TWINKLE twinkle our SHINNING STAR – Episode 1


hi guys missing me or yuo all forget ie my 1st epi of TWINKLE twinkle our SHINNING STAR
a garden is shown and a oldage traidional type of space is in the center where are two wooden tables and a girl is sitten having tears in her eyes when a man comes and patted her shoulder and said

m”jodha beghum”(yes she is jodha)
j “sehansha”(yes he is akbar)

A “jodha beghum,still you are sad on her death.for how long you will cry in her love who has died”
J “no sehansha,she is heart says that she is alive.”
A “jodha beghum.they kidnapped her so why will they take care for her”
J “they snatched our shining star from our life.when we saw her for the first time.her eyes(a girl is shown running down the stairs and her eyes are shown)her lips(and her pink smilling lips are shown)and her small,soft hands cute hands i just cannot express how happy was at that time”
A “jodha beghum,i was also very happy as she was our first born child but now we had a reason,our saleem,our son.plz jodha beghum try to forget jasmine and saleem should never get to know about her sister” jodha nodded and they went inside the hujra
a girl is shown and she is running downstairs.she stopped and hugged a man and said”good morning handsome”

m “twinle i had stopped you from calling me that”
T “yes,my papa also tried and Mr kapoor also tried but nobody can make me do anything forcefully”
p (i will use p for her dad)”soo today is your last day of college and result and i am sure you will make me feel proud again (saying this he hugged her)
T “yes and only i can top.ok i will have my breakfast at college with chinki as i am very late bye handsome”

p “dont call me that.atleast try”but she left
twinkle entered college and seeing her all boys head goes down.she spotted her friends and went towrads them but they all seems of which is chinki.
C “twinkle your position….twinkle…aammmm…….”
T “ohh plz dont even try to say that i came second or third and then laugh because this trick will not work on me this time.and i will go by myslf and check”
she went and watched the board a was all shocked.tears started coming out of her eyes.chinki also came there folowing twinkle.twinkle spoke up
T “who the hell is this kunj sarna?”

C “twinkle plz try to both are first.plz you are first.”but twinkle was ver angry
suddenly a boy came in a full sweaty mood and watched the board and said
K “woooooooooooooooowwwwwww!i came i can go to my homeland”
twinkle who was listening this was now red due to anger and hold him by his collar
T “how did you came first?tell me how?only i can came first .ok is that clear to your mind.tell me you cheated,right?you buy or steal the blo*dy cheater.dont your parents teach you something?

now kunj was at the peak of his anger. he hold her by her soulders very strongly but to his suprise she even not blinked or show any sign of pain
K “you said i am a cheater.then who are you,you are scolding me for coming first. dont you have any manners or dont your mother taught you anything”
hearing this twinkle was having tears in her eyes and she loudly said”yes she didnt taught me anything”and she ran from there.chinki tried to stop her but she didnt stop.kunj was just hell confused and he can see the worried chinki so he asked her”what was this?usually daughters beecame happy hearing there mother name but this was totally opposite”

C “becuse kunj she has no mother.her mother died when she was born.she has everything except mother.plz kunj she tried to sucide last time.plz stop her from doing any stupid act.i cant do anything because i had promised her that i will never come in the matter of her mother.plz kunj go.she must be in the classroom alone.”

kunj ran out of there and enetred the class and saw twinkle sitting on the table crying.he goes near her but twinkl ethinks thats chinki and hugged her very tightly.she cried her haert out for half an hourwhen she looked up and saw kunj.his shirt was all wet due to tears.
K “hey,your nose is looking as a red tomato”

T “really”and she started to laugh but fake smile as she dont like to cry infront of strangers..
kunj was busy in admiring her when he fall with twinkle.kunj up and twinkle down.they have an eyelock and they were attracted to each other and kunj lips touches twinkle cheeks when suddenly kunj phone rang and they both come in sense kunj quickly get up and forward his hand to help twinkle when he saw a butterfly tatto on her back shoulder in a very traidional style not like the mordern one but very diffrent.kunj was in a big shock and the one word he said was “princess jasmine!”

hi how was it.i know less of jodha akbar but they will be on the screen in the upcoing episodes but not in the next epi.i know it is short but the next one will be long

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous epi….eagerly waiting for next part

  2. Romaisha

    Wow loved it!! Enjoyed reading it yaar…jodha Akbar memories came back to me ..

  3. Superb

  4. Angita

    Awesome yaar

  5. Mahi

    Lovely & different waiting for next

  6. Kruti

    Good start… d nxt one asap

  7. SidMin

    Cute the episode I Loved it Princess Jasmine 🙂 post the next part soon 🙂

  8. Really different and interesting … Continue soon x

  9. Baby

    mishaseher amazing yr osm it was fab yr post nxt asap pls

  10. Shatakshi

    Hey misha
    Really looking forward to it
    Loved it to the core❤❤

  11. Cute!!!

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