Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 5)


Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi.5
In the Taneja house;
Leela and Raman say some cook cooking different – different recipe and sweet dishes.
Leela says Raman Kon aana vala hai ajj? Raman says Leela wait.
Taneja house enter one lady and one girl. But can’t look at her face. She says hello everybody.
Leela and Raman Turn and see.
Leela say pinni. She say didiji.
Pinni (Raman wife) come with her daughter. Leela say I am very happy today. She smiles.
On the road;
Horse rider riding regularly. Twinkle shout; he say stop.
Twinkle look at his face. She get shocked. He is yuvi.
Twinkle: What are you doing yuvi?
Yuvi: This is yuvi style.
Twinkle: you are animal. So I say you monkey man.
Yuvi: I am not animal. I am good looking person.
Twinkle: ha ha ha.
Yuvi: ha ha ha again
Yuvi riding continously and both smiles. Yuvi close to Twinkle. She saw yuvi keep smiles. Play Bas Itni si tamana hai…………
Yuvi stop horse a beautiful place.
Twinkle see a beautiful romantic date plan. Twinkle get surprise.
Twinkle : yuvi what is this?
Yuvi : Twinkle think this is for you.
Twinkle: aur koi hai jaha.
Yuvi: Twinkle this is not for you. This is all arrangement for my new girlfriend.
Twinkle: What?
Yuvi: What kya?
Twinkle: This is for your GF. Why are you pick me there on horse.
Yuvi: I know you are a girl. So you know girl’s behivour.
Twinkle gets angry, no this arrangement is bakwas.
Yuvi: acha. He smiles.
Twinkle angry and jealous.

Yuvi say Twinkle you are not interest my GF name.
Twinkle. no no.
Preacp: Yuvi propose Twinkle.
Sorry for any mistake.

Credit to: simran

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