Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 20)

Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi.20 “LAST”

In the Luthra house;

Both family come Luthra hall.
Ring ceremony start Aman and Simu complete. Yuvi wear ring Twinkle fingure and Twinkle wear ring fingure. All laugh. Twiraj dances song pehal nasha ………….

Some time ago;

Twinkle come wearing dark green dress. Simu wearing light green dress. Yuvi see Twinkle say wow….. Aman see Simu say love u.
Some girl applied Simu and Twinkle hands mehadi. Some girl dance play sond mehadi hai racana vali……….. Leela and Anita see Twinkle and Simu emotional and both hug say congratulation. Twiraj meet again Yuvi mehadi mera man ki. Twinkle smile. Anita see twiraj and go. Anita say O ho O ho. Twiraj see Anita. Anita: love birds raat ko haldi hai tora aarama kar lo.

In the Luthra garden;

In the evening;

Yuvi and Twinkle haldi and Aman and Simu haldi. Both wearing dress yellow. Anita applied Yuvi and Simu haldi. Leela applied Aman and Twinkle haldi. All family dances. Twiraj dances play song
Bas Itni si tamana hai…………
Leela and Anita say everybody go in the home and take some rest kuj time bad bharat nikalni hai.

In the Luthra house;

Yuvi wearing golden shervani and red tarban. He is looking very handsome. Simu wearing beautiful red lahauga. Anita see both and applied black dota. Anita see Simu get emotional. Yuvi: mom are you fine. Anita: ha everything is fine.

In the Taneja house;

Aman wearing red shervani and golden tarban. He is looking very handsome. Twinkle wearing red and golden lahauga. She is looking beautiful. Leela see both get emotional. Raman: chalo bharat ka time ho gya. Aman and Yuvi come bharat in the Taneja garden.

Two mandap ready. Yuvi and Aman sit in the mandap. Pandi say badoo ko baloo. Twinkle and Simu come in the mandap. Yuvi see Twinkle and Aman see Simu. Pandit say barmala ki rasam ka lya karaa ho jaya. Aman wear barmala Simu. Simu wear barmala Aman. Twinkle wear barmala Yuvi but Yuvi friend up everybody laugh. Raman say Twinkle don’t worry ma ho ma. Aman say mama ji ma help karo. Leela: nhi. Raman kar laga. Rman and some boy up Twinkle and wear Yuvi barmal and Yuvi wear Twinkle barmala. Everybody laugh. Pandit say saat phere lo. Both saat phere completed. Yuvi: zindgi ma love hona cheya. Twinkle: ha hona cheya love. Yuvi: but mera vala tashan-e-ishq. All say tashan-e-ishq ans laugh.

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Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke

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