Twinkle and Kunj-Bas Itni Si Tamanna (CHAPTER 1)


Hello guyyzz. thnks fr all ur here i go with our first episode.
the episode starts with a beutiful morning shown rising sun and a big royal house is shown.
a lady inside the house is going upstairs in a room and as soon as she reaches she speaks loudly uth jao meri rajkumariyon.after a while a hand comes out of blanket and first her eyes r shown and then her nose and her lips speaking gud morning mamma.than finally her face is shown. she is our heroine twinkle.than after a voice comes out of blanket speaking didi pehle me nahane jaungi.(its the voice of bubbly.she is twinkle youger sister,i forgot to mention her in intro she is sweet and youngest child of leela and rt)than twinkle says no pehle main uthi to pehle nahane main jaungi and she runs tu bathroom.than leela goes by saying get ready and come fast your dad is waiting.twinkle and bubbly get ready and quickly go to the breakfast table.
twinkle;gud mrning dad and sits.

bubbly;gud mrning dad and asks where is yuvi bhai??
twinkle;as usual wud be sleeping.
than a dashing hansome boy comes from the gate and says , aaj me tum sabse pehle utha hu.
its yuvi.twinkle;bhai u how come so early???
yuvi;aise hi i thought so i got up and went to gym.
rt;ohk now come on start ur breakfast.
all r having breakfast and than rt says.
rt;today we all r going to dargah for in evening and will be having dinner too.
leela;why all of sudden??
rt;actually my buisness partner manohar and his family r going there so we r also invited.
actually yuvi twinkle and bubbly have never met thhis family so it wud be their first meeting.
twinkle;ohk dad we will be ready at evening.
all finish their breakfast and go to their rooms.
than a big house is shown inside a lady comes and makes all arrangementts of breakfast on table.she is usha.
than manohar comes.and sits.
than a sweet bubbly girl comes wearing a white and red patiala suit.saying gud mrning mom dad.she is mahi.

she comes and sits and starts breakfast.than suddenly a boy comes wearing black jeans and white shirt and strangles mahi’s hair.mahi shouts
mahi:ouch who is this.she turns and says,you idiot i m nt gonna leave u bhai.
she runs after him and than the boy is shown hi is our hero kunj.
kunj;sorry sorry mahi ab jane de na.
manohar;come on beta stop fighting u both and have ur breakfast.
both comes and sit.
manohar also informs everyone about the evening programme.
all says yess bt kunj says;
kunj;sry dad i cannnot come i am going with my frnds.
manohar;its ok than
kunj;thanks dad.
all get up leave.

its evening taneja mansion twinkle and bubbly are offering namaaz and then they get ready.twinkle wears a blue churidar looking awesome and bubbly wears a pink kurti looking cute.taneja’s leave for sarna’s also leave.
both taneja’s and sarna’s reach together at dargah rt and manohar meet and hug and same does leela and usha.both introduce their children.mahi sees yuvi and just get lost in him. and same does yuvi he is lost in mahi’s beauty.twinkle comes to mahi and introduce herself both shake their hands and start talking.coincidently both mahi and twinkle r of same age and in same courses.mahi was constantly staring yuvi and could take her eyes of him.mahi andd twinkle talk about colleges and family and mahi says i have a brother too but he is not come.his name is kunj.twinkle just says yeah.than all go inside dargah and pray.yuvi was looking at mahi and was mesmerised.twinkle noticed this and was laughing.than both the families have dinner and during that they all make a plan to go for a tour to mahabaleshwar.all get really excited and especially mahi and yuvi.but usha says.

usha;but manoharji kunj wud not be able to come as he is going for jamaat(a muslim tour for boys)
manohar;its ok than we will go he wud come next time.
usha:ok then.
all starts leaving and says bye to each other.mahi and twinkle hugs and says meet u soon.
mahi and yuvi looks at each other and smiles.
twinkle greets usha and manohar .
than all leave.

precap:mahabaleshwar trip.yuhi romance.and a leap of year.

Credit to: mia

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  1. Ohh wow soo nice..waiting for ur next one…

  2. Muskan{News reporter}

    Awesome dear keep it up….

  3. leap in first epi and mia a nice start dear

  4. thank u guyzzz

  5. Osm dear..

  6. Woooooooooooooow

  7. Nice start mia

  8. I’m sry mia….but I could not understand Namaaz and then Jaamat……I am a Muslim and only Muslims offer namaaz…..

  9. Mia its nice but they are punjabis so they dnt go to dargah they go to gurudwaare nd they dnt offer namaaz .they do normal prayer..if u have shown them punjabis

  10. nyc episode

  11. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Plz translate into English.

  12. Anisha (phycho)

    Hey Mia….if u don’t mind….can i ask u something are u muslim coz i’m also a muslim…
    Just asking huh….i’m sorry if i’m asking a personal question!!!
    Btw the epi was FANTASTIC!!!

  13. Leap..itni jaldi

  14. awesome episode

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