Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 6)


Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi.6
In the Taneja house;
Leela and all family member sit in the hall. Pinni say London is a beautiful place.
Leela : What are you doing place. Pinni: I saw long and beautiful lake. This is a Jack London lake. This is a 10km (6.2 mi.) long and 50m (160 ft) deep mountain lake. I have Swimming,Boating and Lidos in summer. I have gone in Westfield London shopping hall. I have get some gift for you. Pinni say dadajj you are going one time London. This is a beautiful places.
Pinni say Leela my dressing style and hair style visit London. I am very happy.
All member smiles.

Inside of see;
Yuvi plan a beautiful romantic date.
Twinkle saw; she is very angry.
Yuvi sit on his knee and gave a beautiful ring. He say I love you.
Twinkle see yuvi. Twinkle say you love me. She smiles. But she plan and she say yuvithis arrangement is not good. Yuvi propose me some bollywood style. Jise Shahrukh Khan style kkk……….kiran. Yuvi smiles and say Twinkle yuvi da apna style hai.
Yuvi say Twinkle give you answer me. You love me or not.
Twinkle say Yuvi wait for some days. This is very important decision of my life. I have not wrong decision a few minutes.
Yuvi say fine. This arrangrment is waste for time. Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle say fine. This arrangement is not waste for time. Twinkle say Yuvi I don’t want to spoil you arrangement. Let’s celebrates like friends. Both sit on the romantic date table. Yuvi chocolate cake sit on the table and cut cake both of them. Both eat some food like mattar paneer. Both are enjoy. Both dance Play Itni mohabbat karo na.

Preacp: Yuvi and Twinkle think love movement.

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  1. Welch back just loved it and try making it longer next time it is too short

  2. It’s awesome and please if you can make it a bit longer

  3. Superb dear.Our TWIRAJ rocks.Pls write longer eps and a suggection is pls write dialogues as conversation with Twinkle:…/Yuvie:… Sorry if u feel it.

  4. Nice episode. Use more hindi in dialouge between yuvle if u can.

  5. thanks for motivation guys and try long next time

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