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hi guys i know i am very very very late and i am so so so shorry for that so here is you TWINKLE AND KUNJS ROYAL ENGAGMENT
twinkle woke up as sunrays fall on face disturbing her beauti sleep
while she was yawing and rubbing her eyes when jodha enter with some maids and give cloths to her and said that today we will see princess jasmine sworld fight which you had learn from your brother and best friend(hearing the name best friend,her fight with kunj flashes over her eyes and tears built up in her and eyes became blo*dy red which she hid from jodha and said that she will become ready and come down and jodha leaves

next scene

eevryone is waiting for princess jasmine and at the left side,there were some soldiers ready to fight with jasmine in which yuvi was also present but was starring at jodha with a bad eye.kunj was also standing at the right side of akbar wit his father when suddenly a man anounces that “princess jasmine is coming”(you know what it is very strange to write all this in english because i dont find words )twinkle enters in a white frokebut her hairs were tied in a long pony tail and fac was covered with a cloth from nose to chin, she walked toward the ground in a royal style fully like a princess atitude that anyone would fall for her easily,she walked on the red carpet and reached in the middle of the ground

A “princess,today you will show veryone that royal blood is running in your nerves and you have the same janoon(sorry dont know its english)which your king,father and ancsstores this to the world that if you are a princess,so it doesnt maen that you are weak,you have to prove it today.”

T/j”yes i will show this today,if i am a girl so it doesnt mean that i am weak or i cant take revenge or i will bear anything OR i will flow in emotion and make mistakes.i will show it today how much love i carry for my people and i cant broke that trust” she was saying this looking deep into kunjs eyes which was noticed by jodha and she felt something wierd

S “i hope you will win and prove that i am a good teacher and you a good studnt”

t “sure.i promise that”

A “start the fight NOW”
saying this yuvi along with some soldeirs started to come towards twinkle still yuvi was in his own dream world and was thinking to kill twinkle in the fight and he stoped while the others fight with twinkle.twinkle did som small stunts and beat all of them red and it was turn of yuvi so he started to come forward and lift the sowrld up and his aim was directly on twinkles face but twinkle stopped it with her sworld,when yuvi noticed that his sworld is being stopped he made his face upwards and was just lost in twinkles deep eyes and was just starring at her her or you can say freeze ,

yuvi was continously lost in her deep eyes while twinkle eyes was red as she was fighting and sweating badly but still was ready to fight so even yuvi came back to sence and the real fight started,twinkle showed great stunts which not even a man cant do there as she was green belt in karaty so ofcoursly and yuvi was also very good in fight both were just pushing each other down like yuvi was showing his man power but twinkle was showing girls power and an unknown gight started in both of them inthere eyes though, it was flash of the future of there enemity,twinkle had some cuts on her arms which she cannot even feel in the anger as the pain which kunj gave her was much bigger than that pain and even yuvi was shocked if she was a girl or human not or an alein.twinkles eyes were killing yuvi in his heart as her eyeliner was very diffrent from others and her eyes were very beautifull making yuvi lose his sences sevaral times but at last twinkle attacked yuvi with sworld toward his face but this time yuvi stopped it by his world but twinkle make a round of the both sworld and soon yuvi realize that it was a prank and his sworld fy in air and he was down on the floor with twinkles sworld on his chest and she won

A “subhanallah, what a fight and what a style,i am very impressed with it but you had to show more than this,i had make yuvraaj sidhant the best sworld fighter in the last time competetion so you had to fight with him”

by this jodha and kunj were shocked as twinkle was hurt and blood was comning down dropping from her hands but she again hold the sworld in a fighting style and watched kunj with blo*dy red very very angered eyes as she is going to kill hi in just a one go.kunj also lowered his taj(cap on his head)and placed it aside and jumped in the fight.twinkle again started but she was in such a super duper speed and she usd all her strength and teachings and was continously firing her sworld on kunj kunj while he was just doggng as twinkle was not even giving him a little time to even stand and again make his sworld in the air,although she won but didnt realize it and was contiinoulsy firing him

jodha was worried for him and was worried as she can see the thurst in twinkle eyes to kill him and was giving kunjs big cuts

kunj again fall and this time twinkle was about to enter her sworld in his chest when another sworld stopped her sworld in the mid way and she lift her face up and saw akbar with his sworld and she realizes that akbar also comes in the fight in half way to rescue kunj and she was not really to give this chance to kunj so she quickly applied great force on her sworld and akbar fall down

everyone at that time was shocked that how can a girl throw kunj like this with that much graet power.jodha was shown very worried for twinkle as she can read the anger in her eyes and was praying for them.yuvi was seen now staring at twinkle with a mild scared face and lost in deep thoughts.

twinkle foved back to kill kunj but saw that he already escaped.she again moved towards akbar and saw kunj and akbar standing with their sworlds in there hands in a way saying to get ready to face two now and thay both fall on twinkle like a thunderstorm but even twinkle anger was more than that she attacked both and make akbar fall again and again she headed towards kunj and start fighting and he again fell and now akbar and kunj both were on ground and twinkle taking out out her sweat and showing atitude while akbar signaled something to kunj and kunj again started the fight but this time he get her hold from like his hands on her belly tightly and face over her shoulders and now both can feel eachother breath and twinkle was lost but again come in sence and realize that kunj is trying to take her sworld but she pushed him but akbar came from aside and make a round of both sworlds and twinkles sworld falls in air.
A”soo princes jasmine now you lose”

T “not untill i say it by myself”and again the world war three continued and twinkle completely using her karaty skill and beating again was like she was only fighting kunj and only throwing akabar out of the war and this time she was even more angry as she think that kunj again tried to cheat her and boys only knows to cheat and played a prank.she pretend as now if she is getting weak and kunj taking the advantage comes forwarrd but his on hand around her waist and the sworld on her neck and twinkle eyes closed as if she is feling kunj ora
K “plz try to understand twinklei did that just to save your life,i was left with no option so i had to do that.i know that this was only your anger towards me and really i am very worried for you.look you had got great cut plz dont compromise yourself for me plz twinkle”

twinkle snatched the sworld from his hand and said
T “yuvraaj never fails so what now, we should not talk in the fight as there are many times,places and topics to talk.we are there where we came for fight and will always do that”

akabar came from behind but twinkle stopped his attak and he also fell with kunj and twinkle says

“now you lose”

while akabar and kunj nooded while akbar lift out a little laugh
so everyone came on the upper stage while akbar says
“decision of princess jasmine will be anounced tommorow in diwany khas”and said “devany khass barkhast.”

next scene
akbar is shown really tensed while jodha came from behind and stand in front of akbar but still akbar was lost in his world.

J “what happened seemed tensed.what is bothring you tell me”
A “no its nothing like that i was just entangled in some matter of state”
J “when you dont know how to speak lie than dont and even you never seemed this worried about matter of is somehting personal right?”
A(with a laugh)”woow you always catch me soo when you had catched me up so i should tell you the truth
akbar tells something to jodha which is muted and jodha seems hell worried

PRECAP-twinkle agreeing to marry……guess guess

and guys i will try to post the next because i am very busy in eid and studies sooo i think i will end obly here

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi….loved it…..

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    amazing fabulous i mean wow
    i ws jst into it n was imagnng d fyt n it was soooooo intresting
    i luvd it 2 d core…………..speechless…
    post nxt asap cant w8 to read nxt wts gonna happen….oh god….

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  4. SidMin

    Loved it Twinkle’s fighting skills were awesome and waiting to Know whom Twinkle will marry Post soon 🙂

  5. Superb epi…

  6. Aamu

    wow…wat a fight..wat a junnoon.
    tw showed d girl angry power!!!….
    loved it

  7. Lovely…..:*:*:*:*:*

  8. Mishaseher

    thank you soo much purnima,baby,angita,sidmin,Aamu
    i wpuld be nothing without you
    thank you very very very much for liking my ff even i am not a regular writer and post upon the sitiuation of school and surroundings and i am very sorry for making you all wait soo much
    love you all to the core of my heart btw this egagment session will have three parts so this was the first
    love you all thanks for your lovely comments

  9. Awesome epi.. loved this angry twinkle.. loved her fighting skills.. do cont soon ?

    1. Mishaseher

      thank you sidvee.thanks for liking it
      and the good news is “i will post today itselfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff”
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