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hi guys
first of all thank you sooooooooo much chiku,ramya,sohi,Adya,LuckyPurnima.agrawal30,SidVee,angita,Sidmin,Baby.i am really glad that you all like my ff sooooo much so here is something for you.ohho nothing gift but my ff.well this is specially for you baby
soo lets start
twinkle was still sleeping while someone entered her hujra and was staring her face.he moved his hands to her cheeks and then to her lips and her rub her soft lips with his thumb.

his face is shown and he is yuviin maid entire but his pallu is fallen.
Y “sooo today is your engagmnet princess.lets see if your engagmnet would happen or not.i will not let anyone mark you his as your had to be mine.ok princess.
suddenly jodha entered and saw him
J”yuvi what are you doing here.get lost from far from my daughter. or i wil not leave you get lost.i said get lost.
Y “ohhhhhhh jodha.still the same charme but soo sorry.your daugter has much more than you. and now you look like my mother.jasmine is perfect for me.she is just soooo good and perfect and attractive and …….”
jodha take a sworld which was in the wall but before she could do anyhting,yuvi hit her with a vase and run awayjodh awas very much friehgtened.she slaphed the hole jug of watr on twinkles face
J “twinkle get get up.get up ar ebeing attcked twinkle wake up>(but she again cvered herself with the blanket an dslept but jodha panicked she ran to shehansha.

next scene

devany khass
akbar was ordering somthing to the sodiers when suddenly jodha appeared in a very messy condition.
J “shensha..shensha…” and she fainted due to stress while akbar ran up to her rescue.maids came and cover her body as her cloths were little bit torn and her pallu was no where.akbar held her up in arms and led towards her hujra.he placed her gently on bed while sprinkle watr on her face and she gained conccious.
J “shehnsha………yuvi………..jasmine…………….danger”
A “yuviiiiiiiiiiii!where is he?did you see him.”
J “shensha.jasmine life is in danger.yuvi came.i saaw him.he was dreesed as a maid.he was sitting infront of twinkle.plz save her shensha.i cant see my daughters life became hell like me.i dont want that she would pass from the same condition through which i passed a years ago.”

all thiis was heared by kunj who was in the door
K “whats the matter.maa.tell me.and why twinkles life is in danger.tell me in detail.


A “yuvraaj sidhant.all this happened years ago when i was not in with physical relation with jodha begum but still we were husband and wife and good friends.yuvi was one of my friends and slowly he became obsessive with her and soo he stabbed knife at my back.he attacked with his full army at night and kept all of us in prison.
J “and then he came back to me
yuvi came to jodha and cupped her face begun to come closer to her lips but jodha pushed him and slapped(i really wanted to make it a long but then if i started to write,then it would turn into a jodha akbar ff soo a small flashback)him.he again in return slapped her soo she landed up being in table which contain water soo all the water made jodha sarree wet so yuvi came and said”look your saree got wet.lets change you only change”jodha started towards the back to change but yuvi stopped her.
Y “you change here itself.i wanna see you”saying this he started to touch her,he snached her pallu.but it was tightly stick to her belly.he started to rub his hands on her bare belly while jodha smirk a little.

J “you wanna see me than see my fully”saying this she held his hands which were holding her pallu end and pulled them which landed up being her pallu separated from her while a tear skipped from her eye.he was seeing her with full lusty eyes and picked her up in bridal style and landed her on bed and came on top of her like a hungry man.and started to kiss her neck,her belly and his hands were roaming on her waist.he was coming towards her lower stomach and he entered his hand a little in his skirt when a feel a deep pain in his back and falls on her being unconscious.jodha get up of him and stated slappinh him on his face.she was continouosly slapping him showing her anger and when she felt tired.she ran at the back of bed where she sawe dyuvi coming from a was dark but running after some distance she felt light so she ran and the next was her love,her husband,her shehansha.all the family was kept over there
she towards akbar and held his hands while all were shocked on her messy condition.her kajal was scaterred on her face and red eyes and broken bangles and her pallu no where and bites on her neck and stomach.

A “jodha begum.whats all this.?are you alright?didnt he hurt you?are you okay jodha begum why arent you saying something.for god sake say something.”
while odha was just crying when yuvi came from behind and held her hairs
Y “woow you came means you want us to do everything infront of your husband.must say a very good idea”
saying this he trough her on floor and she got a cut on her hand
A “jooooooooooooooooooodha begum(shouting)leave him yuvi.plz i beg you.dont touch her.whatever you want,i will give you.”
Y “ohhhhhhhhhhhh poor shensha.can you give me shut your mouth.”

saying this yuvi head towards jodha tear her saree and now she was just left in her skirt and blouse.she tried alot to fight back but yuvi overpower her and pinned her to the wall.he moved his hands towards her face and rubbed her cheeks.and then he rubbed his nose on her cheeks sensually while jodha had flow a pool of tears and feeling hell disgusting.he was moving towards her lips.she can feel his dirty breath on her face.he was about to kiss her when akbars army came in while jodhas brother covered her.soon yuvi was captured as he was very weak due to the knife stabbed.all the members were set to free and jodha was rescued but she fall unconcious due to strees
flashback ends

j “ have to save jasmine.his eyes are on her and he can do anything.plz save my daugter.i beg you plz save her (she said crying badly)
K “plz maa.shhh dont cry this time he has to pay for his deeds.i will save twinkle from every sorrows as now she is my life.i will not let anything happen to twinkle.its my promise to myself.i will not let anything happen to me.
A “we trust you beta,so today is engagment.he must have planned something.i will alert my soldiers and you just be with my daughter ,everytime.dont leave her for a go and get ready.i will go to jasmine.”

soon kunj left to get ready and now twinkle is shown geting eis facing sooo much dificulty in walking along with the haevy lehnga.

T “ufffff this seems like it have 2000 kg of gold in it.and these heavy these brides wears all is like inprisonment.awwwwwwwwwwwwww!my ears its like these earings will cause bleeding to my ears.oh god.plz help will i spend my complete day with all this.”

on the other hand kunj is shown getting ready.he hide a sharp knife in hi suit.wear pugri(desi hat)and then wear necklace which is of beeds and thn wears khussa(Another ype f desi shoes ussually of golden colour)you can search it on net _____
K “i am yuvi will do something big.he would not attack infront of soldiers.he will change his anttire.but i hav eto be alert.i will save twinkle from that bastered>

onn the other hand yuvi is shown dreesed as one of the soldier itself
Y “oh my hot.s*xy and cute little you would be can i let someone else mark a beaty like you.sorry but your engagment is never gonna happen

screen freezes on twinkles making strange faces while at yuvi and kunjs emotionless face

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  1. Happy birthday misha dii,your epi was very nice….

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      Thank you sooo much dear

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  3. Hey misha.. First of all a big
    Happy birthday to u.. May god bless u and fulfilled ur all wishes…and Happy new year in advance..stay happy always…..
    Now cmng to epi.. I missed ur ff soooo much… Love this episode very much.. I want some twinj romance.. Plzz don’t despair again… And plz post soon..
    Keep smiling… Love you..

    1. Mishaseher

      First of all Happy new year to you too. I am glad that you remember my birthday and thanks for wishing I will add some twinj scenes for sure and a big dhamaka.
      Love you

  4. Chiku

    Happy birthday ? mahi????
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    Lovely. Loved it amazing ❤️❤️Post soon

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    2. Mishaseher

      ok for you i will try
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  6. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 Loved the episode
    The past was a bit scary I mean UV …
    Love you 🙂
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    Happy birthday Misha di .. i am commenting first time but I read your ff from start .. plss don’t disappear again … the epi was amazing .. loved it to the core …

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  8. Purvi128

    Happy birthday Misha di .. i am commenting first time but I read your ff from start .. plss don’t disappear again … the epi was amazing .. loved it to the core … plss post next soon ….

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    Happy birthday to you 🙂 the epi was amazing as always.. jodha’s past was quite shocking.. hope kunj doesn’t let this happen to Twinkle.. do cont soon ❤

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    Misha after a long time
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    Jodha has a bitter past
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