TWINKLE: Am I Kunj’s Siyappa Queen Or Yuvi’s Babydoll ( INTRO )


hiiiiii yashu is here again to torture you all…….. heheheh……………………. so i know that already writing 2 ffs but got this idea so just writing but will only cont. if u all like it and only liking se kaam nhi chalega comment bhi krna padega …. tum sabko meri kasam , ab agla epi tabhi likh paungi agr zinda rhi toh…………………… okk okkk now will stop my bak bak and come to the story

so the story is that same in tei , i mean i’m writing this ff after twinj’s confrantation after the leap , so even i have not decided the pairs till now only i wanna say that in this i’ll give both twiraj and twinj scene , and no discrimination , pkka promise and so will give scenes of both the pairs and it’s a humble request that irrespective of the pairs if u r jasmin bhasin’s fan , twinkle’s fan then read this story , because i know all three are the main leads but i think twinkle is the main as what ever the pair is she’s always there and 2nd it’s only her decision , whom to choose , only she will decide the pair so i think if u r her fan then u will love this story . and ya it’s not like that ki i’ll make the pair which i like , no as i’m both twiraj and twinj/sidmin fan so i’ll decide the pairs according to a point of view of a girl……. hope u all understand and 2nd i’m a very non-partial girl so hope u can trust me……………………….

and sooooo soooo sorry fr such a big and i think a bit boring lecture but u have to bear me as i am a chatter queen………………………..

after confrontation……………………
twinkle( t) pov – kyo kunj kyo tumne aesa kiya , tumne mujh par apni siyappa queen par bharossa nhi kiya , aaj tak mene har pal bas tumhi ka intezaar kiya he , mene bas tumhe hi apna pati, apni ruh manaaur tumne mujh par bharosa nhi kiya, meri kya galti thi, yeh mere saath hi kyo hua, kyo kunj kyo ab me kya karungi ,me kitni khush thi kit um wapis aa gyelekin maa bhi sahi thi ab uv ka kya , uski iss sab me kya galti thi , use kya kahungi , me kisko chune , mujhe pta he maa kya chahti he aur mummyji bebe aur pura pariwaar kya chahta he par mujhe yeh nhi pta ki mein kya chahti hu………….. mujhe nhi pta…………..

( why kunj why did u did this , why u didn’t trust me , look now all three lives r at my decision , till now i always waited for u , for me my husband , my soul was always u and u u didn’t even trusted me , what was my mistake kunj , why this happened with me,why kunj why , now what will i do , i was so happy that now u r back but maa was right now what about uv , what’s his mistake in all this ,what will i say to uv….. what will i do , who will i choose i knw what maa wants what mummyji , bebe and family want but i don’t know what i want………………………. i don’t know…………. ) and cries…………………………

yuvi ( y ) pov – wah babji wah , jindagi kya khel khela he , mujhe whi patak diya jaha mein tha , me janta hu mene pehle joh bhi kara tha wo bahut hi bura tha , par aap toh jante he jab se mujhe pyaar , ka mohabbat ka sahi mtlb pta challa he tab se mene wo har cheez kari jisse twinkle ko khushi mille , me janta hu ki twinkle mujhe kabhi utna pyaar nhi kr payegi ,aur use wakt lagega mujhe apnane me par mujhe kahi na kahi yeh vishwaas tha ki ek na ek din twinkle mere pyaar ko , mujhe apna legi , lekin ab toh who chance bhi gya ……… lekin me janta hu twinkle ka asli hero , asli pyaar kunj he , un dono ko hi saath rehna chahiye , shayad yeh mere gunaho ki saza he , pehle me twinkle se uska pyaar cheenna chahta tha aaj apne mujhse mera cheen liya , log sach kehte he jo jessa krta he use vessa hi milta he aur vesse bhi heroine toh hero ko milti he villain ko nhi aur me toh iss story ka villain hu……..

( woowwww babaji wowwww , what a game has destiny played with me , but i know i deserve this only , i know what i did earlier was very wrong but u know from the day i realized the real meaning of love, from that day i did everything from which twinkle will be happy , i knew twinkle would never love me as she love’s kunj and she will take time to accept me but somewhere i had that belief that one day she will understand my love for her and will accept me and my love , but now every believe is vanished……………….. but i know twinkle’s real love , her real hero is kunj , and only they both should be together , this is the punishment for my sins , earlier i tried to snatch twinkle’s love from her and now you r snatching my love from me , the people r right tit for tat and a hero only gets the heroine not the villain and i’m the villain of this story…………) his eyes r full of tears and tears escaping slowly slowly……………

kunj ( k ) pov – yeh mene kya kiya bhagwan , mene apni siyappa queen par bharossa nhi kra , meri ek galat fehmi ki wajah se aaj iss duniya me mera bacha , mera aur twinkle ka bachha nhi aa paya , me khud ko kbhi maaf nhi kr paunga………….. dekh twinkle me tujhse door zarur rha lekin teri harkato se nhi , mein humesha tujhe siyappa queen bolta than a dekh aaj mene khud kitna bda siyappa kr diya , teri aadat ab meri ho gyi he twinkle………………. me janta hu jo mene kra he uske liye shayad mujhe kbhi maafi na mille par twinkle tere itna saare siyappe solve kre he ab toh mujhe aadat si ho gyi he bas rab ne chaha toh yeh siyappa bhi jaldi solve kr duga , phir sab theek ho jayega , tu aur fir ek ho jayega aur dubara apni zindagi shur karega , bura toh mujhe bas yuvi k liye lag rha he inn 5 saalo me usme humare pariwar , usne tere liye sab kuch kra aur dekh ab pariwaar wale use hi uss galti ka zimmedaar mann rhe he joh usne kabhi ki hi nhi pta nhi kis muh se uska shukriyada kru aur kis muh se use maafi mango…………………..

( ohhh god what have i done , i didn’t trusted my siyappa queen , b’ coz of my 1 misunderstanding my child , my and twinkle’’s child is not in this world, from this i’ll never forgive myself……………… but winkle see i was away from u but not from ur behavior , i always said that u r a siyappa wqueen and look today i did such a big siyappa , now ur habit is mine…………………. i know what i have done is not forgettable but twinkle after solving ur millions of siyappa , now it has become a habit now if god wishes then this siyappa will be solved fast , and then everything will be normal again , u and me will be one again , and then we’ll start our life together again , only i’m sad for yuvi he did soo much for our famil , for twinkle and look now everyone is making him responsible for the sin which he never did , don’t know how ill i say him thank you and from which mouth will say sorry to him………….) he’s worried , tensed , with lots of emotion within him and swollen red eyes due to the loss of his child

heyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u liked only one ques u want me to rite it in english or in hindi , actully some people r not nowinh hindi language but i find that writing in hindi is more attractive and it sounds good , but alll choice is ours and plzzzzz read it irrespective of the pairs , t ll now even i haven’t decided the pairs so cant tell u but have faith on u i’m very non- partial and will make the pair after lot of thinking and thinking from twinkle’s point of u , now do comment and i know u don’t want me to start my lecture again sooo do comment………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv u all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from yashu and ya call me yashu it’s my nick name and yashasvi sounds a bit formal , so call me yashu it sounds familiar…………… challo bye have done a lot of bak-bak………………. vesse i am a chatter queen , toh bak bak toh karungi hi , ok now final bye with unlimited luv u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Looks like an interesting ff but please do English…??

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx sabrina ya have written in english

  2. Meeta

    Dame her.
    M also both TwiNj n TwiRaj fan.
    But Zain♥
    Ok which ever language suits yaa.
    But still Hindi is more attractive.

    1. Yashasvi

      thxx meeat , ya have written in hindi too

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Awesome yashu….excited to read more…

    1. Yashasvi

      thank u rashi , have posted the ff , hope u like

  4. Amazing write in that language in which u are comfortable I’m fine with any of them

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx maanvi

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx purnima

  6. Hey
    It seems to be intresting
    N I’m also nt getting anything dat tw will accept whom

    Nice episode
    Pls do continue

    1. Yashasvi

      thank u sooo much dolly yeah i have posted epi 1 hope u like it

  7. heyy its gud but who is kunj
    sid or naman..
    if its naman than I m sry but
    I will nt read this..
    and if sid I will definitely read it and plzz make twinj pair
    I hate uv…

    1. Yashasvi

      hey tia thxxx fr comment bt abt pairs even i dont know and ya kunj is sid only i cnt rite it if kunj is naman actually forgot to mention dat

  8. Heyy.. it seems interesting.. I’m fine with any language.. do continue soon ?

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx sidvee dear…. have posted the epi 1 hope u like it

  9. hey yashu!!!! I know u r eagerly waiting for your bff’s comment on your amzing super duper ff!!!! Ab kya kahu yaar on your ff ….i have no words..but kehna toh padega…JHAKASSSSS!!!!!! MATLAB SUPER SE BHI UPAR…!!!!! Mujhe pta hai ki u will not do discrimination as i know u very well…and thats also rite ki twinkle kya chahti hai…same in the storyline of serial…and write your ff in any language …as your wish but yeah hindi sounds more attractive…and yeah i know that aane wale episodes mein toh DHAMAKKA aur DHAMMAL dono hone wala hai becoz UUUUU ARE WRITING!!! seriously agar aap writer hote tei ke toh I SWERE ….TEI TRP MEIN NO. 1 POSITION PAR HOTA… and i am not lying….ok!!! Chalo alll theee vvvv best for your upcoming episodes…!!!!

    1. Yashasvi

      ohhhhoooo yrrr tu bas mujhe har baar blush hi krwati rhe……… ab yeh toh sach he ki DHAMAAL n DHAMAKA toh hone waale he , aur koi nhi writer serial ki nhi toh kya ho gya yha pr toh hu hi yha pad k khush ho ja……………….. chal bye LUV U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITNI TAREEF KRDI AB KHANA KHAN EKI BHI JAGAH NHI HE

  10. Aamu

    hey yashu oits seems good………u know m a twinj fan….
    after tw decision if she will chose uv………den m really very sorry i cant read as i cant imagine tw with uv….i like uv but at villain place only not at all on hero’s place…….
    but today i like it…..n till wen i read …u can write in any language as i know both hindi n english but hindi willl b good….
    ALL tHeE vVeErRYy BbEeSTt……DdEeaArR

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxxxxx dear aamu……. yrrr actually as i said abhi tk mene bhi pair decide nhi kiye he , but till the pairs r not decided i’ll give both twinj and twiraj scenes so dont worry , and thxxx for good wishes……

  11. oh i m twinj aka sidmin fan n i lve zain too…ur ff is superb loved it…u r ri8 tw is in delimma hope will solve wid a suitable reason…

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxxx sujina ya i’ll try to help twinkle in her decision ……. and mee too dieheart fan of zain , luv his looks

  12. Really nice . Wanna see yuvle … but it’s your wish. Love u bye …

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxxx soo fr understanding…………… luv u too dear

  13. Yashu! Meri talent ka bhandar! Haye! Mar jaawan main gud khake! Kya likhti hai re! Kya likhti hai! Tujhe na ek award milna chahiye, abb ye nhi pata kiss category mei, pr milna chahiye?
    Anyways, theek 2 din ke andar hi andar tune nhi post kiya ja, then I swear ro kill u?
    Chal bye bye, and love u?

    1. Yashasvi

      haye……!!!!!!! Mein mar jaungi tera comment pad ke………. chall koi bhi award de de , mujhe toh award se mtlb he…………
      aur ha meri frd post kr diya ff …… itni jldi nhi marungi???
      bye luv u too

  14. Baby

    yashu nyc bt wont b able to say anything bcz i only luv twinj n i no dey gonna b togethr dis uvraj cnt evr change in crnt serial also he is playing his cheap tactics aghhhhh pls its twinj n i no it ll b twinj att d end

    1. Yashasvi

      thank u baby and i respect ur views about TEI but now even i dont know who will be the pair so till the time i decide i’ll give both twinj n twiraj scenes soo hope u support me dear

      1. Baby

        yah yashu i ll always support u dear

  15. Zuha Fatima

    Yashuuuuuu❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Itne saare hearts meri Twinkle ke liye…Arey Arey serial wali Twinkle ke liye nahi meri pyaari pyaari Yashu ke liye 😉 Aakhir tu meri pyaara pyaara writing star hai 🙂 Ghazab ka likhti hai aur ye storyline………Iss ka toh jawab hi nahi hai ??? Jaldi post kar wait nahi ho raha aur yaar acha hoga agar Sid Kunj ho but as u wish sweetie ? Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    1. Yashasvi

      thank u shooo shooo much meri pyaari zuha ……. yrrrrrrr i love u !!!!!!!!! thx fr so many starts and ha yrrr mere ff me kunj humesha Sid hi he n rahega fr me kunj was and will always be Sid sooo dont worry n mene post kr diya he epi 1 sooo luv u !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Marie

    Hello yashu…..!!!!!! 😀
    Maria here…!!
    Frst of all toh ye bata ke did I surprise u…?? 😀
    Hahah Mai yahan Bhi tapak padi hahahaha
    Well well well wat to say abt dis yr wat n intro…..!! <3 <3
    I really liked… I loved it !
    _________________________________________Here is d space fill it urself cause I have no words. 😉 😉
    Hahahaha really yr great..!!
    Love u
    Post ASAP
    Take care

    1. Yashasvi

      really marie u did surprise me this was one of the best surprise yrrrrrrraur tune bahut acha kra yaha tapak ke….. i’m very very se bhi zyada happy that i one of the friend is reading this………….
      aur ha mene post kr diya epi 1 ab pd lena , pta challa nhi pda………………
      aur tujhe kesse pta challa ki mene intro dala he , vesse ek baat he mera os bhi tune aesehi dekh liya tha , auir dusra bhi aur ab yeh bhi , chal behen ab toh me yeh manti hu ki teri meri dosti God ne hi bnayi he……………

      Luv u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sayeeda

    Yashu darling…. Sorry for commenting late….
    See for me it’s very difficult to imagine kunj as Naman as for me kunj means Sid forever nd ever but I will try to imagine Naman only for my cutiee sis like u….

    Though I’m not watching TEI since Sid quit the show but I’m updated with the track through the written update… Even I’m confused that whom Twinkle will chose in the serial nd even in ur ff also…
    Hope u make her to take right decision… But for serial I want twinj… Though I don’t like Twinkle nd Naman pair at all but still twinj words is what matters for me…

    Nd chose that language in which u r comfortable writing it…
    Love u ???

    1. Yashasvi

      awwww sayu di thank u shooo much fr these words of u….!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv u !!!!!!!!!!!! but dont worry dii me bhi aapki hi sis hu even i cnt imagine kunj as naman fr me kunj was , is and will always be SId Sid n Sid !!!!!!! and i have posted epi 1 and i’m very happy that u remember ur little sis as i think we didnt chat also so i thought ho skta he mujhe bhul gyi ho bt u remembered !!!!!!! luv u sayu di……………. muahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sanjanaagrawal

    Hiii yashuuuu…. I started opening telly updates of tei today only …..

    Ok so coming back to ur ff ….. its an unique idea and I support both twinraj and twinij ….

    Its ur wish about the pair but I want trio to be happy ….

    And its veey bad about the writers of tei they should introduce another girl …. so that if twinkle will be of kunj that girl will be paired with yuvi and vice versa ……

    Love u my swetieeeee and update next asap

    1. Yashasvi

      thank u soooooo much sanjana darling!!!!!!!!!! glad to see my dear frd here………………… ya even i think so dat they should brg another girl but fir wo tashan e ishq nhi ho ga , sooo have faith on me n believe me trio weill be amazing

  19. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey yashasvi !!!!!!!
    Plot seems interesting hoping that it must be different from the right now track of tei n it will be
    I’m little bit disturb n maybe some more ppl also regarding sid exit n naman n jazz pair
    I know u r not gonna do discrimination n this will be the best thing
    Any language will be OK n hindi is mast mazaa toh ussi mein aataa hai but English translation should also be there coz there r some ppl who r not knowing hindi but still have interest in all these n putting interest which is very good but it’s also important that In which u r comfortable also
    Great job
    Now start posting the episodes asap?

    1. Yashasvi

      thank u soooo much daamini and thxxx fr trusting me………………… and ya have given in both hindi n english and the epi is posted n i have seen ur comment tooo sooo bye thxxxx

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  21. Balaji

    its interesting and nice yashu. i like the concept irrespective of pairs.

    1. Yashasvi

      awwwww thxxx sara dii , luv u !!!!!!!

  22. Gunyadav123

    No discrimination….hmmm yashu…well I like your story very much….mai tera haye re jabra fan ho gya…..hehehe….very nice chatter queen….??????

    1. Yashasvi

      Awww thank u shooo much gunjan , my jabra fan…………. thank u shooo much glad u liked it…………….. love u meri jabra fan ??????

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