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Epi 7
yuvi is dreesed like a maid and went in twinkles hujra and his time he saw her face completely and was admiring her beauty.she is wearing green shirt and small shorts and he was watching her with lusty eyes but he saw her starring at him with angered eyes,he thought that she recognize him and as twinkle was coming near he took out his knife but to his suprize,she went ahead of him.he turned and saw kunj standing there while twinkle said “taklia”(means that every maid should leave the room for some privay)

T “now why are you here ?
K :”m……..”
T inturpting him”ohhhhh you would be here to again rape me,but let me tell you one thing yuvraaj.what happened to you now was just a spark.that was my mastake to trust you but this time you cannot rape only knows to do this.dont know with how many girls you might be slept and i should…”

kunj was very angry on her soo he pinned her to the wall she tried to escape but kunj stopped her by placing his hands on the this while he unknowingly presses her arm which still had the cut and tears built up in eyes but she didnt want to show him

k “seriously thought that i will try to ….. i cant even think of that twinkle and this was your friendship,this was your trust that you dont believe me.twinkle,listen to me carefully at that time,i was left with noo option,your life was at risk and i had fear to lose you.even no one was there to treat you so that was the only option.plz try to understand”

still twinkle was trying to control her tears but the pain was really great but even she was also soo stubborn.he realize what he was doing soo he quickly left her
K “plz twinkle,this is my friendship that even without any of your words i can understand your pain but you ….”

from the back jodha came with a curd in her hands while twinkle wiped off her tears

J “twinkle come i will apply this to your wounds,they will get heeled quickly”

she applied that and than she appied it on kunj also as she treats him like her son

J “yuvraaj you came as shehansha has some work with you”

kunj left while starring twinkle with his teary eyes while also watch this and they had a sweet
eyelock but soon twinkkle breaks it

twinkle is in hamam and taking a bath making faces on there homade stuffs
they tried to apply haldi on her,it gets on a little but twinkle makes a worried face
T “what was that and why is it soo chigly chigly yuck”
M “this is turmic and it will glow your skin”
twinkle unwillingly give up.she saw some bottle placed far away but open
T”and what is that?”
M “that is perfume for your hairs but it is obtained by snake poison so it is dangerous to even taste it”
T while thinking something “hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and then smirks evilly

twinkle is dreesed in a heavy lenhga she with her style get ready and did a light make up with some bangles and little curl hairs.then she watched the poison bottle again and smirks

evryone enters in deevany khas and get comfortable.then a man anouces that mariamuzumani(queen )is coming and then begumy khas and then yuvraaj sidhant singh and then prince/yuvraaj saleem and at last PRINCESS JASMINE.Anarkali was also present there.

then shensha hindh jlaludin muhammad akbar enters and everyne greeted him
after getting sitted and doing ADAAB he said
A “soo we are here to present our princess which was kidnapped in the battle of panipaat Princess Jasmine.the heart of our kingdom.(twinkle comes out from a isolicated place her half faced covered with a veil )so our princess dafeated 10 soldiers and yuvraaj sidhant singh and me.she had proved herself to be a princess.princess plz come and take your prize
he forward a Taagh which were very beautifull by precious stones and a middle dimond.he forward but twinkle step back whilee akbar give her a confused look

T “shehansaha i value your prize but i need this diamond also in it(showing a diamond which was in her hand and really very very very precious and shine like anything and everyone was amazed to see that)it was given me by father.i know that you are my father but i cannot forget that he was the one who had made me up this level. i cannot forget this becase now i am princess. i am not thhat selfish.sooo may i”
A “yes”

twinkle fixed both of them in that and then wore it while all others cheer up and clap
after that some kingdom issues started and twinkle was feeling bored soo she wore earphones without anyons notice

A “soo now to change my and maharaaj singh friendship into relationship,we had decided to make yuvraaj Sidhant and Princess Jasmine marry each other ”

still twinkle is in her music world and lipsing the song which is noticed my yuvi(who was dressed as a maid)and jodha and they both were confused that it is the topic of her life and she is doing wierd things but both didnt say anything

A “soo yuvraaj sidhant singh do you acept my daughter as your would to be wife?”
K “yes i would to be the husband of princess like her”(ofcourse he loves twinkle so he didnt even think)
A “Princess jasmine.are you ready to accept yuvraaj sidhant as you husband.if there is any prob or doubt or you need time, tell us”
jamine no response.
A “princess jasmine”
A “princessssssss”
jodha shake her by her shoulders and twinkle noticed
A “do you accept.”
T “yes i do .why wont i?there is no reason to say no.even would love it.”(she said it in one go without knowing that it is the matter of her life)
kunj was shocked as he know that how much twinkle hates him but still she agreed.WHILE everyone was happy

Twinkle p.o.v
ohhhhhhhhhhhh goooood.what was that.i hope i dint create any siyaapa this time.plz save me.and why are all these soo much happy and hugging each other.jodha maa came to me and hugged me but i was hell worried what had i done?wait.why this kunj is coming towards me and why papa is with him.he came to me and held my face in his both hands and started bending toward my lips and i was shocked at this act but i lost in his deep eyes and we kissed each other with full was a deep one but suddenly i came out of my thoughts and it came my imagination.he was feeding me a ladoo with full ghee and said”i know you will say know as you dont want to be moti but eat it” i wonder why is he feedind me and was a little bit shocked that he was feeeding me infront of everyone and papa was just passing a smile and insuree me and i eat that with full confused face

A “soo now it is time to celebrate.plz enjoy the lunch ”
listening to this twinkle smirked and a kid came to her and told that the work is done

flashback is shown where twinkle is giving a chocolate to a kid and ask him to give that to kunj while he goes and gives it to him
t “i know kunj always eat something sweet after eating ”
flashback ends

twinkle goes to anarkali and they started talking when twinkle asked “tell me yours and bhai love story
AN “there is nothing start i use to hate prince and one day. i feel in sea while he saved me by kissing me(she said blushing) and even i was wearing very light cloths you can say i was almost fully naked in those cloths and he was kissing me when i opened my eyes.i felt like being raped but he tried to set my mode and one day i got to know that he is prince and again i felt betrayed but he make me.he is just soo good.”

T “you did are a girl and he almost raped you and you love him”
AN “twinkle.try to understand the situuation. we were alone and no one was there.he had to do this or let me die.and do you want a bro like this who will let a girl die becuse she is a girl or save her life ”
T “i think you are right”she said being shocked
T “i have to save kunj,it was not his kunj.i am sorry. plz i am sorry. i am sorry kunj ”

she ran out like mad.tears were gushing trough my her eyes she entered the part of mans without any head cover and saw everyone and kunj on the floor while everyone was shaking him but no response.she ran and sat next to him and shaking his body and calling him by his name and she lift him up on her soulders and when in her hujra and a hakeem came and examine him and told that he is given poison and gives him natural herbals and said that this night is critical for hi and he needs complete rest.evryone leaves except twinkle and she holdinh his ands in her both hands .her yes were swollen and red and all her mascaraa was scatered near her eyes and all her hairs were messed up and she was sweating badly.suddenly something came in mind and she stand up and does wazo(which muslime does before namaz)and tied her dupata over her head and started to pray after laying the ja nimaz.she was praying while tears were coming out of her eyes.she was continoulsy prayed and was in such dilemma that she didnt realize that it was morning till she heared the sound of a glass breaking.she turned her haed and saw kunj moving his hands in air while his eyes were closed.she quikly get up and goes and sat beside kunj while kunj opened her eyes
twinkle quickly hugged him very tightlywhile kunj couldnt understand anything.he was confused

K “what happened twinkle why are you crying?” he broke the hug and make her face upward and saw her swollen red eyes and he paniked
K “twinkle tell me what happened,did anyone say somthing to you.twinkle tell me the name i will not leave him.just tell e the name
T “kuuuunj slowily plz you are were given poison”
K “ohhhhhhh soo that was the reason for which a sheni was should get used to it”
T “kunj accually i am very very very sorry acctually i only given you the poison,(she siad in one go)i am sorry kunj i am very sorry plz forgive me i was out of my mind.i am mad i am crazy.plz give me any punishment for it plz kunnj

K”ok i forgive you but in one had to kiss…)he was inturrupted as twinkle kissed him with full force as she was taking out her fear of losing kunj .she was kissing his lower lip and then his upper lip while kunj was trying to pull out but twinkle pulled him in her so kunj give up and started to kiss twinkle and realize that she was kissing weiedly as if she dont know how to kiss.he stoped her and then twinkle came up on him like wrapping her legs on kunj waist and both lost in each other eyes andkunj opened his mouth a litle and as twinkle does and both entered in each other kunj was biting her lower while twinkle inserted her tounge in kunjs mouth and explore his full mouth while still pushing herself in him more and more as her bones are even gonna break but not the kiss.she was making her tip of tounge touch everybit of kunjs mouth kunj was just enjoying the moment when his lady love was kissing him while twinkle was taking out all her pain and love of friend,all the fear,al the mighties which one done ny it was kunj turn.

he fight with her tounge to get an entry in her mouth.he entered in her mouth.both were just lost in each other.twinkle hands were careasing kunjs hairs ang kunjs hands were on twinkle waist squeesing them and they disturbed by a maid which was outside the hujra siad that twinkle should come and take a bath.both come in sences and saw there lips in a wild liplock and kunjs hands in her shirt and waist.both were hell embarrassed twinkle just jumped off him.the atmosphere was very awkward so to stop that

K”i just said it as a prank and you just jumped without thinking.””
T “kuuunj!i can do anything to prove myself that i am really sorry.the crime which i had done to my friend is very big and it is a very small thing in that.”
K “oh so if there was any other of your friend so would also kiss him.
T “no because you are my bestie and this was for my bestie”

jodha entered from behind and is happy to see kunj.and call everyone.akbar was happy as his would to be SIL is saved while twinkle moved out .akbar crasses his face and said

A “i am very happy t see i am releived as my i had given my daughter hand in right hand.i cnnot beleive that my daughter is soo lovable.she spent all night in praying and crying for you,for her would to be husband,i am very sure that your relationship would go on very sweetly just like us(he said while pulling jodha to himself while she shy)
K/S “i am very about her this act.somwhre i feel like i dont deserve such a pure soul.”
J “ohhh hello dont you dare to left my daughter.i can se love in her eyes for you.i hurts very much when our loveable leave us alone just for a small reason(she siad this while having tears in her eyes while akbar eyes also shows guilt)
K/s seeing that the topic is going on wrong side “i need some rest as i feel pain in back
J “sure we should leavE ”
A :ok take care of your self”

they went from there while tears were coming down from jodha s eyes and akbar pulled her i a hujra
A “jodha begum.ap abh bhi ham sy khafa(saad)hain”
J “no shehansha,it is just whenevr i think about that incednt my soul cries form inside.why didnt you trusted me that time.if you would have trusted me that i would not be faced soo much hard time and painfull memories ihad not met him.evry time he kissed me,he slapped me, he beat you all infront of me,verytime he touched me,i feel like killling myself.(she said while crying on floor)
A “i very sorry plz forgive me.i can understand he did evrything infront of is really hard to see your wife with somonelse but he didnt succeed in his deeds.
J “no,you can never understand are a man,why would you understand,..still you are saad because he touch your wife nothing more.the thing which i suffered you cannot even imagine.(suddenly she stopped)shehansha what if he target princess this time.i dont want my daughter would suffer like me .you should find him and kill him asap.”
A “dont worry jodha begum i will send half porsion of soldiers to find and kill him”

saying this h goes

Next scene
the complte palace is decorated like heaven,there are girls in sarees and bangles while man are in shewani.fires are been put to lightup the place while our beauty queen in still sleeping.while someone is seeing her
scene freezes

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