TwiNjRaj: A MYSTERY…………… SOME SLOTS {Shot 6}

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Shot 6 ~
The birthday party got over. Twinkle left from there frustrated and moreover sad. She never thought that their son would be a cop. She reached her home to find Neela waiting for her.
She quickly went to her room and changed her clothes.
N – ‘Issy kya hua? Jab gayi thi to thk thi. Ye achanak itni sad kyun hogayi hai? I guess something must have happened there.’
Neela was confused with her behaviour. She waited for Twinkle to come. Twinkle came to her room and put her head in her lap. Neela was sitting. She caresses her hairs. Twinkle was crying. Neela felt that and cupped her face.
N – ‘Twinkle, mera bachha what happened? Wahan kuch hua kya? Sb thk to hai na?’
T – ‘Maa..!’ she managed to spoke in between her tears.
N – ‘Bolo kya hua? Everything alright? Tum rona band kero..! Mein hun na tumhare saath.. hum mil kar sb sambhaal lein gy..!’
T – ‘Me is liye nhi ro rahi Maa..!’
N – ‘To phir kis liye ro rahi ho??’
T – ‘Maa, the one whose shirt I was wearing yesterday.. he is a cop.. and..’
N – ‘Ahemm ahemm.’ Neela said teasingly.
T – ‘Maa ap jo soch rahy ho aesa nhi hai..! He is the son of Usha and Manohar..!’
Neela was surprised but she was confused as why Twinkle was crying on him being their son.
N – ‘To tum q ro rahi ho agr wo unka beta hai?’
T – ‘Is liye.. kyun ke wo ek police wala hony ke baad bhi apny hi ghr ke murderers ko nhi arrest ker paaya.. jhootha hai wo..! Me jaanti hun wo bhi unke saath mila hua hoga..! Ye police waly aesy hi hoty hain Maa..!’
N – ‘Nhi beta.. sb aesy nhi hoty..! Ho sakta hai wo janta hi na ho us sb ke baare mein..! Nd apart from that un logo ne koi saboot bhi to nhi choda tha na..!’
T – ‘Me janti hun, lekin wo mujh pe to aesa shak ker raha tha..! Nd I m afraid what if he comes between my revenge..!’
N – ‘Kuch nhi hoga..! Bhagwaan pe bharosa rakho..! Wo tumhe insaaf zaroor dilwaye ga..! Ye police waly nhi dilwa saky to kya hua..! Tumhe insaaf zaroor mily ga..!’
T – ‘Maa.. me kya karun..! I m disappointed by the system of these police..! They didn’t even catched the murderer… they are not able to..!’
N – ‘Tum jaanti ho na..! They represented the murder of Leela ji as an accident..! To shak ki koi bat hi nhi aati..!’
T – ‘I won’t leave them Maa, I’ll destroy them.. tumhara bura waqt shuru hota hai ab..!’ she said determined and hugged Neela. Neela consoled her.
Next Morning, Twinkle woke up to go to Sarna Mansion to accomplish her plan. She got ready in a pink chudidaar. Neela blesses her and she came in front of the God’s idol.
T – ‘Bhagwaan ji, mujhe shakti do taake me badla le sakun apni Maa ke qaatilon se..! Apni Maa se kiya vaada nibha sakun..!’ she left her house and came on the road.
She tried to take autos but of no use. She saw a little girl running on the middle of the road. A car was approaching her when Twinkle ran and pushed the little girl aside. The car hit her and she became unconscious. Someone came out of the car and was revealed to be none other than Manohar.
M – ‘Ohh god..! She is injured..! I’ll have to take her to home or else the FIR would be against me and I would be behind the bars.’ He said and ordered the driver to pick her. He pick her and made her lie down on the back seat of car. The car drove off.
Twinkle opened her eyes. She was in the hospital. Mahi was sitting near her. Her head was paining badly as she hit her head on the road. There was a bandage in her head and her hand. Mahi came near her.
M – ‘Jasmin, u alright?’ (remember her fake identity is Jasmin..)
T – ‘Me yahan kaisy?’
M – ‘Actually, is car se tumhara accident hua tha wo mere dad ki car thi..! Nd so he brought u here..!’
T – ‘Achaa..!’
M – ‘Nd yeah one more thing, jab tak tum thk nhi hojaati, tum mere ghr pe raho gi..!’
T – ‘But Mahi aisy kesy..!’
M – ‘Me kuch nhi sunne wali..! Ye dad ne bola hai or bhai ne bhi..!’
T – ‘(in mind) ‘Thanks bhagwaan ji.. inke ghr me ghusne ka chance dilwa diya apne..! Thanks a lot..!’
M – ‘Theek hai na??’
T – ‘Tumhara bhai itna khadoos hai..! He would be sticking around me as he suspect me.’
M – ‘I know.. thode khadoos hain..’
T – ‘Thode.. thode nhi.. bht ziyada..!’
M – (giggling) ‘Haan but he is good at heart..! Kisi ke saath kabhi nainsaafi nhi hony deti..! Har kisi ko insaaf dilwaty hain..!’
T – (in mind) ‘Insaaf… jo insaan apny ghr ke kaatilon ko nhi arrest ker saka wo kiya kisi ko insaaf dilwaye ga..!’ this brought tears to her eyes.
M – ‘Nd u knw what..! He is never interested in girls..! Bht strange hai mera bhai..!’
T – ‘Hmm..!’
Kunj came inside with some medicines. Twinkle looked at him.
M – ‘Bhaiyya, ap Jasmin ko medicines do me abhi aati hun..!’
Saying this she ran away.
Twinkle closed her eyes as she was feeling immense pain in her head.
K – ‘Are you alright?’
T – ‘Hmm..!’ she just nodded with closed eyes.
K – ‘Agr zyada pain ho raha hai to doctor ko bulao?’
T – ‘Nhi, I m fine.!’
K – ‘So, as Mahi told you, you are going live at our place so mind that, Meri nigaahein tum per hi hongi!’
T – ‘I know, jabhi tumne mujhe apny ghr rakhne ka bola hoga taake tum mujhpe nazar rakh sako or kisi bhi jhoothe ilzaam mein mujhe arrest ker lo ryt?’
K – ‘I m not like that.! Bina kisi wajah ke me kisi ko arrest nhi kerta, or na hi jhooth bolta hun!’
T – ‘Hmm ryt.. jabhi aj tak itne bade criminals ko arrest hi nhi ker paaye..!’
K – ‘Whom r u talking about?’
T – ‘No one, tumhe nhi samajh aayega!!’ she said as tears rolled down her eyes.
K – ‘Tum ro rahi ho?’
T – ‘Tumse matlab?’
K – ‘Arry tum itni confusing kyun ho?? Kitni personalities hain tumhari??’
T – ‘I m a total mystery..! U won’t understand me..! U won’t be able to solve a mystery like me..!’
K – ‘Don’t forget I m a cop..!’
T – ‘I m not forgetting anything..! I m just telling, you won’t be able to..!’
K – ‘Challenge ker rahi ho?’
T – ‘Me nhi ker rahi .. challenge tum khud ho rahy ho..!’
Screen freezes…

To be continued…….

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