Twinkle and Kunj-Bas Itni Si Tamanna (CHAPTER 2)

Hello guyyzz I m here with my next update .firstly thank u all for ur comments and love u loadzzzz.
The epsode starts ,

Actually I forgot to mention in my updates that I m taking a muslim backdrop although the names sounds
Hindu but my plot is on muslim backdrop.I hope u all wud like lets start.
Tanejas came to their home and all went to their rooms.
Uv was still thinking about mahi,and same at sarna’s mahi was still lost in uv.
Its morning and leela twinkle and bubbly leave for shopping as they are going for trip a day after tomorrow.
Same usha and mahi also go for shopping.

All went in same mall and meet each other coincidently.
So they do their shopping together.
Twinkle:mom when r we leaving on that day.
Leela:in morning beta.
Than the day comes and they leave for the trip.

First they go to sarna’s house and there sarna’s are also ready.
Manohar usha mahi and chinki(mahi and kunj’s cousin)
All leave and enjoy a lot during travelling.
Mahi was talking with yuvi and both seem to be happy with each other.
All reach mahabaleshwar and went to a hotel.after reaching usha calls kunj but her phone’s battery is dead ,
Twinkle sees this and gives her phone.usha calls kunj and talks with him and says him that they have reached.
Twinkle takes her phone and all leave to their rooms.
Twinkle chinki mahi uv and bubbly are in same room.
They were enjoying andplaying games.
All slept in the same positions and mahi and uv slept on each others shoulders.
Its morning and and twinkle and chinki got up early.they saw yuhi and were laughing suddenly mahi woke up and saw them and was feeling awkward.she was getting up and uv holds her hands.twinkle and chinki burst out into laughter and than uv gets up.

All get ready and leave and they enjoy a lot.
They go for sight seeing and much more. Yuhi click many photographs and r vry happy.
Twinkle feels gud seeing yuhi and thinks that I hope if someone is there for mee too
The days pass and finally the trip gets over.
All reach home uv and mahi are quite upset to leave each other.
They wanted to confess their love to each other but could not.
Now they all get engaged back in their lives.slowly days pass and mahi and uv miss each other.
The days get passed and its about a year.
Taneja’s in morning at breakfast table.
Rt;I want to tell everyone that we are going out of town for few my friend’s daughter marriage is there.
Leela:which friend???

Rt:arey u remember mr patel he was with us in our school.his daughter is going to get married.
Leela:oh ya I remember. Wow it’s a very gud news.
Rt:and ya I forgot to mention sarna’s are also joining us.
Uv gets really happy and says oh wow great dad we will go.
All look at him in surprise and he leaves feling awkward.
Leela calls usha and talks about the marriage and they decide to go for shopping together.

Precap:marriage and twinj meeting…..a lot more.

I m sry guyzz for a quite short update as my hand is fractured.
i hope u wud like this. plzz do comment.

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