Twiraj – Kahani Deewangi ke (Epi 10)


Twiraj: Khanni Deewangi ke epi.10

In the Taneja house;
It’s morning, Leela and Twinkle sit in the mandir and decorated krishan ji as janmashtami celebrated. All family come in the hall and start aarti. Everybody happy.

In the Luthra house;
Anita sleep on the bed. Yuvi and simu decorat his home and mandir decort krishan ji. Anita wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She see time say O MY GOD,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am late. Aj to janmashtami sari tyrri kri hai…….
Anita enter hall see decorted hall and mandir see krishan ji so sweet.
Yuvi say Anita I have bought some fruits.
Anita : Ha ha you are go.

In the market;
Yuvi enter market see some fruits but yuvi phone ring. Yuvi see Twinkle phone.
Yuvi : hello baby doll, ke kar rehi ho.
Twinkle: yuvi turn and see.
Yuvi : yuvi turn and see Twinkle . yuvi say wow…………
Yuvi and Twinkle gone love point. Both make heart space and write yuvi and Twinkle. Both see beautiful name write in heart.
Both very close and eyelock. Play Itni si Tamanna hai…………

In the Luthra house;
Yuvi gave fruits Anita and start aarti. Everyone smiles.
After Five days;
Aj Ganesh Chaturthi. All family come and Ganesh ji ko ghar lakar jati hai.
Taneja and Luthra family’s come see Lord Ganesh. Both family aarti and go home family and Lord Ganesh.
In the Taneja house;
Raman and Leela enter home go to mardir. Twinkle hold her hands Lord Ganesh. Twinkle enter mandir sit Lord Ganesh and aarti everyone say “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti morya” “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti morya”. Everybody smiles.

In the Luthra house;
Anita , yuvi and simu enter home. Yuvi hold his hands Lord Ganesh.
Everyone say “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti moray” “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti morya”. Everybody say aarti.
Anita ,yuvi and simu make some sweet dishes. Two day rest Ganesh ji and welcome open heard Both family.
Both family gone see ganpati visarjan very crowd. Both family and dhol contionus says “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti moray” “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti morya”. Yuvi, Anita and simu enter see with ganpati visarjan. In front Leela, Twinkle and Raman, pinni, jyoti enter see with ganpati visarjan. Twinkle and yuvi look together and smiles. Both say “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti moray” “Ganpani Bappa morya mangal murti morya”.
Both family happy. Yuvi msg Twinkle phone tu aj pataka lag rehi hai. Twinkle see msg. Twinkle shying and smiles. Yuvi smiles.
Both family back home and take some rest.

Preacp: Twiraj dance together.

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  1. Nice yaar.Two festivals are together.It means u are late.Joking.Nice continue like this.

  2. It’s super amazing luthra’s and tenaja’s and festivals at the same time

  3. hey guys, bad news tashan-e-ishq end on september 16 2016. one question all twiraj, twij and yvle fans. all write fan faction ff to show di end nal ff da ve end ho javaga. plz tell me.

  4. Anushka


  5. Long time no see. Well nice episode.

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