Twinj:Immortal struggling love (promo for janam 4) selection matters

Ayu and Sayeeda di…
I am really sry and Belated happy birthday wishes from me.

Sayeeda di u made my day by ur long comment loved it a lott…
Chiku,srija,purnima agarwal, Payal, sidvee,Paavu, ramya,sidhanshi,nimisha. Thanks a lott ppl fr ur support

Sushmitha-welcome to my family dear thanks fr ur cmnt. Glad to know that ur sis name is Roshni. But I am sweeter than ur sis…lolzz kidding….


《《《《surprise 》》》》

In the memory of love it’s a new love story
The world most lovely thing about love is titanic ship. U r thinking right.
It’s titanic love story in our twinj form. I don’t knw hw many of u will like to see titanic chemistry in our twinj.

So plz let me knw about it. If u dnt like this idea plz let me knw
As I hv other form of love story I will go with it.
We are done with romeo Juliet type, then with mermaid story, also done with soldier love story during 2nd world war.

So nw it will be
1.titanic love story or
2. A pre independence love stiry of a English girl n an Indian.

Majority matters here ..plz let me know so I can write ff.

Thankqq plz do share ur choice


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  1. Titanic love story…

  2. Sayeeda

    Hey ! Rosh ….go with Titanic one…. I really wanted to read Titanic in ur idea nd in our Twinj form…..

    Thanks for ur wishes dear ….. don’t be sorry…..

    Keep smiling….
    Love you?????

  3. Heyyy rosh… I like the titanic story more…

  4. Heyyy rosh… I like the titanic story more… Very exited for the janam 4…

  5. Ramya

    Hey roshini I have nt seen titanic so I don’t know it’s story so u can ur wish one As i know u will be always awesome stories waiting fr next post

  6. Hey roshni thank u for the warm welcome dear and I’m finding Titanic interesting continue soon love you ?

  7. Hey Roshini! I’ve seen titanic and imagining twinj in the role of rose and jack would be awesome.. very excited for 4th janam.. do cont soon ❤❤

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…titanic luv story…will be amazing

  9. Amazing titanic luv story will be awesome plz post nxt asap

  10. Payal...

    I want titanic love story post soon

  11. Chiku

    Awesome ?????
    Any will work for me dear

  12. SidMin

    Titanic Love story 🙂

  13. Paavu

    Hey srry I m late rosh bt titanic is my fav luv stry do it ll be d bst and ya ur os was nic lovely

  14. The first one is good …and please there should be happy ending…..the ending should’t be like titanic. From the last three seasons of this ff …there is no happy ending ….but now we all want a happy ending……..pleease its a request ………….sorry if u felt that i used harsh words

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