Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 52

Chapter 52:

Love… feeling which never fades
With a new look, new charm it’s here. It’s a new birth n a new era of love.

Place: Cochin.
Year: 1946

Sun rising on his side with spreading the newness all over the waves of sea. The cool breeze is spreading it’s mrng freshness.
A muscular young man is seen working hard in the sun. Water running throughout his body making his transparent white banian visible.
Everywhere slogans and shouting s are heard. It’s an independence struggle spread all over the country.
‘JAI HINDH’ He slowly whispered to himself looking all around him. As he knew it was a crime

‘Kunj…. look thr’ a voice came frm his back he turned to see in that direction and all he could see was a clear sea.
He gave a questioned look.
‘SHIP!!!’ His frnd Uv shouted.
‘So…. what?’ He was unclear.
‘You knw it’s frm Portugal. Today dukes whole family is cming here. There will be a party in his place.’ He cleared me about his excitement.
What ever!!! He sighed n got back to his work.

Kunj s pov:
This n all happened very soon wn I was just a small kid. Don’t knw when our lives became blackened in the mere presence of British flag. We became slaves under others rule. Don’t knw wn all these gonna end.
‘Everyone on to the ship’ I heard a commando. I left my work thr n moved towards the ship which just docked the shipyard.

‘You… get into the ship n bring all the luggage of princess.’ He ordered me n uv while distributing others thr sort of work. All the time my blood was boiling as why the hell we should work under these ppl but we had no choice, for our survival we hv to.
‘I heard that the Princess of Duke is really gorgeous. She is a an expensive beauty,’ Uv muttered while I ignored him.
‘Will u plz shut up n stop ur blabberings abt them. Just hv little shame fr urself,’ I sounded little hard on him.
While his excitement went down at my scowl.

We got into the ship n carried all the luggage outside bt all the time uv was lost smewr.
‘Wr the hell ru lost?’ I asked him
‘I am trying to find the Princess, as I heard a lot abt her I just wanna see her once,’ He spoke in trans.
I hit my head without any option n dragged him out of his imaginary world.

Precap: twinkle entry


Hope u all liked it
A big
I knw I am very late sry frnds struck with my clg work finally done with my one ff only this one. I will concentrate on it
Sorry fr short epi
next will be long I promise

Urs lovingly

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