TWINKLE twinkle our SHINNING STAR – Episode 4

lets start with the epi without any bak bak
saleem ask twinkle “how did you recognize me?”
T “how can i forget these eyes with whom i play with years.who help me out whenever i fall.make me laugh when i was can i forget my bhai.”
K “ok now enough of this emotional drama nor i will also start crying”

next day saleem had taken permission for twinkle they wenr out
kunj bind folds twinkle and give high figh
twinkle pov

they had bindfold me and i can haer their gigglings when some stairs came and i was about to fall but kunj hold me on time and dont know who hold me in arms.i can feel like if i had entered in a house.they took me upstairs and i was wondering if there will be any stairs but chosed to keep quite as i trust them atleast my brther alot.them someone opened the door and i can feel the fresh air of ac.oh god i was diying for this.then he threw me on bed and himself also fall on bed.(gundy minds kuch galat maat sochna)when he open my bindfold i was happy as it have no was fully like my room in london.but one side were some pianted pictures of a small girl and a boys and the other with the same girl with some other boy.i recognize the girl me and i also recognize the one wall boy as bhai but the other one was still a mestry for me so i directly asked
T “whom is he?

K “this is me.yuvraaj sidhant singh”
twinkle was a bit shocked at the name YUVRAAJ SIDHANT SINGH and does her one eyebrow upward style and said

T “yuvraaj sidhnat singh?but your name is kunj,kunj sarna”
K “ya but just for london as we cannot tell the outer people from where we belong.soo we had taken you here first for your happiness as it is quite like only your home and you will love this as it is the only place like mordern london and never disclose this secret as these stuff are not allowded here and second reason so that you should learn to fight with sword and should gather some information about our ancesstors and should learn rules to live here”
T “ok but not that saree and all that heavy jewelry plz”
S “no twinkle you will were them but maa would teach you that here you can live like before so its quite late you should sleep and get before 4 as here are also clocks,alarm will ring at its time,you will go for jogging and will learn a little concept of sword also.and other things you will get to know them by lets come i will make my bachaa sleep”
listening this she jumped our his lap but was smirking which was soon noticed by kunj.
T “bhai i am hungry.because i have habbit to eat like dogs’

sleem and kunj laugh at her while kunj went a come with some pizza and coca cola.twinkle ran upon him made him fall.twinkl top and kunj bottom.they have a short eyelock but soon break as twinkle snached pizza and coc from him and starts to eat like a baby.kunj was just admiring her innocence while saleem made twinkle eat with his hands and thay saw horror movie.twinkle in saleem lap and her legs almost on kunj.kunj made the room dark so that they will enjoy the movie when the movie was at its climax somthing happened and when the movie end and the lights swiched on saleem saw twinkle sleeping digging her her head on kunj chest and holding kunj by his coller in a manner to cover her face soo thta she would not see the ghost ,looking like kissing his chest.kunj moved a bit as he can see the uncomfortableness in saleem eyes but twinkle said while sleeping “bhai plz let me sleep na”
saleem was a bit relaxed to know that twinkle was sleeping thinking that it is him only.he again pich her in arms and layed her on bead and kissed her forhead ,goes out with kunj.

twinkle was sleeping when somone opened the door and came inside and kissed her on the forhaed and said “i love you as twinkle or as jasmine both”
saying this he moved his hand sensually on her face and then left.

next morning
alamed ringed but twinkle threw it on the ground.saleem and kunj were knoking the door but she hid herself in the blanket and again slept.kunj and saleem came in balcony saleem asked kunj to jump and wake twinkle up as he was taller than him.kunj juped in the room and asked her to wake up but noo responce so he removed the blanket and shooked her by sholders but twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck like a hugging position and kunj head was a little on her ceevage as he can see her b**ms so he closed his eyes and agian shooked her and she grew the grip even more stonger so kunj slashed the jug of water on her face and she wake up like a thud.
T “is this a way to wake up a girl”

K “okk so should i try your way like making me dig in your ceevages”
he even said this unknowingly and in a one goo making twinkles eyes poped out.kunj undersatnds the awkward situation so he steped towards the door but twinkle threw a bottle of water on him and said
“twinkle or jasmine whomever you understand the language always take the revenge” asnd asying this she went out.
all came out in pants and shirts and twinkle was wearin g a balck shirt with an silver shinning uper and blue pants and shoes

saleem stats the race and twinkle just run like wind even kunj and saleem were unable to see her and both were worried for her as she can get in any both were keep on running whwn they sawher under a tree aeting apples they were soo exuasted and happy also to find twinkle that forget there anger and both hugged her at the same time.after spending a quality time they went home and now it was turn to the sworld fight.saleem teaches her how to fight but twinkle kept on making weird faces.when suddeny a girl came and call
G “saleem ”
S “anarkali ”
twinkle while giggling “ooooooooooooooooooooo means bhabhi ”

K “no they are not married but they love each other and soon gonna tell everyone”
S “yuvraaj you teach her sworld fight.i have some work”
T “ooo SOME work ”
saleem and anar left while kunj and twinkle stated
in that order she gets a cut and due to the cut was on he wrist she fainted and kunj panicked
he tried to wake her up but of no use so he badage her wounds there only while a tear drop from his eye on twinkles lips.kunj noticed it and they have a sweet eyelook and he rushed to the room taking her in a bridal style.he quickly lay her down and started to rub her foot continously crying.wwhile she opened her eyes and kunj ran and hugged her

precap :mission twinkle manao and yuvi entry

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