TwiNjRaj: A MYSTERY…………… SOME SLOTS {Shot 5}

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Shot 5 ~

Twinkle was about to go when Yuvi stopped her. She didn’t wanted to face him but had to stop. He came in front of her and looked at her carefully. He then smiled and left from there. Twinkle was confused by his act but somewhat relieved that he left.
Yuvi came to a corner and get lost in his thoughts.
Y – ‘Why I felt like that she is Twinkle? No, this isn’t possible. But mujhe aesa kyun laga? I always said to Kunj that agr wo aayi to mera dil mujhe bataye ga or ab? Kya horaha hai mujhe? I just want her back.’ His thoughts came to an end when Mahi collided with him. Before she can fall, he held her in his arms. They got lost in each other’s eyes forgetting the world around them. They both composes themselves.

M – ‘Thanks Yuvraj!’
Y – ‘What?? Kya kaha tumne? Me ne sahi se suna nhi? Dobara bolna?’
M – ‘Zyada bhaav mat khao. You saved me that’s why I said thank you!’
Y – ‘Omg! The great Mahi Sarna is saying thank you and that too to Yuvraj Luthra. Seriously I can’t digest it.’ He said dramatically to which Mahi smiled.
Y – ‘Well, aj tumhara birthday hai to I won’t be fighting with you, so let’s be friends? What say?’ he said forwarding his hand. She had a broad smile on her face and shook hand with him nd they both smiled.

Next Scene ~
Twinkle was going upstairs when Kunj came there and stopped her. She got scared as he was a cop.
K – ‘Kya hua darr gayi mujhe dekh ke?’
T – ‘Nhi, me kyun darun gi?’ she said trying to catch up her breath.
K – ‘Nhi actually darty wo hain jo kuch galat kerty hain. Hum unhein criminals kehty hain ryt? Nd tum bhi to…’
T – ‘I m not a criminal.’ She said cutting him. He gave a sarcastic smile and nods.
K – ‘Me ne kab kaha ke tum criminal ho?’

T – ‘Vo.. tum mera peecha kyun ker rahy ho?’
K – ‘Police walo ka to kaam hi hota hai peecha karna!’ he said and smiled.
T – ‘Soch lo! Kyun ke na to tum mujhe giriftar (arrest) kar paaogay…’ she gave a pause and then continued ‘or na me tumse pyaar!’ she said and left from there leaving a confused Kunj behind. (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Instrumental plays)
K – ‘What was that? Matlab kya tha uska?’
Twinkle came to a corner and stood there thinking what to do. She recalled what she said to Kunj.
T – ‘What the hell was that Twinkle? Bola kya tu ne usy?’

Next Scene ~

Everyone was gathered as Mahi was about to cut the cake. Twinkle took the advantage of that and quickly left from there. Mahi cuts the cake and feeds everyone. There Twinkle was searching Usha’s room. She found the room and get inside. She started searching the room to find some proof against Ushar but to her disappointment, she found nothing. She came out of the room and was scared as Kunj was keeping an eye on her.
T – ‘Twinkle, ye darne ka samay nhi hai. You should be confident.’ She said to herself. She was going taking baby steps when she collided with someone. Before she can fall, two strong arms caught her. She saw the person and that was Kunj. They stared at each other that led to a short cute eye lock. (Adhm Instrumental plays). Both composes themselves.
K – ‘Phirse thiefs ki tarah kyaa kar rahi thi yahan jab sb neechy hain?’
T – ‘Me wo washroom ayi thi!’
K – ‘You are giving me more and more reasons to suspect you!’

T – ‘Oh hello, zyada nhi haan. Kaam karo apna!’
K – ‘Wohi ker raha hun! Ab kyaa karun tumpe bharosa nhi hota!’
T – ‘Tumse kisi ne bols nhi bharosa kerny ka. Get that?’
K – ‘Well, I wish hum dono dobara kabhi na mily!’
Twinkle gets thinking that this isn’t possible because she is here to take revenge from his parents. Kunj being Ushar’s son brought sadness to her face. Because he was not able to see the true colors of his parents. Kunj snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.
K – ‘Kahan kho gayi?’

T – ‘Nhi kahi nhi!’ saying this she left.
The party was on full swing. The young couples were forced to dance so do twinj nd yuhi. But there partners were diff. Twinkle was dancing with Yuvi. And Kunj nd Mahi with some others.
Yuvi was feeling some strange connection with her.
Y – ‘Your name is Jasmin ryt?’
T – ‘Hmm.!’ She didn’t had the courage to talk to him. Although she was with him but she wasn’t able to talk to him.

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa
Jaye tu kahin bhi ye sochana
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa
Tu jahaan jaye mehfuz ho
Tu jahaan jaye mehfuz ho
Dil mera mange bas ye dua
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa
Jaye tu kahin bhi ye sochana
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa

The partners got exchanged. Twinkle lands on Kunj and Mahi on Yuvraj. They moved along with the beats of the song.

Humdard hai humdum bhi hai
Tu saath hai to zindagi
Tu jo kabhi door rahe
Ye humse ho jaye ajnabee
Tujh se mohabbat karte hain jo
Tujh se mohabbat karte hain jo
Kaise kare hum usko bayaa
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa
Jaye tu kahin bhi ye sochana
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa

T – ‘Tum mera peecha karna nhi chodo gy?’
K – ‘Me kahan! Tum hi aayi mere pass.! Nd i told you police walo ka kaam hi hota hai peecha kerna!’
T – ‘Criminals ka..! Mujh jeso ka nhi!’
K – ‘Tum jesy maltab?’
Jagi bhi hai royi bhi hai
Aankhein yeh raato mein mere
Kyun har ghadi milke tujhe
Lagti rahe bas teri kami

Hum to na samjhe tum hi kaho
Hum to na samjhe tum hi kaho
Kyun tumko pake tumse juda
Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhoolna
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa
Jaye tu kahin bhi ye sochana
Koi tere khaatir hai jee rahaa

T – ‘Mery jesy matlab buri kismat waly, jinko kabhi pyaar nhi mil sakta! Normal family nhi mil sakti!’ she said and a tear escaped her eye. Kunj catches her tear.
T – ‘Well, me tumhe kyun bata rahi hun. Tum police waly sab ek jessy hoty ho. Koi bhi honest nhi hota. Actually tumhara system hi aesa hai!’
Kunj was shocked plus confused. She was making him confused since she met him.

To be continued..
Well guys…! I have taken a decision. I was so worried about my ffs. After a lot of thinking, I came to a conclusion that my ffs A devil falls in love with an angel and you made me live again, I would be posting them alternatively like I was posting before. Nd this ss nd baykhudi ff, I would be posting on weekends. Is that fine with you all? I hope so.
Well, one more thing, I m really sorry for not commenting. I was busy with many things and my health isn’t supporting me. There is a wedding going on in my house and that’s of my cousin so I have to be there and look after all the arrangements. Moreover, I need to be at my Mamoo’s place so guys, sorry.

Nd yeah you all are doing fabulous job.
Baby, you r going awesome…
Sameera… teri to bat hi na ker…! Matlab I can’t beleive the sudden change of events in kaatil. That was really splendid. Suspense me chod ke gayi…! But I m really loving it.. tumhare or cheena ke ff ka sabse zyada intezaar rehta hai mujhe..! Kuch to hua hai is going fabulous.. i m loving the track. Specially that Aryaan.. ??

Cheena.. love v/s infatuation.. I literally loved your idea. I legit loved the intro. Just can’t wait for the os. Unique plot.. interesting.. i can’t wait for ur ff.. plss post soon..
Tamanna .. pata nhi kaha hai tu?? Missing u soo much.. plss jaldi aajjaoooo.. ???????
Ishu… tu bhi kahan gayab hai… jaldi aa na yrrr…!
Ayesha… waiting for ur ff… plss post soon….
Nishuu di… apka ff to ek dum awesome … words nhi hain… itna achaa.. can’t wait for next…
Supriya di… sorry i didn’t commented on any of ur recent os… i told the reason na.. sorry.. maaf ker do…
Fatimaa… ho kahan yrr?? M missing you sooo much… plss jaldi aajao…!!
Sohi… when r u going to start ur new ff???

Ritzuu.. tu kahan hai yrrr??
Survi aka siyappa queen .. kahan hai yrrr?? Missing you so much..
Preshu… sorry for not commenting… well the epi was superb…!
Milli di… yrrr kahan ho appp??? Anyonee knows where is she???

Shalini di aka Neha di… ap kahan chaly gaye… ?? I m eagerly waiting for ur ff… nd specially kaash hum mohabbat se anjaan hoty..! Plss post soon…

Adeeba.. kahan mar gayi hai tu??? Or tere virat ki bday ke sath hi mera bday… haayee… ??
Nd all the memebers…. thanks to all.. for ur support…! Nd yeah sorry if I forgot anyone..
Love you alll….. thanks to all… ???❤?????❤
Will be coming back soon….

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    aacha tumhara b’day 5 Nov. ka h OK
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    aur haan ab tumhari tabhiyat kaisi h…..
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