TWINKLE twinkle our SHINNING STAR – Episode 10 (friendship)

i am soo sorry guys accually school had started but soo many things are going in my life that i am not able to decribe them properly.guys accually i am a Muslim( i hope no prob) and in 9th grade and i have sooo many friends but still i am so confused at my class 5 i have a bad betryal of my best friend which was from my frind fromm 5 years even we live very 6 there we all sections shuffle and i was separated from her.till 5 i was not a mature girl accually i was little bit mature as i never fight for myself or always i was like a totally nerd and weird and boring tpes but in six i had a new friend by chance,this was where my life changed,she was a types of full fun loving girl and little weak in studies and laugh whole heartedly and i also joined her.because of betrayal i never felt that even she is my friend,we always sitted togethor then seven class came.dont know why i left her or she left me or i really i dont remember what happened that i was separated from her and she made new friends.i think it was very easy for her.slowly she had a great gang and i again jumped in.

till 7 everything was okay whwn i started to being insecure because she was beautiful i am not.and at last term,they started to ignore 8th class i realize that she is my Best friend but i didnt know that its late now.she was not giving me time and we hardly sit togethor.i became angry from her because of that but you know that was when i felt that she is my true love bird.i use to ignore the eyecontacts becuse when i did that,i always lost in it.i found her sooo cute.once i was sad from her so i didnt talked from her or we had an eyecontact and i even use to be at last because i cannnot see her smilling and laughing with anyone when i am sad.i use to ignore her fully because that was the time when had weird feeling even in her name.i even ignore her shadow.but once at a time,it was period and i just looked right and she looked left and that was when i feelt like her falls in my heart and my heart closed its door,locked it and now that can never come out.that was a small eyelock but that make me realize that true love really exist and its a very sweet feeling which i ever that time i realize that she is MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER the next day i patch up withher.but our friendship was not like before.she would like to go with her friends but not with me.and i always wanted her beside 8 i did a little silly drama(THAT WAS WITH THAT GIRL WHOM I WAS JELOUS FROM BUT SHE ALOS WANT HER BEST FRIEND AND I ALSO WANT THE SAME SO W DONE A DEAL) by which we came little close but still i am a internet we had came to class 9 and almost all th eteachers were known very well of our friendship soo they separated was like i was alone in section C and she was alone in A and rest of the group was (4 girls)werein B .i was heart broken but i was relived that atleast that girls are not with her but again my fate played a dirty game with of them changed her section and the other shifted.again thy all togethor and i alone . my best friend had once an opertunnity to come to my section but she refused and when i got to know that.i really tried alot to leave her but cannot.evrytime they all were togethor and me alone or accually i was bound to be alone because the one because of whomi was jealous had made a promise to me that we all will remain togethor and will not make anyother friend.thy would left m in class when the break started they all would go but i had to wait for them becausee i was left with NO OTHER OPTIOIN.

i had got to know that we can now never be togehor like before or even a little good.even one of that friend had left the school and i was happy because she was an atention seeker but still sh left HER BEST FRIEND also with my best friend now she nevr leaves her.i can see her without bag or even apsent but iwill never see those two separated and now i just dont know what to do.even we had gone to a trip and lots of happened on that also and somedays before was the sports the badmintan match.she sat with me at th eedge and had her arm around my neck.that really looked very awkward but at that time,it was lik paradise for me.i was feeling like hugging her and make her shirt all wet bcz of my tears and let out all the pain which i had suffered from soo long but still i think its not written in my fate.veryday soo many things happen and now even i read with her after school 2 hours at titution. you know when sh would be staring me,i would test my my guetures that what is in me that he not laughing style or my not laughing,,,or with my serrious face i sometimes hurt her ego or somtimes i not speak well or nor speak good things or i am little black soo because.??

guys plz tell me what should i do about this matter?many of you are greater than me soo they might have experiense soo plz tell me?and there is no point of leaving her or making another friend bcz forgeting her is very far from my death also.soo many peoples had suggested me that like my mom and some of the TU friends like anya sharma and BABY but i just can never forget her.i had tried this many time but at the last tim my heart finds a reason to make her innocent and patch up and again i would land in the saame prob and again would be sad and again would cry and i think lasttime i tried to tell her my feelings on phone and tried to ask the reason for all this but she always says that she had no prob with me.guys plz coment and tell me what to do?plz

i am really sorry as you all might be thinking of the ff and i am posting this shit to all of you which doent mean too you in anymeans but still i woud like to say sorry for that and guys plz try to never ever jump in such a prob like me because it is even more worse than someones death (atleast for me or it seems to me like that)sorry if someone is hurt with this.
i am sorry

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  1. SidMin

    Hey Misha … I guess you are quite attached to her …. You surely can’t leave her … right and that us what she is also doing sometimes in friendship we need to keep our ego aside and directly confront our friends … week that is what makes everything crystal clear between us … A suggestion … well everyone would give you different suggestions but according to me do what you think is right
    For a minute place yourself in her place … do you think she would let go a friend like you …. No na So go and directly talk to her about face to face or else the only other way feel is that though she is your best friend you need to make more friends too ….
    Love you 🙂 Post the ff soon 🙂
    Hope things get sorted out soon 🙂

    1. Mishaseher

      dued thats the big prob.i myself dont know what my heart says.there are soo many emotion s in my heart.i love her ,i am insecure for her,i am possesive but never shows and i am obssessed with her .but thanks for the suggtion and i will talk to her this time but that her new friend never .leavesves her alone but i will manage….thank you very much for the suggestion
      i will try it for sure
      love you and thank you

  2. Presha

    Hry misha dont be sad its just u r very close to her and this happens with everyone so stay strong

    1. Mishaseher

      thank you sooo much.i just hope i would never ever lose her.but thanks

  3. Hey mish… I can understand ur problem.
    U know m also had situation like this but u know bcoz of our heart connection and true friendship r8 now we r together and very happy… U know Its feels very bad when ur near and close friend ignore u.. And didn’t give u time and spend her whole time with other… But true friendship will never dies… They r meant to be friend’s forever life time ……
    And i don’t no ki what i tell u and many of people can easily give u solution and blah blah …. but try to think ince that what is ur hearts says so plz listen to ur hearts try to understand that what ur heart says… If ur heart says that i have to talk to her then talk and 2nd if its says that u need to confront with her face to face then go ahed don’t stop utself and then letter you’ll fell much better… Maybe u don’t know but if it will happen in ur friend side also na that she to wanna talk to with u.. And maybe its will hapoen she to likes u.. EGO if its have with u both So plz side ur ego and try to understand ki what pblm u have between ur friendship and try to make clear everything fine between u both.try to trust with each other if want all this so do it don’t stop… Bcoz misundstng and ego will surly destroy ur true friendship…
    And plz 1 thing it’s a humble rqst from u mish plz promise you’ll never ever say to u that u r not good..coz it’s not matter to ur face it’s matter to ur heart just see once see how beautiful is ur heart maybe u don’t know this… Hope soon everything between u and ur friend will short out…
    And don’t say its boring coz u thought we r ur friends so don’t hesitate and shares ur everything with m leaving it there.
    Ok And post soon ur ff dear…. Now m waiting waiting…. Plz post soon..
    Stay happy always and Love you…!!

    1. Mishaseher

      thank you soo much priya for supporting mei have really tried to tell her but this tim i will spill everything and then she will have to answer me.thank you thank you sooo much dear

    2. Purvi128

      Hey jaan … meri vanilla … cold coffee … meri dhadkan …
      I have a request … I hope tu reject na ker de … but i want u to accept my request .. cuz u knw i love u more than my life .. jaan ….
      U knw it very well … so i hope …. u don’t disappoint me …
      I want u to be a registered member of TU … cuz i want u to talk to me on Private message … we can’t talk in comments section na … so we can talk their … cuz i want to talk to u … u made me feel special … and i love u … that’s why .. i want it … plsss a sincere request from me …. plsss accept it … plss become a registered member … i want u … i need u … i need to talk to u …. i need u in my life … cuz i love u jhalliiiiii ….

      Plssss disappoint mat kerna na bol ker …. cuz i have many hopes with u….. plsss agr tu ne naa bol diya na … toh i will die … tu chahti hai ke teri bestie,teri vanilla,teri sissi,teri jaan .. mar jaaye … nhii naa …
      To haan bol diyo … plsssshhhhhh … I LOVE U JAAN ….
      Plsssshhhh ….
      Or haan mera comment padhne ke baad reply kerna cuz I want ur answer fast … plsshhhh ….

      Or haan mujhe apna email address bhi de dena jhalliiii …

      Love u loads … (Hope u accept my request …. )
      Ummmmmmmaahhhhhhhh ????❤❤❤❤❤????

  4. Heyy misha…
    I was a silent reader of ur ff thill now and after reading ur this post it was irresistible for me to comment..
    I would jus like to say that the main problem of urs is that u r too weak from ur heart u just need to be strong..
    Just be firm on ur thoughts and decision den i m sure u will overcome it..
    And also after reading ur story i can say that the type of freind with which u r quite obsessed is actually not capable to be ur freind..
    If she does not pay any heed to u and ur emotions than why do u waste ur time and tears for her…
    And also u r just in 9th grade and u have to go a lot ahead and in further life u will see ao many people and their shades so u have to learn to tackle with these situations and yah just remeber one thing that don’t attach someone soo much with ur heart that it wud become difficult for u to drink water without the person just keep that place safe in ur heart and save it for someone special who wud surely come in ur life who will give u ur deserved happiness..ur deserved love..ur deserved attention…..and much more..
    I hope u dont feel bad after my comment…if u feel so den i m sryy..
    I just wanted to give u some positivity bcoz u really need dat…
    Keep smiling dear..
    Luv uh..

    1. Mishaseher

      well thnk you sooo much for th e suggestion and thank sfor broking th esilence
      i will think of it but iam really sorry,these were the things whih everybody had told me and thats why i tried to leave her butt cant.sorry
      love you

  5. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey misha,
    don’t worry yaar misha… it happens with everyone… maine ek fact joke pada tha… let me tell u..

    leave girlfriend boyfriend or lover
    I even get jealous when my best friend goes with her other friend…

    mera suggestions dun,
    see I have 2 1 besties in my clasd… agar kisine bi unke paas aane ki bi koshish ki na tho I’ll be like,
    Ise tho mai kaccha chaba jaungi… usne kaise mere bff ko kheecha… itna sab sochne ke baad I go to her and pulls her by her arm and forcefully use usse chuda ke leke aathi hun…
    so tu bi yahi kar.. than spend ur time with her and tell her how much I need her…
    ah I forgot to tell I m also a muslim and is in 9th std…

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  6. Ramya

    Hey misha
    Don’t be sad
    Km sry I’m not gud at giving suggestions
    But I wanna say onetnng dat just listen to it heart n express all ur feelings fr her
    I hope she will understand u n ull be back again
    N ha dear don’t get disappointed
    Just do wt u can n rest left on God may he will show u some way
    N just go wid flow
    N never ever feel bad
    Be happy n keep smiling
    I’m sry if my suggestion is not gud
    As I said I’m not at all gud in It
    Love u keep smiling

  7. Hey misha first of all let me introduce myself i am Esha Fatima i am in 9th i am a muslim and from Pakistan now come to the point yr go and tell ur frnd everything which is in ur heart and dont hesitate to say anything to her bcz frnds m hesitation nai hoti and yr tell her each and everything ok everything means everything and face ko dekh kr koi frnd nai bnata yr m or meri best frnd ko ek sath 11 years ho gaye ha or hm dono ka sath 7 frnds or b ai different classes ka sath but hm dono na unhen chora ek dosry ko nai hm nursery ki frnds ha us ka bad bht si jaghon par hmri classes change honi thi but Allah na hmy ek sath rkha or jo b hm na frnd bnai unhon na hmri frnship ko torny ki koshish ki thi but we are still together yr frnds hamesha ek dosry ka sath chahty hai so may be she also wants u with her go and tell her plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………… i really want that ur each and every prblm get solve soon….
    And do tell me when u and ur frnd both r together ok plzzzz do tell me……. Luv u soooo much???? and would u like to be my frnd……

  8. Aanya_pandey

    Heyyy!! Frst of all toh dear.. i just love ur name.. seriously i do.. n talking about ur physical appearance.. frankly.. frndshp me it don’t mattr.. wat mattrs is ur heart.. how comfortable is ur frnd wid u.. sharing her stuffs n all..

    N about all these things that happened.. i wpuld at frst say that u sholud talk to ur frnd face to face.. not on any phone calls or msg.. because agr app face ti face baat kroge toh.. apki frnd apke emotions ko samjhegi.. n its ok.. also if u cry ur heart out n blurt each n everything u have been talking here.. may b aftr that it takes time fr ur frnd to understand all this bt eventually she will b knowing the worth of u n ur frndship..
    U know i also had some kind of a similar situation in my life.. whan i ws in 10th grade.. mere frnds mujhe detach ho rhe the.. n wen i came in 11th grade.. there ws a guy in my life.. to whom i told all these happenings.. he alsked me to do all this.. n guess wat.. we are all 4 again together.. wid an unbreakable bond.. that guy’s chapter is toh ended but his advice ws d best.. that anyone could have ever given..
    U know ,, u jst talk to her.. bt make sure in peace.. wid no other things running in their mind or urs.. jst say it grl it will make ur bond much much much stronger..
    I can say thus wid eerience its been 4 yrs to me wen i cleared everything wid my frnds n we r called”AWESOME FOURSOME” because of our bond actually.. i’m sure they will understand u..grl.. just don’t keep even a word in ur heart say it all.. clear ut all..
    Everything will b alright.. believe me every damn thing

  9. Purvi128

    Hi MIsha … well I will not say anything .. I just want to say .. follow ur heart … what ur heart says is right …. never obey ur mind in this situation … u knw i had the same problem when i was in 6 … i don’t like to share my story here cuz i don’t want anyone to knw about this … i was hurt like u … i cried all nights but of no use .. i only share my story to those who r close to me .. like my cousin .. but I want u to hear my story … I will tell u in private message … my story will give u strength … nd u knw what … i didn’t got my friend .. but i hope u became best friends like u were … u said it right .. its very hard to forget someone whome u love dearly … nd i knw that pain … cuz I have gone through all this …
    Ur situation is same like me …
    I pretend to be happy in front of all .. but in my room alone …
    I am that Purvi .. who lives in only pain … who knows only pain …
    I was living my life like that only … crying all nights … not in my senses ..
    Then I joined TU … it was the best thing ever … i got so loving friends nd sisters … so caring like .. PRIYA (First pe to humesha tu hi rahegi meri cold coffe,meri vanilla,meri jaan,meri dhadkan ),DAMYANTI,AAKRITI,VAASU(MERI JAAN),RIA,SARA DI,YOU,HIMA,CHIKU,ADYA,AYU,ASHIYA,ROCHIKA,SIDMIN23(I will not tell her name cuz she forbids me to tell),SHRUTI DI (MILLI DI),RITZI,SIDVEE_YASHVEE,YASHAVI,MONAA DI,ZUHA,PRESHA,PURNIMA,PAAVU (My LOVE),RASHIVERMA,RUTU,RAMYA,AANYA,MARIA,SUSHMITA … AND ALL THE TEI TU MEMBERS ND MY FF READERS …
    They r my true friends … I am addicted to u guys …. nd I love u more than anything …. More than my school friend .. whom I was talking about … u guys make me forget my all pains… sorrows .. and gave me new life …. thanku so much guys …
    LOVE U ALL ..

  10. Baby

    oyeeeeee mishu☺
    tu bhi naa……….itna emotional kardita
    pagli………rula dia naa iss pyaari si sad story se……..
    tujhe mere suggestions toh pata hai haina dear sooo kya suggest krun……
    chal ab mein tere pyaare pyaare………♥♥
    lovely lovely dono 8th or 9th episodes ki tareef krti hun☺
    hanjii……finally i read it ufffff………..damn shooooo cute and lovely☺
    uv bhai hahahaa wwwohooohooooo u know i was too scared but now everything is cleared…☺
    u know wen uv was hving tears n twinkle too i thought dat dey bth luvd eo n my heartbeat stopped……………… u made me live agn……..hehheee by saying BHAI………….☺
    loved it soooooooooooooooooo mch yaar……….☺♥☺ emotional story of jodha amazing episode♥♥
    love u lods☺☺
    post nxt asap dear plsssssssssssssssssssss………….☺☺

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