Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 53

Chapter 53:

Kunj’s pov:
With a much difficulty I dragged uv out of his trances. I loaded the luggage into the chariot with the help of him.
I could see a long queue of chariots for each of the member of Duke s family. I wonder why this high classy people soo complicated. I still remember how we travel in buses loaded with full of people.

I sat on my chariot and was waiting for the person to come.
I was losing my patience at every passing second bt finally my patience paid me.
I saw her finally!!
A young women came towards my chariot dressed up in a simple white long gown while her half of the face was covered by a big round hat. I couldn’t see her completly wish I could. Her glossy lips seemed like cherries.
Oh!! Wts happening to me. Am I praising some random girl whom I don’t even know n more over that to some white. Noo!! U stupid mind stop urself.
She approached me while my heart throbed hardly. I could literally hear the heart beat in those heavy sounds. In the hot sun I could feel the coolness of breeze. Some fragrance surrounded me.
While I was desperately waiting finally she looked up at me when some of her family told her to get into my chariot. I felt like I am the only happiest soul under the sun.
Her brown eyes mesmerized me for a second.
That is when she gave a move by blinking her eyes once. I don’t y she didn’t that!! May be she is thanking me or I don’t know.
Coz I knw hw we Indians were treated by English. Brutally as a slaves!!!
My heart skipped fr a while wn we had a direct eye contact. Her eyes were mesmerising n a slight smile was addictive. I started my ride. After a pretty long journey we reached the palace. All the time I could here her talking. Her talks are like sweetest hymns. I stopped the chariot and got down to open the door.
She stepped out of it and removed her hat.
‘Is this wr we are going to stay?’ She spoke to me for the first time
‘Yes princess,’ I replied

She smiled at me and took few steps n turned back at me with amazement.
‘U knw English?’ She asked with a huge surprise in her eyes.
‘Yes, I do princess,’ I said
‘Educated chariot driver haa,’ she said smiling graciously at me.
While I bowed my head as a honor and I saw her disappearing very soon.

I never knew that, u r the one for whom I waited
I never knew that, ur eyes are the things which seems deeper than sea.
I never knew that, ur words would be sweetest than sugars.
All I know is I am falling for you.

I am falling for her.
I thought.
I didn’t like this moment wn I thought abt my feelings fr her!
I don’t knw my feelings r true or not bt i love this confusion.
I need this till the end of my life.
I knw I am completly in my senses but I even knw it doesn’t make any sense of me being a normal guy falling for a princess.


Precap: twinj talk


Hope u all like it.
Thanks for each n eveyone for ur cmnts n love. I am blessed that u ppl r hving patience with me.

Urs lovingly

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