Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 3)


Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi3

In the Taneja house;
It’s morning,Leela sit in the hall. Raman say good morning. Ajj breakfast me kya hai? Leela say Dahi with partha. Raman say wow……………. Kya baat hai aj to din ban gya. Twinkle enter in the hall say good morning maa and mamaa ji.
Twinkle phone ring. Twinkle say hello how are you chinky. Chinky say fine. I have meet you and gone market. All day enjoy and see beautiful places. How are you doing. Twinkle yes, I do it. She call end.

In the Luthra house;

Anita wake up and going kitchen made a tea. Anita is in the yuvi room say good morning yuvi.
Anita: Yuvi wake up.
Yuvi: good morning mom but headache.
Anita : I have made a lemon juice you drink juice and you headache gone.
Yuvi drink juice and relax. Yuvi go to washroom and fresh.
Yuvi enter in the hall and have breakfast. Anita says;where are you going today . Yuvi says I’m go with my friends.
Anita say fine beta enjoy it.

Twinkle and Chinky buy some dress and sandals. Both are going a coffee shoes. She order two coffee. Both are hears some voice and both turn and see. Yuvi sit on the next table with a girl. Both are talking like romantic cuples.
Twinkle saw them and jealous. Yuvi talking about some girl be happy.
Yuvi come close to girl and twinkle get more jealous. Twinkle jealous and angry broke some glasses. Yuvi see it.
Yuvi know Twinkle love me but can’t accept it. All yuvi plan Twinkle tell I love you .But Twinkle can’t tell you. She leaves it.
Yuvi smiles. Yuvi talk Twinkle picture you love me. I know our mom’s are ememy.
you came same place every time see me.

In the Taneja house;

Twinkle angry and enter in the home. Twinkle say chinky wo… apna app ko hero samjta hai. koi ve ladkii(girl) marti hai. I am Twinkle Taneja . I have no interest for yuvi.
Twinkle jealous and angry. Chinky
Smiles. What are you doing Twinkle Taneja? You have no interest for yuvi. You just go in your room look your face. Your eyes and face explain you about your true felling. You are not like yuvi with any other girl.
Twinkle love yuvi,chinky says. Twinkle says chinky shut up yaar.
Chinky say Twinkle yuvi hai to smart. He is looking very handsome. He is a rich person. He is a perfect match for you.

Twinkle shut up yaar.
Twinkle say chinky go home. Chinky say Twinkle think about yuvi.
Chinky leave.

Preacp: Twinkle see mirror think about yuvi.
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Credit to: simran

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