Twinkle and Kunj-Bas Itni Si Tamanna (CHAPTER 6)

Hello guyzzz.i m here with my 6th episode. And thanks a lot for the love u all showered to me by ur comments.
And guyzz keep commenting. They really mean to me a lot. Ok so lets start.

The episode begins

Its morning and in twinkle’s room.
Twinkle gets up and thinks oh god how will I live without kunj. Its just one night that I have not met him and I m missing
Kunj so much.
Twinkle takes her phone and sees time.she gets up fast and go to take a shower.
Twinkle gets ready and leaves for the breakfast.

All come there and sits.
All seemed to be quiet.
After a while uv said,
Uv;heyyy dad have u planned anything for this years trip???
Twinkle gets happy to listen this.
Rt; no uv not yet beta.
Leela; oh ho uv just we came from a marriage and u again want to go some where.
Rt; yes uv ur mom is right. I m not saying no but ya we will surely go next month.
Uv; ya dad. Thank u so much. I love u.
Rt; love u 2 beta.

Twinkle gets really happy and is furious to go for the trip. Because it eas a way she can meet kunj.
But she thinks that kunj did’nt came last time, but she hopes that he comes.

Its afternoon and twinkle is doing some painting works and she remembers suddenly,
Twinkle: o shit I forgot to take kunj’s pic in my phone. Omg yaar I m so dumb I took so many selfie’s with him and
Forgot to take atleast one in my phone.
Twinkle wanted to talk to kunj as she was dying to hear his voice.

Twinkle went to uv’s room and she saw uv was not in his room and he forgot his phone in his room.
She slowly went inside and took kunj’s number from his phone.

She got happy and ran fastly towards her room.
She went inside and closed it.
She dialed kunj’s number in her phone and called him.
As the phone was ringing her heartbeats were getting fast.

Here kunj was playing a game in his phone and just than an unknown
Number displayed on his mobile was twinkle’s number.
He received it and said…
Kunj: ya whose this???
Twinkle was overwhelmed to hear his voice. But she didn’t speak anything

Kunj kept on saying
Kunj:hello whose there can u hear me… hello.
Twinkle: disconnected the call and kept the phone on her heart and smiled.
Here kunj: ajeeb hai yaar. Kuch bol hi nahi raha aur phone kaat diya.

At night during having dinner;

Rt:uv I think ur wish has come true.
Uv: dad I don’t understand what r u saying.
Rt: oh I m saying that today manohar called me himself and
We made a plan for a trip in next month.
Twinkle excitedly:omg dad wow I m glad yess we will go.
This time twinkle was acting weirdly as last time uv did.
She sat and all started laughing.
Here at sarna mansion manohar informed all about the same.
And kunj was also coming this time.

Kunj liked twinkle but he was not understanding his feelings for her.
Here twinkle was very much happy and was dancing and jumping.
She read namaaz and thanked allah for this.

And the screen freezed on twinkle’s face.
The episode ends here.

Precap;one month leap and trip. Twinj’s closeness and love blossoms between mahi and uv

I hope u all liked it and guyzz do comment..

Credit to: mia


  1. Anisha (Phycho)

    Gosh….Twinj closeness interesting precap dear…..please update the next part soon!!!

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