TwiNj,SaRi,IshRa and Virika (Part 2)

Thank you for all those people who commented on my first episode hope you like this episode too

Episode starts with jeevika talking to viren in college Ishita comes
Ishita: whats going on here
Jeevika: nothing ishu we were talking about a project
Ishita: but you are doing a project with me, pari and twinki
Jeevika: ya he was asking about our project
Ishita: ok i thought it was something else come on jeevika lets go to class
Jeevika: no ishu what else would we talk about come on lets go
They leave
Jeevika turns around and gives viren a flying kiss sare gare ga plays…….
Twinkle is seen trying to get an auto kunj is passing by on his bike
Kunj: wanna a lift twinkle
Twinkle: ok
On the way twinkle falls forward on kunj sajna ve plays……..
Kunj: you can put your hand there if you want
Twinkle puts her hand there
In college ishita and jeevika’s class is finished
Jeevika: ishu i will just come in a few minutes
Ishita: why where are you going
Jeevika: i need to ask the teacher for my result she didnt give me
Ishita: ok i will wait here
Jeevika goes to viren and hugs him from behind sare gare ga plays……..they start talking and hugging Twinkle and Kunj see this and get shocked
Twinkle: what is going on between you two jeevika and viru
Viren: nothing twinki
Kunj: acha bacha you are lying now
Twinkle: we just saw you both hugging and talking sweetly
Jeevika: the thing is that we…we…
Viren: like each other we are gf bf
Twinkle: come on jeevika i was like your closest friend and you didn’t tell me
Jeevika: i was afraid you would tell pari and ishu
Twinkle: now I definitely am gonna tell them
Jeevika: twinki ki bachi i will tell your secret to them aswell
Twinkle: no i was only joking
Kunj: viru you didn’t tell your best friend come on yaar
Viren: ya i was afraid of the same thing
Twinkle: you guys talk i will just come
Jeevika: where are you going
Twinkle: to submit my project
Jeevika: ok but come quick
Twinkle: yeah ok
She leaves
Kunj: I need to go to class aswell bye
Viren: ya bye
Kunj leaves
Scene is shifted to sattu who is going to tell pari he loves her a lot and can’t live without her
Sattu goes to Pari
Sattu: Pari I want to tell you something
Pari: yes go on Sattu
Sattu: well….the …….thing is that I…..I…..
Pari: you what
Sattu:I can’t live without you and I…..I….
Pari is standing there smiling mast masgan plays…….
Sattu: I love you Pari
Pari: I love you too
Both hug each other mast magan plays
Twinkle was walking and a boy bumps into her and starts shouting at her kunj saw this and got angry
Kunj: why are you shouting at her you look where you are walking
The boy: why are you standing up for her are you her bf
Twinkle: no he’s not my……
Kunj interupts
Kunj: even if she is my gf what is your problem
Twinkle looks at Kunj sajna ve plays…….. the boy goes
Twinkle: kunj….
Kunj goes
Scene shifts to raman going to get something to eat from canteen he sees ishita talking to a boy he gets jealous
Raman thinks does she only have him to talk out of all the boys she could’ve came to me
Raman goes up to them and takes Ishita away
Ishita: what happened raman why did you take me away
Raman: what were you two talking about
Ishita: why
Raman: i wanna know
Ishita: i can smell something burning can you
Raman: yes i am on fire i am jealous when i see you with another boy because I can’t see you with no one else apart from me I love you Ishita yeh hai mohabbatein plays they share an eyelock
Sattu,Pari,Viren,Jeevika,Twinkle and kunj were behind him and heard everything
Twinkle: bhai you didn’t tell me about my future bhabhi or shall i say ishita bhabhi
Kunj: here there is two love stories going on
Pari: whos is the second one
Twinkle: viru and jeev….
Sattu: viren and jeevika wow viren
Karan(a student) comes
Karan: not two three i just saw and heard sattu and pari say they love each other
Everyone start teasing sattu and pari
Twinkle thinks even i love kunj i should tell him
Kunj thinks i have had enough today i will tell twinkle i love her
After some time twinkle is shown coming out of her class kunj pulls her into an empty room she screams kunj puts his hand over her lips
Kunj: ssshhh twinkle its me kunj
Twinkle: you scared me what do you want
Kunj gets in his knees
Kunj: twinkle you are the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world you make my day my day starts and ends with you i…..i love you twinkle I love you too the moon and back I can’t live without you
Sajna ve plays…….
Twinkle is happy she has a big smile on her face
Twinkle: even I can’t live without you I love you too kunj
Both hug sajna ve plays……..
Kunj: so know officially we bf gf
Twinkle: yes but don’t tell no-one
Kunj: ok I won’t
From behind pari,sattu,raman,ishita,viren and jeevika come in with their partners
Raman: come on twinki you didn’t even tell your bhai very bad
Pari: finally you expressed your feelings twinki
All start teasing twinj
Raman’s phone rings he picks it up and gets shocked
Raman: what ok i am just coming
Twinkle: kya hua bhai
Twinkle: what happened to papa
Raman: papa ka accident(starts crying)
Twinkle is shocked and starts crying
Twinkle: is papa fine
Raman: no he is critical
Twinkle: where is he
Raman: in city hospital
Twinkle: come on bhai lets go
Raman: ok quickly come
Jeevika,pari,viren,sattu,ishita and kunj say they will come as well
All of them reach the hospital
They see a man covered in blood
Everyone get shocked
Nurse: Mr.Raman Bhalla he bought Mr.Bhalla to the hospital
Twinkle: papa’s blood
Raman says thank you to the man the man goes
Doctor comes and says the patient is really critical and has lost a lot of blood his blood group is AB positive does anyone have the blood group
Raman: yes doctor i have ,take my blood
Raman goes to give blood
Twinkle is in a corner crying kunj,sattu and viren go to her
Viren: eyy twinki you are my brave sherni you can’t cry like this
She hugs viren
Sattu: haan twinki nothing will happen to uncle
Kunj: come on twinkle nothing will happen to uncle I promise you
He hold her hand then hugs her sad sajna ve plays…….
Raman comes back from giving blood
Then ishita,pari and jeevika go to raman
Jeevika: raman bhai are you ok
Raman starts crying he breaks down
Ishita feels bad for him she puts her hand on his shoulder he hugs her tightly and starts crying jaane kyun plays…..
Then after some time twinkle goes to raman
Twinkle: bhai what happened don’t cry nothing will hapoen to papa and bhai if you break down like this then who is going to handle everyone else
He hugs her they both start crying
They show a man laughing evily(ashok from yhm) thinking this is my revenge Mr. Raman Bhalla you are finished
Episode ends

Precap: doctor comes and tells everyone about mr Bhalla’s health all get shocked raman finds out that ashok did his dad’s accident and gets angry he says i wont spare ashok and heads off to his house will ashok get saved from raman’s anger or not?

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