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Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 11)


Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi.11

In the Taneja house;
It’s morning, Twinkle sleep on the bed. What suddenly wake up!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!!!! Aj yuvi si milna ta. Twinkle see watch tell so late 9’ clock. Yuvi wait me. Twinkle go to bathroom and ready 10 min.
Twinkle enter in the hall say maa I am going. Leela say Twinkle breakfast kar la. Twinkle no maa I am late. Leela say ha ha I know juice pe la. Twinkle say ok. Twinkle drink juice and say bye maa. Leela say Twinkle Twinkle sono… Leela say Raman breakfast kara. Raman ha ha.

In the Luthra house;
Anita and simu sit in the hall and drink tea. Yuvi enter in the hall say hello beautiful ladies. Anita hello. Simu what up!!!!!!!! Bhai. Aj ka kya plan hai. yuvi remember suddenly aj to Twinkle si milna ta. Yuvi say O no….. Anita and simu say kya hoya? Yuvi mom ek friend se milna ta bhul gya. Yuvi go to room and ready. Yuvi say bye mom and simu.

Twiraj meet restaurant ;
Yuvi and Twinkle meet together. Twinkle and yuvi sit on the table. Yuvi say order some food. Twinkle say yuvi order cheese pizza. Both eat cheese pizza. Twiraj dance together. Twiraj gone lover point. Twiraj sit together hand with hand. Twinkle say I love you yuvi. Yuvi say love you to jaan. They had eyelock. Twinkle say yuvi humari mom to enemy hai humara kya ho gya? Yuvi say don’t worry hum saat hai sub thek kardga. Yuvi say love you baby doll. Yuvi say Twinkle I hear simu and boy voice.Twinkle say simu jana no way, koi aur hoge. Yuvi say Twinkle nahi nahi yaar simu he hai. Twinkle say yuvi kya hai hum saat time spent karna aaye hai or tu. Yuvi see aman and simu. Aman and simu had eyelock. Yuvi say Twinkle look at. Yuvi angry and say simu………. Aman and simu see yuvi and Twinkle. Twinkle say aman kya ho raha hai.

Aman say di nothing. Yuvi I know I see both eyelock or no hear voice. Yuvi say simu and aman tell me kya chal raha tono me. Twinkle say aman tell me. Aman say Twiraj love you both. Twinkle say aman humari mom enemy hai pher ve. Aman : hum tono college si pyar karta hai or huma nahi ta pta ke humari mom enemy hai. Aman say Twinkle per app tono jana. Yuvi hum nahi aa sakta. Per j to lover point hai. pyar karna valo ke place hai. Twinkle tensed. yuvi say both shut up!!!!!! Go home.

Preacp: Aman and simu find Twiraj relation.

Sorry for any mistake.
Sorry for delay Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke ff. thanks for motivation.

  1. Ur ff is fab b…ur ff is just like 💋💓💕💖💞💟💝💗👌👍👏😘…Post d next part ASAP.. LOTS OF LOVE

  2. After many days. Hai..Nice eps yaar.Love Twiraj moments.Miss them very much.

  3. Thanks for motivation

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