Twinkle and Kunj-Bas Itni Si Tamanna (CHAPTER 4)


Hello guyzzzz. I m really sorry for late update but my hand was fractured so I was not able to write.but I was very happy to see all ur comments and plzz guyzz keep commenting.
So here I start with my next episode.

Kunj comes to twinkle in the balcony.
Kunj;hey u are here now????
Twinkle; ya actually I like to see stars at night,I feel peace seeing them.
Kunj;actually u should because ur name matches with the stars, I mean twinkle twinkle lil star u know.
Twinkle;oh plzz kunj now don’t say like that.
Kunj;ohk so tell me something abt u.
Twinkle;me I like to do creative things. I mean I just to do craft works. Although I ma biology student but I love to do art work.
Kunj;hmm seems u were in science biology.
Twinkle;ya and u.

Kunj; I was in maths.
Twinkle; oh that’s very gud.u seem to be a bright student.
Kunj; no not at all, imean ya iwas gud but average at studies.what about u.
Twinkle; I was very clever. I used to come first always in my class.
Kunj;oh wow gud.
Twinkle;so u tell what r ur hobbies.
Kunj;oh I just love to click photos, its my passio.
Twinkle;hmm so u r gonna b com a photographer, I guess.
Kunj; no no its not that, I wanna become a software engineer, clicking photos is my hobby and not a job to be.
Twinkle;oh gud.
Kunj; what about a selfie just now.
Twinkle;justnow,she was confused to say yes or no, but than she agreed and said yes.
Kunj took out his phone and came near twinkle and took a selfie with her.
Kunj was standing close to her and herheart was beating fast.

Just than twinkle’s leg slipped and she was about to fall and kunj caught her in his arms.
They shared a lovely eyelock.kunj came to his senses but twinkle was still lost in him.
His hand was on her waist with a tight grip.
Kunj waved his hand over twinkle’s face and she came to her senses.
She said thanks and was leaving.
Just than kunj called her from back.
She turned and said ya
Kunj; good night.
Twinkle;goodnight kunj.
Than she left and went to her room.
She slept and recalled her day and was very happy thinking about kunj.

Next day morning.
Leela came to girls room to wake them up.
Twinkle woke up and got ready and then mahi and bubbly also got ready.
Today was haldi function.
Twinkle was wearing a beautiful yellow and white cheridar looking gorgeous and mahi was also looking very beautiful
In white nad orange dress.

They al came out of the room and went down.
Kunj and uv were standing there and just than they saw twinkle and mahi.
They were just unable to take their eyes from them.
Twinkle went and stood next to kunj. And mahi stood next to uv.
Kunj said to twinkle; u r looking very beautiful.
Twinkle; thanks.
Uv also praised mahi and mahi was happy to listen that.
Than the function started.
All were applying haldi on bride.
All were enjoying it.
Twinkle was just watching kunj.
Kunj was busy in clicking his photos.
Twinkle was getting mad in him and was just watching him.
Twinkle soul talk; what is this happening to me why am I getting so mad in him, am I falling for him, yes I am falling for him.
Yes I love him. I love u kunj.
Twinkle gets really happy and then all girls starts dancing.
Mahi and twinkle also join them.
Twinkle was dancing and and just wtched her.

Twinkle noticed this but she kept on.
In evening there was sangeet function and the hall was decorated very nicely.
The function started and the performances also.
Twinkle danced on chhittiyan kallaiyan.
And kunj was lost in her.
Mahi and yuvi and bubbly danced on Punjabi wedding song.
All joined them and it was a great.while dancing kunj and twinkle came close but twinkle moved aside seeing all.
Twinkle went near a corner while others were dancing and enjoying.
Kunj saw her and went to her and said why u came here all r enjoying there u also come.
Twinkle; no actually I m tired so. U move on.
Kunj; actually I m also tired.
Twinkle; ohk so lets have some food.
They both went to food corner.
While eating twinkle was just staring kunj.
Kunj was busy in eating.
Than kunj saw her and sai do u need something,
Twinkle; yes u.
Kunj; what.
Twinkle; I mean u…u can get a glass of water.
Kunj; ya sure.
Kunj went to take waer.

Twinkle self talk; kya kar rahi hai twinkle. Apni feelings ko control kar.
Kunj gave water to her.
Than all went and slept as all were so much tired.
Twinkle was just thinking about kunj but stopped when she remembered that tomorrow was the last day of marriage.
And cried thinking that tomorrow kunj will also go.
She slept thinking about all that.

Precap;marriage last day, twinkle sad.
Twinkle and kunj miss each other…..

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Credit to: mia

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