Twinkle and Kunj-Bas Itni Si Tamanna (CHAPTER 3)


Hello guyzzz. Thank u so much for ur lovely here I go with my 3rd episode.

The episode starts with;
Twinkle and leela ask bubbly to join them for shopping but she denies and say that she wants to watch tv and tells leela to buy dresses for her.
Leela;ok than I and twinkle are leaving u plzz be there in house.ok byee beta.
Twinkle and leela reaches the mall, usha and mahi r already come and waiting for them.
They al meet each other and greet.
Mahi and twinkle were very happy to meet after so long days.
They all go inside the mall and start shopping.
Twinkle takes beautiful blue and white lehenga and mahi also takes a pink and grey lehenga.
They both buy beautiful dresses and goes to leela and usha,

Usha was confused in two dresses ,twinkle helped her to select.
Mahi goes to leela and she also helps leela to select dresses for bubbly.
They all finish their shopping and go to food corner and have some food.
Than they go outside and says byee to each other.
Mahi and twinkle were talking and in that mahi indirectly asked twinkle about uv coming or not.
Twinkle replied and said uv bhai is joining us.
Mahi got so happy but controlled herself and told twinkle that my bro kunj is also coming this time.
Twinkle didn’t met him before so she nodded in yes and they all left for their homes.
Kunj:mahi with whom we r going,

Mahi:bhai we r going with rt uncle and his family, u remember last year we went mahabaleshwar with them, so this time also we r joining us.
Kunj:I hope that the marriage wud nt be boring.
Mahi suddenly cuts him and says: no bhai it will be a lot of fun and uv, rt uncle’s son he is also coming so
U wud get his company.
Kunj:oh than it wud be better for me.
Mahi: hey bhai wait I ll show u our last year’s trip photos, u wud be easy to recognize them tomorrow.
Kunj: ohk dear.
Mahi shows him the photos one after another,as soon as twinkle’s photo came kunj’s phone rang and he left without seeing twinkle’s photo.
In morning at taneja mansion,
All were ready with their bags packed and were set to usual they first left to saran mansion.

Here all were waiting for taneja’s and just then they arrived.
Kunj and mahi were standing ahead and the door of car opened and uv came out.
He was very happy to see mahi.and mahi was also vry much happy.
Than twinkle just got down from the car and was wearing a red and white churidar looking gorgeous as always.
Kunj saw her and just kept on seeing her.
Twinkle came to mahi and hugged her.kunj was standing beside mahi and than twinkle moved towards him and said hello.
Kunj was overwhelmed to hear her voice and offered his hand to say hi.
Twinkle shooked her hand with kunj and just felt so nice with his touch.
Junj went to mahi and asked her about twinkle,
Kunj:mahi who is this,
Mahi; bhai she is twinkle rt uncle’s daughter.
Kunj said ok and then they all went towards car to sit.
Kunj and uv sat in one car with manohar nad usha and twinkle bubbly and mahi were in another car with rt and leela.

They were on their way and kunj was just thinking about twinkle,
Twinkle also was thinking about kunj and was lost in his thoughts.
They all reached the place.
The place was very beautiful.
The house was decorated very nicely.
They all entered the house and rt and manohar came and greeted mr patel.
All were tired after a long journey so all went to their rooms.
Mahi twinkle and bubbly were in same room and uv nad kunj were in same room next to the girls room.
All got fresh and changed was night and all had their dinner in their rooms.
Than uv said to kunj that they should go to girls room for sometime just for timepass.
Kunj nodded in yes and they went there.
Uv knocked the door and twinkle opened it,

She was wearing a cute smiley t shirt and a short capry.
She was looking cute and kunj was just staring at her.
Twinkle: u both here??
Uv: yeah sis I thought we all should play something, and enjoy.
Mahi suddenly said ok from backand said ya sure common it wud be interesting.
Twinkle said but what r we gonna paly?
Kunj; what about truth and dare, it wud be interesting.
Twinkle; ya ohk we wiil paly this. And then se said u all start I ll just come in a min.
All sit down making a circle, mahi and yuvi sit beside each other and bubbly next to mahi.
Kunj sat next to uv.
Twinkle came nad saw only one place was empty which was next to kunj.
She was feeling awkward and was standing just than mahi saw her and said come twinkle fast we r starting.
Twinkle than sat next to kunj and kunj was happy about that.
The game started and uv rolled the bottle.
It was pointing towards twinkle.
Mahi said I wil ask.

Mahi asked truth or dare,
Twinkle said truth,
Mahi: ohk so tell me what is the thing which u most scared of???
Twinkle: I m very much scared of darkness. Whenever lights wud go I scream like anything.
I just hate darkness.
Kunj said really u are scared of darkness. Omg I just love darkness. Its very amzing. Actually I cannot sleep without lights off.
Twinkle:o allah how come. I cannot sleep without lights.
Mahi;oht now we will move towards another one.
Just then lights go and twinkle screams loudly lights what happened to them.
O my god I will die.
Uv; twinkle wait let me check.
Twinkle starts crying and says bhai plzz do something otherwise I will die.
Just than kunj takes her hand in his and says don’t worry twinkle we r here.
U just take deep breath.

Twinkle hugs him tightly and kunj hugs her back.
Just than lights come and twinkle and kunj were in the same position.
They come to their senses and were feelink awkward.
Mahi and bubbly laughs and twinkle leaves feeling shy.
Kunj says ohk guyzz I think we should stop here its too late and we need to get up early in the morning.
Than all leave and kunj and uv leave from their room. Uv says good night to mahi and she sweetly smiles at him and says gn.
Kunj and uv were moving towards their room and kunj saw twinkle standing at the balcony.
Kunj says to uv that u go to room I will just come in a while.
Uv goes and kunj heads towards twinkle.

Precap: twinj romance, dance and nok jhok..

Hope u all love it.plzz comment on it guyzz.

Credit to: mia

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