TwiNj,SaRi,IshRa and Virika (Part 4)

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Episode starts with Raman and Twinkle bringing Mr Bhalla home the next day
Twinkle: papa you rest I am off to college
Mr Bhalla: Raman puttar aren’t you going
Raman: no papa I am staying home today to look after you
Mr Bhalla: no need beta don’t miss out on your studies if you want to pass this year you need to go
Raman: papa your health is more important than my studies
Mr Bhalla: but…
Twinkle: no ifs or buts bhai will stay home and look after you papa
Mr Bhalla: ok ok but when I am fine you will go college
Raman: ok papa bye twinki
Twinkle: bye bhai

Scene shows twinkle reaching college and going to Kunj,Viren and Sattu
Twinkle: hi have any of you lot seen ishu or jeevika
Pari comes
Pari: I haven’t seen any of them but I am here so how is your dad twinkle
Twinkle: he is at home resting
Jeevika and Ishita come
Kunj: twinkle where is Raman
Twinkle: you mean Raman bhai after marriage he will be your brother-in-law
Sajna ve plays…….
Twinkle realises what she said and gets embarrassed
Viren: what did you say twinki
Twinkle: no nothing
Viren: what do you mean nothing
Sattu: arey didn’t you hear what she said
Twinkle: I meant to say bhai is at home looking after papa
Ishita: yes we know very well what you meant twinkle
Twinkle: I need to go
Jeevika: where are you of so quick class hasn’t started yet
Pari: why are you harassing the poor girl come on twinkle lets go
Twinkle and Pari leave

Scene shows someone(krystle khanna ashok’s sister)freeing ashok from jail
Krystle: bhai are you ok did they hit you
Ashok: no no I am fine Raman Bhalla’s dad survived but his sister won’t
Krystle: what do you mean bhai
Ashok: I mean to say that my next attack will be on Twinkle
Krystle: yes bhai I am with you
Ashok:(laughs) that poor guy doesn’t even know you are alive
Krystle: he won’t find out even if he sees me
Flashback shows Krystle walking on the road in depression and a speeding car hits her she survives but her face is wrecked and she undergoes a plastic surgery and Ashok comes and finds out about this and tells the media that krystle is dead everyone thinks she committed suicide flashback ends
Krystle: and that twinkle
Ashok: what did she do to you
Krystle: bhai after my plastic surgery I went back to college and she made Raman confess his feelings to that Ishita
Flashback shows twinkle telling Ishita that she knows she and raman like each other and to make raman confess his feelings for her she has to make him jealous flashback ends
Krystle: all because of twinkle raman is with ishita and now I will separate her and Kunj(she laughs)
Ashok: twinkle has got to college safely but won’t get to home safely

In college kunj takes twinkle to a corner
Twinkle: what do you want Kunj I am getting late
Kunj: what do you mean what do you want we bf gf now and soon I will become your husband
Twinkle: who told you that I am gonna marry you
Kunj: you said it yourself
Twinkle: that came out by mistake
Kunj: are you sure
Twinkle: yes I am
Kunj: now that you said you don’t wanna marry me I will look for another girl
Twinkle: no you can’t do that
Kunj: why can’t I
Twinkle: because…….because…..
Kunj: because what bol na Twinkle
Twinkle: because I can’t live without you
Sajna ve plays…….
Kunj: Twinkle in a few days is pr…..prom
Twinkle: yeah so
Kunj: will you go prom with me
Twinkle: what kind of question is this of course I will
Kunj: twinkle can I ask you something
Twinkle: what
Kunj: will you miss me
Twinkle: why where are you going
Kunj: next week is our last week at college and then we won’t see each other everyday
Twinkle: oh yes do you know the college is organising a trip to Singapore for us
Kunj: what really how long for
Twinkle: 3 months but……
Kunj: but what
Twinkle: we have to pay for our hotel and our food and drink
Kunj: yeah so we will pay anyway atleast the the college will pay for the tickets
Twinkle:I can’t go
Kunj: why
Twinkle: papa just came from hospital I need to take care of him
Kunj: when is the trip
Twinkle: after 2 weeks
Kunj: yes till then uncle will be fine
Twinkle: I can’t leave papa by himself for 3 months
Kunj: where is shankar kaka doesn’t he come anymore
Twinkle: he does he went to his village for a few weeks
Kunj: when is he coming back
Twinkle: after 1 week
Kunj: yeah so you can go
Twinkle: oh yes and shankar kaka will take good care of papa
Kunj: you going now
Twinkle: yes but I need to ask papa ok I am getting late for class bye
Kunj stops her
Kunj: you can’t go like this atleast give me a hug
She hugs him and goes

Viren is talking to Jeevika
Viren: so are you ready
Jeevika: ready for what
Viren: prom what are you wearing
Jeevika: I don’t know why what are you wearing
Viren gifts Jeevika a beautiful red and white dress
Sare gare ga plays……….
Viren: the theme is love so we shall red
Jeevika: awe so sweet viru
Viren: I am going to be wearing a red and white suit our clothes will match
Jeevika: I love you viru
Viren: love you too
Sare gare ga plays………….

Sattu is looking for Pari
Sattu: where is pari I need to ask her about prom
They bump into each other and share an eyelock
mast magan plays…….
Sattu: here you are I was looking for you
Pari: why what happened is everything ok
Sattu: whenever I say I wanna talk to you, always think it is something bad think positive aswell
Pari: ok hurry up and tell me I need to go to class
Sattu: will you go prom with me
Pari: mmm I need to think
Sattu: what do you mean you need to think
Pari: sorry I can’t go with you
Sattu: why
Pari: karan has already asked me and I said yes
Sattu: you could’ve said no aswell
Pari: but he was asking so sweetly I had to say yes
Sattu: no you can’t go with him
Pari: why I will go with Karan
Sattu: if you go to prom with Karan then forget about me
Sattu gets upset Pari tries cheering him up
Pari: ok ok I won’t go with Karan I will say no to him happy
Sattu: very
He hugs her mast magan plays……….

Ishita is talking to Raman over the phone
Ishita: Raman why didn’t you come college today I am missing you soo much
Raman: me too but papa
Ishita: health is first it doesn’t matter I was joking
Raman: ok listen are you going prom
Ishita: mmm I am not sure
Raman: what do you mean you are not sure the answer should be
Before raman could finish his sentence ishita interupts
Ishita: yes I will go but only with you
Raman: yeah so when am I saying go with someone else
Ishita: ok stop your jokes I need to go bye
Raman: wait atleast give me a kiss
She kisses the phone yeh hai mohabbatein plays…….
She cuts the phone

When college is finished sattu,pari,ishita,viren,jeevika,kunj and twinkle meet outside twinkle brings the Singapore forms with her
Jeevika: what are these twinkle
Twinkle: Singapore forms
Sattu: Singapore we are going Singapore
Twinkle: yes we are going a week after we leave
Pari,Jeevika and Ishita jump in excitement
Twinkle: but we have to pay for the hotel,food and drinks
Viren: do we have to book the hotel aswell
Twinkle: no we give the hotel money to the college they will book it we only have to take money for our food and drinks
Pari: how long for twinki
Kunj: 3 months
Ishita: 3 months
Twinkle: and yes bring your money and forms tommorow because there is only 100 places and if you want to go bring in the form in as soon as possible
Everyone say they can’t wait Twinkle gives everyone a form
Ishita: what about Raman’s form
Twinkle: don’t worry ishu I have got it and will give it to bhai
Ishita: oh ok
Viren: lets all go to uncle’s house and see how he is
Ishita: what a good idea
Viren,jeevika and ishita go to the car whilst pari and sattu come by bike twinkle is crossing the road when a speeding car comes towards her(ashok’s next attack) but luckily Kunj saves her on time
Kunj: twinkle what are you playing at what if that car hit you
Twinkle: how could it you saved me
Kunj: uncle just got better look after youself because if something happens to you I will die
Twinkle: kunj don’t say that I am here infront of you
Viren drives while jeevika sits at the front and kunj,twinkle and ishita at the back

They reach twinkle’s house
Kunj: so uncle how are you now
Mr Bhalla: fine I am a punjabi sher nothing can happen to me
Mr Bhalla is having fun with everyone
Episode ends on their happy faces

Precap: Pari is walking and Karan holds her hand and says so are you ready for prom pari tells him she is going with Sattu karan gets angry and holds Pari’s hand even tighter it hurts Pari and Karan asks her again so are you ready for prom

Will Karan hurt Pari more or will Sattu come and save her?

Sorry for the late update and I won’t be updating on Saturday or Sunday

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