Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 4)


Twiraj: khanni Deewangi ke epi.4
In the Luthra house;
It’s evening, yuvi back home say where are you mom? Where are you. Mom you hear me. I am coming.
Anita says ha beta. I have make some dinner in the kitchen.
Yuvi: mom dinner me kya hai?
Anita: rajma and rice.
Yuvi: wow………….. kya baat hai.
Both are eat dinner and see tv. Anita: yuvi how was today.
Yuvi: nice day mom.

Yuvi: How was today mom?
Anita: very nice but you know my neighbours is very bad.
Yuvi say good night mom. I have go room and sleeping.
In the Taneja house;
Twinkle go in the room. Twinkle see mirror think about yuvi.
(Dream senquence)
Yuvi say twinkle you think about me. Twinkle turn. Twinkle see yuvi laying on the bed.
Yuvi : twinkle you think about me.

Twinkle: no. never.
Yuvi say twinkle you think about me you love me. Twinkle say no.
Yuvi came close to twinkle and hug. Twinkle smiles. Play enti se tammann hai………………

In the Luthra house;
Yuvi laying on the bed see Twinkle picture. Yuvi think about Twinkle behavior in a coffee shops. Yuvi see Twinkle room light on or off regularly. He smiles. Yuvi came in the room outside and see the sky.
He talking about moon. Twinkle and you beautiful. Yuvi see stars and moon. He smiles.
In the Taneja house;
It’s morning, Leela and Raman talking about some deal. Raman say Leela, this is a big deal. It is very important for our business. Leela says Raman you are right.
Twinkle enter in the hall says good morning both. Suddely, Raman phone ring. Raman says hello.
He call end. Raman face smiles. Leela : what happen Raman?
Raman: wo aa rahe hai.
Leela : Kon?

Raman: Wait and watch.
Twinkle say maa Chinky or ma(twinkle) Ihave go long drive.
Leela: ok both talkcare.
Twinkle: by by maa and maamaji.
Twinkle and Chinky gone long drive in the car.Both are see horse riding. Both enjoy. Chinky say Twinkle, both riding one time. Twinkle say no. but one person enter with one black horse. He corver his face. He pick up Twinkle. Twinkle shout .
Chinky see. Horse person enter in the road. Twinkle Shout regularly.

Preacp: some one enter in Taneja house.

Sorry for any mistalk.

Credit to: simran

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