Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 8)


Twiraj: Khanna Deewangi ke epi 8

In the Taneja house;
It’s morning, everyone come in the hall. Leela make tea in the kitchen.
Leela gave tea everyone say good morning everybody. Raman, Dadiji say good morning.Pinni say very good morning didiji.
Pinni: where is my princess didiji?
Leela: O ho meri princess to soooo rehi hai. I am go Twinkle room and wake up.
Pinni: ok didiji.
Leela push door Twinkle’s room but not open.
Leela say Twinkle, Twinkle wake up open the door.
(Dream sequence)
Twinkle wake up and see more dresses say aj kya pahanu…….. jis me Twinkle Taneja world ke beautiful girl laga. Twinkle wear a purple dress.
Twinkle looking very beautiful. She saw Yuvi wait for me with bick. She is very happy Yuvi wait me. She go out home. Twinkle go to yuvi. Yuvi see twinkle say patakha……… Twinkle shying.
Twinkle sit yuvi’s bick back seat. Yuvi run bick slow but Twinkle say Yuvi bick teza (fast) kar la. Yuvi fast bick. He gave more race and more gear. Twinkle say Yuvi slow slow…………….. plz slow yaar……..
Yuvi stop out of coffees shop. Both go coffees shop. Yuvi call bater say two hot coffees. Both smiles. They had a eyelock. Leela shout. Raman broke the door. Twinkle wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody say Twinkle you are fine. Twinkle say kya ho gya?
Everybody go out Twinkle’s room. Twinkle say kya yaar mera dream …….

Twinkle see time 9:00 a.m. O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I am late. Twinkle wear a beautiful dress. Twinkle go to a coffees shop and wait for Yuvi. Yuvi hiding see Twinkle tensed. Yuvi smiles. Yuvi come on the bick and wear brown jacket and black jean. Yuvi looking very handsome. Yuvi gave beautiful flowers for Twinkle. She smiles. Both gone a coffees shop. Both sit on the table and yuvi call bater one cold coffees. Both share one coffees. Both smiles. Yuvi and Twinkle going a Crystal Restaurant. Both eat food and go on the dance floor. Yuvi sit on the knee say you dance with me. Both dance Play Inti mohabbat karo……………….

In evening, Both gone long drive with bick. Yuvi and Twinkle go loved point and enjoy. Both smiles.
In the Taneja house;
Twinkle enter her house everyone smiles. Twinkle what happen? Everybody smiles.
Leela say your brother Aman is back.
Twinkle: really maa. Kab aa raha hai.
Leela: Raksha Bandhan ka din.
Twinkle: Awosome………. Is bar special rakhi dogi.
In the Luthra house;
Yuvi enter his house. Anita say What’s up! Beta.
Yuvi : Nothing mom.
Anita: Good news for you.
Yuvi: What?
Anita: Simu is back. Simu (yuvi’s sister)
Yuvi: really mom.
Anita: Some thing Special for you.
Yuvi: ha I gave beautiful gift.

Preacp: Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

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