Twinkle ka kahani (Part 1)


Twinkle is running in a forest she is chased by a tiger ,suddenly she falls from Cliffe. She shouts and Wakes up from the sleep and goes to get ready , she wears blue saree , gets ready and comes down to her mother and says that there is cultural event in our college bless me mom and leaves to college. In the college suddenly a boy with a mask comes there and hug her and runs away , Twinkle scolds him and move to dressing to change dress and comes out , goes on the stage and dances with yuvi, everyone claps for the performance then other competitors also dances some of them sings the song. At last prize is distributed 3rd and 2nd place are announced and they are going to issue 1st place with countdown 10..9..8..7..6..5 ..4..3..2..1 it is yuvi and twinkle everyone claps for them . Yuvi hugs twinkle but she feels that yuvi is that man with mask who hugged her. Yuvi ask Twinkle to come to his house as there is party tonight and gives her invitation card and leaves from there. Twinkle is driving the car suddenly a man tries to cross the road gets accident as Twinkle hits me, she gets down and see him it is twinkle’s brother named Aravind she picks him up and goes to hospital doctors bandages him and says he is fine and they both go to home . Everyone of twinkle’s family asks what happened to Aravind she says everything , everyone shouts at only and takes Aravind with them.Twinkle goes to her room and sees clock as it was 10:00 pm and gets ready faster , goes to the party yuvi welcomes her , kar gayi chull song plays everyone dances yuvi andvTwinkle dances superbly suddenly a masked man enters the party and hugs the twinkle and goes off from there before she finds out who is him. Time reaches 12:00 Twinkle ask Yuvi that she will leave and goes from there . While walking on the road suddenly masked man enters and repeat the same . Twinkle catches him and is about to remove the mask but he pushes her and goes from there . Next day morning as usual twinkle gets the same dream wakes up but see there brother and family members who wish her happy birthday and ask her to come home fast as we are going to golden temple and get waheguru’s blessings . She gets message from unknown number and sees it and gets tension.

Twinkle reach some place , Masked man is going to remove the mask ,Twinkle’s family is waiting for her in temple.

Credit to: Vinod

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