Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 7)

Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi 7
In the Taneja house;
Leela and all family sit in the hall and taking about Twinkle marriage.
Lella say Raman; my daughter betterhalf best boy of the world. Raman : ji I have search some boy of the world.
Leela: yes good looking, high class, good behaviour and respect all elder and young. Most important
Can’t bad habits.
Pinni: ji didiji you are right.
Everyone smiles.

Twinkle enter in Taneja house and see everyone smiles. She say what up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kya baat kar reha ho aap sub.
Leela comes here beta. Nothing; you say how was the day?
Twinkle: nice maa.
Twinkle say Leela I am so tried take some time rest.
Leela: haaa beta.
Twinkle go her room and door lock.
Twinkle taking about her. Twinkle say I can’t believe. He love me I am very happy. This is wonderful day of my life. But I feel very bad for Yuvi. Yuvi propose me and I say you gave me some time think about this. I am stuped girl. Yuvi say I love you or you say just friend what?
Twinkle think about love movement. Twinkle see yuvi picture say love you yuvi.

In the Luthra house;
Yuvi enter his house and see you mom. Anita say yuvi How was the day beta?.
Yuvi : nice mom.
Yuvi go his room and laying bed.
Yuvi think about love movement.
Yuvi see Twinkle picture on his phone and say love you baby doll.
Yuvi call Twinkle. Twinkle pick phone and say hello……………..
Yuvi: hello baby doll what up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twinkle: ha bol. Kya kam tha.
Yuvi: ek friend bina kam ka phone nhi kar sakta.
Twinkle: ha kar sakta hai.
Yuvi: mera bara me kya socha?
Twinkle: kya?
Yuvi: just friend j kuj hor.
Twinkle: kuj hor ke.
Yuvi: you love me j not.
Twinkle: per bahe baat. Same space.
Yuvi: fine. kal kya kar rehi ho?
Twinkle: kuj khass nhi.
Yuvi: kal mila coffee shop me?
Twinkle: why? Coffee
Yuvi: yaar friend ka saat coffee ve nhi. This is not fire.
Twinkle: fine I am coming a coffee shop. Which time.
Yuvi: morning 10 a.m
Twinkle: fine.
Yuvi: bye………
Twinkle: bye. She tensed.
Yuvi: you have not good sad so smiles. I meet you tomorrow.
Twinkle: bye………..
Yuvi: bye….. He smiles.

Preacp: Twinkle wait for yuvi out of a coffee shop.

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