sleep. Other side, abhi and pragya are left in shock. pragya says this is all happened because of me. I did a big sin. He says no pragya its not ur fault just destiny started playing. Pragya says but what to do now? If I leave from this house then everything will be alright. Abhi says hey pragya! never think like that. pragya asks why? Abhi says don’t u know that? Idiot! I love you. She hugs him and says love u too. She sleeps on abhi’s shoulder.

Its morning, she wakes up and comes downstairs. She searches for abhi but she didn’t find him then she searches for pragya. she didn’t find both of them. She asks dadi’s care taker. She informs that they went to office. She gets more anger and says I will see how will be happy there. She gets ready and leaves to office. She goes to pragya’s seat and makes her stand up. She says how can you sit in this seat? It’s mine. No one should sit here except me. she says plz don’t create any nuisance here. All are seeing. We can talk later. She gets more anger and starts calling every staff close to her and tries to degrade pragya. They all talk about pragya meanwhile abhi comes there and scolds the staff. He indirectly taunts her. they all went to their works. He goes near her and says don’t try to disturb his life. She says what I did abhi? I seriously want u. he says he will never be her own because he loves only pragya. she gets irked and leaves from there.

Days start passing. She feels possessive seeing abhigya’s bond. She plans against pragya and thinks to make abhi her own. Its night, they both come from office. She mixes tablets in milk and thinks to give that milk to abhi. She also mix sleeping pills in another glass for pragya. she takes 3 glasses as normal glass for her. she keeps there. They are about to take but dadi comes there and says she didn’t have milk yet. Pragya gives normal glass to dadi. She gets tensed as she is confused of what is what. Abhi says he don’t want to have milk. He asks them to have it. Pragya will drink the milk which was abhi to drink. She drinks sleeping pills tablets. She sleeps. Abhi is busy in doing his work. Pragya feels like dizzy but she sees abhi and smiles. She goes near him and kisses on his cheek. Abhi sees her in shock. he is about to say something but she shares a lip lock with him. He don’t get any words. He asks her what happened? But she doesn’t say anything. She just smiles at him. She further kisses him. He thinks to bring water for her but she closes the door. He don’t understand what’s happening but at last he realizes that she mixed something inside that. he thinks now I will play with her and I’ll make pragya mine. She will leave once pragya is completely mine. He comes close to her and lifts her in his arms. He takes her to bed and shares memorable night.

Its morning, she wakes up and gets tensed about last night incident. She goes to their room and gets shocked to see pragya sleeping on abhi’s chest inside the blanket. She gets more anger and plans to kick out pragya from that house. Other side, pragya wakes up from sleep and sees her position and abhi. She gets surprised what happened last night. She understands everything and smiles. She sees abhi sleeping peacefully and goes near him to kiss but he wakes up and kisses on her cheek. She feels shy and goes from there. The next day abhi brings 2 crores to house. He asks pragya to keep it safe. She thinks to steal that money and prove pragya as culprit.

One day, abhi asks her for that money. She goes to room and opens the wardrobe to get the money but she didn’t find it. She shouts. Abhi runs and asks her what happened. She says that she didn’t find the money inside the wardrobe. She comes there and asks what happened. He says he lost money. She says search each and every room then. They all search each and every room but didn’t find it. She asks him to search in pragya’s bag. He checks her bag and finds the money. Pragya looks in shock. abhi remains silent seeing the money. Pragya says I didn’t steal this money abhi. She says then how did money come to ur bag. You only did this. I said na ur a low standard woman. Pragya cries and requests abhi as she didn’t steal money but he didn’t speak a single word. Dadi is about to convince abhi but she stops her. pragya holds his hand and tries to stay but she drags pragya and holds her hair to throw out of house. She almost reaches near the door but suddenly she removes her hand from pragya’s hair seeing one man. He enters inside she steps back. Pragya gets confused and thinks who might be this man why is she scaring like that.

Abhi says what happened to u now? Throw pragya out of house. She says abhi….. he slaps her hard and says don’t try to call like that again. All gets shocked. He says do u remember this man? She remains silent. Do you think that I don’t observe u move. I’m observing everything. That night u came to my room and stole money. Later u gave money to this money. I have seen everything that night but I remained silent as I want to know what’s ur intention. She says no abhi I don’t know who is this man. Abhi comes towards her she steps backward and hits a lady. She gets shocked seeing the lady. He says do you remember her? she says she…she…no I don’t know. He again slaps her hard. I said na don’t try to lie because ur game is over payal…pragya gets shocked and says payal???? He says yes pragya she is payal. Pragya says but she is not like this and went from office na. he says yes she went from office. She stole 50 lakhs and left the office but I left that day as I thought she might have any problem so let her. but she? Do u know what actually happened? Pragya says no. abhi says she proposed me one day but I rejected her later I married her after her death I married u. but meanwhile she sent this lady as care taker for dadi and gathered all information regarding our family. Even about that ring later she went to that doctor and asked her to do plastic surgery to her face same like my wife. She completely changed like her. I got doubt when I saw her finger but didn’t express as to know about her intentions. So I kept one eye on her but fortunately I saw her talking with this care taker so I started enquiring both of them finally they caught. Pragya goes near her and slaps her hard. She says I didn’t expect u stoop so low. You used her name and cheated everyone. why you did this? tell me. she didn’t speak anything. Pragya slaps and asks her to talk. She says ha yes I love abhi but he rejected me so I felt very bad at that time later he married her. I didn’t bear that so I planned to kill her so I made that accident. She died meanwhile again u entered into his life so again I took such a big step. Abhi says u did that accident I am not going to leave u for that. she says abhi I love u but police comes there and takes both of them.

Few days later pragya gets pregnant. Abhi is super excited as he is going to be father. He starts taking care of her. Finally she gives birth to baby. Pragya is unconscious and abhi enters inside to see the baby but he didn’t find her. he gets shocked and searches for the baby. He asks nurse about that baby. She says she don’t know. Pragya comes to conscious and doesn’t find baby beside her. she asks him about baby. He says someone kidnapped baby. Pragya gets shocked and left in tears. Abhi tries to console her but in vains. Days passes one day abhi gets a call that baby is with her. he gets shocked and asks what she want. She asks him to come to the place where she informs to marry her. she asks him to bring pragya as she need to see marriage. They both leave to that place in anxiety. She welcomes them and pragya looks in anxiety for that baby. Marriage rituals begin. Police comes there but she keeps gun to pragya and escapes from there with baby. They all chase her and finally she reaches a hill. She asks them not to come near as she will jump from there. Pragya and abhi requests her. she throws the baby other side and runs but she loses her grip and fell from the hill. Abhi and pragya left in shock but one lady catches the baby. They both get relief seeing the baby safe. Abhi goes near and holds his hands for baby. She gives him then he observes her fingers and finds the ring finger missing. He looks in shock and she smiles at him. She disappears. He understands that she came to save his baby.

Few days later they name the baby her name “mahii”. They both live happily.


I hope u like it. I know its long but I wish u enjoy this os. Thnq so much each and everyone for ur comments and support. I’m really happy to see them. I m sorry guyzz I was not able to post my other ff due to some personal issues but I’ll try to post it by tomorrow morning. Hope u understand. Plz do comment guyz whether you like this os or not. Will come back with another if possible..byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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