TWINKLE twinkle our SHINNING STAR – Episode 3


twinkle was hell shocked to hear that jodha is her mother.tears were gushing out of her eyes.she hold on jodhas shouder and said “is it a joke.when i dont had mom and i need her the most that time my mother was not with me.i begged for my mom but i dont have mom and now whwn i have made my mind that i dont have a mother than you came like an angel and said that your my it a joke.” and she let out fake laugh with lots of tears.

than man behind was akbar and he told her the whole incident how she was kidnnaped and then how she reached to Mr kapoor.all the while twinkle was just listening all that like a student listenss teachers lecture and whwn akbar finished she said “woowwwwwwwwww!what a story.i think you can become a goood writer but plz these tricks wont work on me” and she tried to run out of there but akbar hold her and here begain the fight between them akbar was just stopping her but twinkle was really trying to harm him and twinkle was overtaking him when kunj played a was the conversation between kunj and Mr kapoor in the party.twinkle was very shocked s her life has changed in just seconds.all the things were going in her brain when she faint but kunj hold her on time.

next scene
twinkle gained concious and saw herself tied with the chair when jodha came in with some food
T “what is all this.if i am your daughter than who treat their daughetr like animals.tieding me is not cool”
j ” you remmember jas last time we meet,you were asking food from me and i promised that i will mke you eat food with my own hand for four days
twinkle felt very comfortable with her and feel her like a mother and she said
T “maaaaa”
jodha was very happy to hear this word from her mouth and she quickly hugged her and said”what did you call me plz call me agian
T “”maaa.plz make me fed with your own hands.i am very hungry.”
jodha quickly made her eat with her own hands and when twinkle finished she wiped the stuff from nea of her lips and then akbar came
A “you would be tied to this chair untill you didnt learn manners

T “ let me tell you something my dear father that nobody can make twinklle kapoor do anything forcefully.get it in your mind”
A “and how are you gonna do what you want”
just then twinkle showed him her open hand as she had managed to untie the rope.jodha laugh seeing the tashn between father and daughter
T “but plz i would plead from you for one thing. you are my parents now soo plz give me everything what i want”
A “ok beta ask what do you want”
T “i dont wana wear all these sarri and these haevy jewelry and these which are around my neck are like pansi ka phanda(i dont know its english)and these bangles are even not less then this rope,eve they are worst then that.whenever i pick up my arms i loss all my power.plz i wanan live as usual.

A “ok but that all types of cloths are not found here.”
T “ok soo plz send your man and ask them to bring all the stuff in my room and washroom”
A :ok,and your brother is coming and your things will come at night and he might come in the morning”
T “ok”

next scene
twinkle stuff has arrived and it is bring in a big caot,and is covered.
rukaia came and said “lagata hai jung ka isla a gya hia magar un ki beti abhi wapis ayi hai or wo jung py ga rahy hain>(i think war stuff had came but akbars daughter has retuterd and he is going on battle”
all the stuff goes to twinkle roomand twinkle set up her room with the help of some maids.then she ask her to go as she want to take bath and ask the way to the wahroom.
M “princess if you wanna take bath then we will prepare it for you”and she goes.

after some time maid comes and take her.there they tried to take off her cloths it all was new for twinkle so she started quarelling with them

T “dont you have will see m without dare cant you even think like this”just then jodha came listening noise.and listens the matter and ask twinkle to do as they said.and they strted to give her a bath and they apply some paste on her skin and all the while twinkle was making weired faces and sometimes even crying.they took her to her room and again a tradional dress was there with lots of jewelry

twinkle divide all the jewelry in all of them ask them to leave.then she wear a short and a green colur sleevless shirt.she was still having wet hair when she she heard noise of some kid crying.she goes out and everysoldier was eying her from top to bottom but rushed and saw a little boy with again a very diomond hat.
T “why are you crying baby?
B “becuse my friends are gone and i wanna play>
T “just thats it.ok i will play with you.first tell me your name
R “raheem(let him name raheem i know raheem must be of now 22 or even bigger than twinkle but anythin can happen in my ff)
T “and my name is …. (she thinks what to say jasmine or twinkle)ammmmmm twi..nkle
R “wow such a good name so lets play on your hijra
and twinkle took him to her room and they play a lot of time while outside all family memebers were finding raheem.thy all herad noise of raheem from twinkle room so went there and find them playing twinkl running behind raheem like a kid.there were man also so they went out because of her dress while akbar was angry and he shouted “jasmine ” twinkle also looked toward him
A “which type of cloths you are wearing.dont you have any manners.there are soo many mens and you are going to wera all this infront of them”

T yes and even i went out infront of them”
akbar was hell shocked
T “even it is two piece i also wear one piece dresses but if you dont want then i can wear some full cloths like wait

after some time she came out wearing a black pant and white shirt written “i love you”and lots of hearts.and a black jacket.

akbar was somhow relieved but still he wanted her to wear all that which ther girls wear.but twinkle continued
T “but woow they all are not loyal with you.they are bad men so how will they protect haraam.when someone is even not safe in its own house than what type of home is said that this whole world which i can see is mine then is it mine in this situation.if they are mine then it is my dicision what to wear..”

A “we will take about it tommorow and sleep now>

next scene
twinkle is fighting with the men as a rehalsal.but she is very angry that in between she used her karaty skills suddenly a new men enetred and make twinkle fall and sh became very angry and started hitting him but he was good in the sword fight was twinkle was still a new commer for sworld.she again fell down and now the men took her in a bridal style and went towards akbars room but he was about to enter twinkle spoke first my room bhai 3 rooms next to right she said without even looking out.she said looking into the mens eyes.he took her into her room and leave he ron bed while twinkle fall from the bed also
T “bhaai ” and she run and hugged him and cried
he is saleem

S “no my little princess.dont cry i cannot see you crying”
and he again hugged her while kunj was standing and twinkle went and hugged him very tightly and said “thank you thank you soo much for making me meet my family and she unknowingly kissed his cheek and then sai soorry to him and started to become red

PRECAP twinj romance

ok i now i am late and her eis no twinj scene but twinkle also had to be fit in her family soo today no twinj seene

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