TWINKLE twinkle our SHINNING STAR – Episode 5


i am really very sad becuse of the ending of tashn e ishq but plz i request you all never plz never leave ffs.
so here is my epi
twinj saleem and anarkali were there for many days.saleem is busy in romancing with anar and because of this the bond between kunj and twinkle grew.twinkle was learning all the things which were neccesary for her and kunj was teaching her.

one day
twinkle was learning while kunj was teaching her but he was continiosly speaking but when he got no responce and saw twinkle sleeping peacfully at first he thought to wake twinkle up but end up being staring at twinkle twinkle was all the time moving as she was not comfortable soo kunj lifts her up in his arms and took her to her bedroom and layed her down but twinkle locket get entangled with one of his bottons he tried to seprate them but all in vain and in this while kunj face comes near her lips and when her looked up h stated to stare her face,her eyes and her lips she had applied a lttle liplose on them kunj was staring her and ll the while coming close and close to her and gave a peck on her was alittle and quick one as his lips just touched her lips and he seprate himself and again looked up her eyes and said “i love you twinkle”
(flashback is shown when the men enetred in twinkle room and said i love was none other than kunj)”i love you to the core of my haert.i love even when i saw you for the first time.without knowing who you really are?i love you more than myself and i will love you forever”saying this he put up the blanket on her and treid to gott up but still her neclace was entangled so he end up sleeping down the bed in a manner in front of twinkle face soo that he can see her face all night
next morning
kunj and twinkle woke up at same time and saw twinkle holding kunjs hands tightly like hugging a teddy bear.both were a little embarased but i broke when saleem came and asked kunj to teach everything to twinkle as he is going somwhere with anar while giving a peck on twinkles forhead and said to obey kunjs even when kunj tried to get up the entangled neclace and botton stoped him and he looked towards twinkle while they have a long sweet eyelock (sajna ve playing in background)but twinkle broke the eyelock and seprate necklace from kunj botton and then said while smirking
T ” today we are goig to have a race,right”
K “no you are really a good runner and now you dont need a tranning”
T “ok then i willl go alone and if something happened to me…..”
K “no. i am coming dont ever go alon here.everyone now nowathat princess jasmine is back so can be in danger”
T “oh plz dont give those silly excuses and am ging to get ready yyou also come

next scene
kunj is standing out waiting for twinkle blabring to himself”these girls would always be late everytime.”
whwn he saw twinkle coming in a pink top and black pant with shoes but laces not closed
properly (funny tune plays )K “twinkle why you dont have closed your shoes properly,what will happen it you fall” and saying this he bend toward twinkles shoes and cloced her laces while twinkle was all the time staring him.and now the race started and agian twinkle ran up like wind and end up at a river.when kunj came there and saw twinkle playing with water with her foots in water he also came and sat behind her and splashed the water on her whil twinkle also slapshed the water on was like a reace when still both were trying to see that who can splash more water and in this while kunj jumped in water while twinkle was enjoying outside only.kunj had started to swim at the edge of the river while twinkle was about to jump but her foot slipped and she end up being very hurt and her clothhs being almost torn away and she fall into the river.kunj who was seeing all it standing like a statu now shouted
k “twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkleeeeeeeeeeeeee,(while he stated to come near twinkle)twinle where are you.plz dont leave me twinkle call me twinkle.twinkleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
he was shouting when he saw her hand over the water so he picked her up in a bridal style and get out of water whil twinkle was not responding nor evn breathing and kunj got paniked.he behaved like an insane and continously was shaking her body calling her.he pressed her chest while water came out of her mouth and she opened her eyes a little.
T “kunj plz save me.i dont wanna die even i met with my mother and now on god cannot take e away lik this .plz kunj save me.”
K “twinle just wake up nothing will happen to you.plz open you eyes.keep your eyes open.
T “k..nn..j plz …..sav..e m.eee….”and she again cclosed her eyes.kunj was puzzled what to do.(you know na what he was thinking right now )he can saw twinkle condition getting worst and blood rushing out of her body.he was continously pressing her chest but her condition was getting worst and worst so he kissed her lips just giving her oxygen tears were continously rushing out of his eyes and he was still kissing ehr and the kiss was going on wilder and wilder showing his love for twinkle now he ws out of breath so he pulled back and agin kissed ehr very hard and life taking and he was exerting soo much pressure that her lips also started to bleed while he was kissing twinkle open her eyes and saw him kissing her she tried to speak but the was not letting her do so and it was hurting her ego also as she was a girl and kunj without her permission kissing hr=er soo she pushed him back with anger but she was soo wak thet again she felt weakness and fall semi concicious soo kunj picked her in arms all the way while twinkle was remeberingg every bach moment of her with kunj and sajna ve playing in the background while twinkle again fall unconcious.they reached home and kunj took her to the room and saw her condition so he tried to find a girl outside but none was there and he evn cannot call saleem becuase he and saleem had no phone so he looked her condition.twinkle was having a big cut nears her b**ms and chest and under her thighs,almost on her important places,kunj comes near her thinking what to do as he has no other option else to pamper her he closed the lights of the room and bring up a candle and treated her

next moment
twinkle was undr blanket while kunj entered the room with hot water but he saw twinkle twinkle breathing heavily.he tried to give her water but she gulps out.he pressed her chest but again she was getting worse so he again kissed her giving oxygen but winkle was still getting worse while kunj all the time was calling her name .he again kissed her on lips and it was soo strong that her skin of the lips almost tear up while kunj was behaving like an insane but still no response soo he again mak her drink water but she again spill out so he drank the water but didnt take in and again kissed her like a lock and make her drink water like this while twinkle get up couging and saw him kissing her soo she pushed him back while she was about to stand up while kunj said noooooooooo and turnn his face to the wall while twinkle saw herself completely naked just big bandeges were on her body.she was like the ground skipped under her feet and her haed starts spinning while her eyes flooded with tears and she can hear her heart beat in ears and she was feeling her cheeks like somone had slapped her,her everymoment at that time was soo painfull she get up while covering herself with the blanket and statred slapping kunj really hard while kunj was just bearing all this and when she was tired she left him and locked herself in the washroom.she looked herself in the mirror and saw her bleeding and rough lips and rubbed them whie she face a lot of pain but still the pain she was beering was not less.she felt pain all her body while moving so she sat down under shower making her wounds agian getting worst but she didnt care about them.all the sences of kunj kissing her and her condition was flashing around through her mind.kunj was hell nervous otside as he knw the pain twinkle is suffering from but he cant do anything now.while twinkle saw a scissors and held it and was about too cut her wriist when she with a double power stop and locked at her self in the mirror and said “what had happened to you are twinkle ka……….. oh now jasmine so how could you be soo are diffrent fromm other girls right??so why are you suciding?yoou should take revenge.yes you will take revenge from tht blo*dy sidhant the real princess will come back and you are finished sidhant gupta

next scene
a man comes out of the jungle and saw a soldier so he grabbed him and killed him and dressed himself like himand get inside the palace.he saw some soldiers talking so he listened them
S1 “how beautifull princess jasmine is?for her even i would sell up my self”
S2 “when she fight i was just lost in her deep eyes yaar and how sweet her voice is.she is a pure soul who can trust anyone.she feel everyone here like her family but she should also know this that being a princess and having more than half of the land can make many enimeies and we will save our princess”

man “yes your princess is back.she must be beautifull but not more than her mother jodha.but whatever i had to kill who will save you princess jasmine.i had even entered the haram(a place where all the females live)so now you are even not far”
saying this he laughs evilly and he kept on going inside.he was walking her and there just when Beghum ROKAIA SULTAN (you must remember her.wwhomever had saw jodha akbar will recognize her )and asked
R “what are you doin know that princess had returened after so many years and her life must be in danger.i knw she dont need any protection but still stand out her room.(to herself but the man hear this)dont know where yuvraaj sidhant and saleem had taken her.i hope she would be safe)
man just left after and asked a maid about princess room and directly entered her room s(orry hujra)there was light everywhere so his face is shown and he none othe than yuvi
Y “saw princess we had come to your home and you cant do anything and than i will kill you soon”
screen freezez on twinkle ambitional face and yuvi face

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Mishaseher wow I mean wwwoooowwwwww!!!!
    It was superb dude
    N kunj weird wild behaviour was amazing
    Dear u r just tremendous in ur writing skills
    Keep writing like this

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi….

  4. SidMin

    UV wants to kill Twinkle
    Bechara Kunj he was trying to help Twinkle but Twinkle took him all wrong please clear the misunderstandings soon Make Twinj unite fast as good friends at least 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  5. Wow!!! Awesomely insane!!! Loved it!!!

  6. Awesome.. .

  7. Awesome.. …..

  8. Awesome.. …..Lovely

  9. Aamu

    missed ur ff today only i remenber u n here u r….
    amazing…feel bad for tw n obio for kunj also

  10. Baby

    oh god twinkle took kunj whole rong
    yr unite dem soon
    felt bad fr both twinj
    bt wt cn we say
    kunj or kya krta tab
    n tbhi how gud he is he switched off d ligths n all n den did d dressing ab vahan hospitals n all toh they nhi naayi phone tha
    bt srsly it was a bit wiered bt i was laughing at sm point
    luvd it
    post nxt asap cnt w8

  11. Angita


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