Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 9)

Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi.9
In the Taneja house;
Twinkle say Leela I gave beautiful Rakhi for sweet brother. Leela: fine
Twinkle say Leela I am go market and see some beautiful Rakhi.
Leela: ha ha.
Twinkle get ready wear some dress. Jyoti (Raman’s daughter) say Twinkle di Bhai ka liya Rakhi kab loga. Twinkle say jyoti aj he.
Twinkle say jyoti you enjoy company with me.
Jyoti: really; you gave some time get ready.
Twinkle: fine. Wait for you.
In the Luthra house;
Yuvi laying on the bed and think about this. I gave some Rakhi gift for Simu. Why?
Yuvi see our phone and some idea in my mind. Yuvi call Twinkle. Twinkle pick call say hello……………….
Yuvi: hello………… baby doll. What up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twinkle: Nothing.
Yuvi: I need some help for you.
Twinkle: Tell me.
Yuvi: kal Rakhi hai or Simu ka gift lina hai.
Twinkle: To…………..
Yuvi: I don’t girl choice. You help me.
Twinkle: fine. Kab milaa.
Yuvi: After 1 hours.
Twinkle: ok……….
Yuvi: I love you baby doll.
Twinkle: smiles. Call end.
Yuvi see some clothes and wear white jacket and black jean. He looking very handsome.

In the market;
Twinkle and jyoti going one shop and see some Rakhi.
Twinkle doesn’t like some Rakhi.
Twinkle say I am Twinkle Taneja. I gave some special Rakhi for Aman.
Twinkle and jyoti take Two Gold Rakhi. Both leaves.
Twinkle see watch where is yuvi?
Jyoti say di some problem.
Twinkle: no. I take some dress. But jyoti phone ring. She answer.
Jyoti say Twinkle I leaves
Twinkle: What some problem?
Jyoti : no science project complete karna hai. I am going.
Twinkle: Take care.
Twinkle see Yuvi. Yuvi come to Twinkle say hello baby doll….
Twiraj go a gift shop. Twinkle see some gift but doesn’t like this. Twiraj go next gift shop and take a beautiful gift for Yuvi’ sister. Both leaves.
In the Taneja house;
It’s morning; everybody enter in the hall. Leela say Raman sit and take aarti tilak and rakhi bandi.
Twinkle: Aman Where is my gift?
Aman: Where is my Rakhi di?
Twinkle and Aman sit sofa and Twinkle aarti and Tilak for Aman.
Twinkle Rakhi bandi Aman ko.
Aman gave a beautiful watch for Twinkle. Twinkle smiles.
In the Luthra house;
Antia and Simu in the kitchen wait for Yuvi.
Antia say Yuvi, Yuvi……….. Come here beta.
Yuvi: I am coming mom.
Yuvi enter in the hall and sit dining table and Simu come take aarti tilak and Rakhi bandi. Yuvi gave a wonderful Tablet for Simu. Simu say Yuvi this is wonderful gift for me thanks Bhai. Both smiles. Anita see everything and she pray God my Children save and happy anything.

Preacp: Yuvi and Twinkle meet tomorrow.

Sorry for any mistake.

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