TwiRaj Beauty and Beast full of lust (epi-2)


~~~~~~~~ EPISODE-2~~~~~~~~~~~

Twinkle leaves from there to bring coffe
for yuvi as he ordered her

she comes after sometime with a coffee
in her hand

Twinkle:Sir coffee
Yuvi looks at her ..smirks and takes it but intentionally puts on her dress

Twinkle:(angry) wat..the…
yuvi:(raised his brows) Miss taneja …thz is my office …so low ur voice …and still u should pay for wat u did …u slapped me
..yuvraj sarna …
Twinkle:i’m sorry…
Yuvi:(touches her face senseouly) tat day on tat road when i saw u …u became lust yes u r my lust babe ..wat did u do slapped me u should pay for it (bites her neck)
Twinkle:aahhh (tears) leave me…(pushes him and leaves from there)
yuvi smirks

she comes to out and cries

Twinkle:(tears) y god wat i did ..u r giving thz punishment …yes tat day i slapped him but u know right …i slapped him coz he ws driving careless with out even thinking tat there a old lady was standing ……
(she breaks down in tears)

here yuvi
miss taneja ..i will surely make u mine
(smirks evily)


guys even i luv yuvi he is my fav
but i want to creat a diff story so i wrote thz if u still don’t like thz then i will stop writing

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  1. It is amazing and pls don’t discontinue ur ff

  2. I really like ur story line.

  3. You mean yuvraj luthra right

  4. And don’t stop it it’s super

  5. hi feriha. yuvraj luthra looks nice thn yuvraj sarna dnt cal yuvraj sarna its not lookng nice and ur ff is intrstng keep on writng wtng fr nxt epi

  6. Hi Feriha…..I liked ur ff it’s diff and I had no intention of discoursing by saying to change d womaniser yuvi….do continue d ff… don’t stop writing….hope yuvi will change once he falls for twinkle right ???

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