Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 46)


Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.

Chapter 46:
Twinkles pov:
That was the best evening of my life, even for him also. Cool breeze, beautiful sunset, threnody of waves, calm sea made the atmosphere more romantic.
He was kissing me, I too was lost in him. The best thing that ever happened to me is him, kunj.
He was so gentle, he was biting my lower lip while I was kissing his upper lip. He is soo sweet.
He slowly made way into my mouth, our tongues were fighting with eo. This lasted for a longtime.
Neither I wanted to break nor he wanted to do so.
We kissed n kissed untill we ran out of air.
* end of twinkles pov*

(The most awaited scenes as requested)

Twinkle took kunj to his room.
‘Oh, so this is how u ppl live, luxurious, nice…. ‘ Kunj exclaimed seeing her room.
‘Can u please close the door,’ twinkle asked him with a smile.
Kunj nodded n closed the door.
Twinkle went inside, kunj noticed a painting in her drawing room n went to it, he was busy studying that. Twinkle came back.
‘ What ru looking at?’ Twinkel asked.
‘Very nice work, it’s really amazing,’ kunj exclaimed at painting.
‘ do u like it?u knw him (artist)?’ Twinkle asked.
‘YA, it’s an amazing work,’ kunj said.
‘Have u ever heard about blue diamond’? Twinkle asked
‘Blue diamond???’ Kunj was question full.
‘ wait,’ twinkle said n moved inside her secret locker.
She opened it n took a box frm it.
From the box she took out a necklace frm that box.
‘This is called blue diamond which Naman gifted me,’ she said.
‘Wow….beautiful,’ kunj said taking it into his hands n examining it.

Twinkle remembers how Naman gave it to her as thr wedding gift, whichiku was so costly, nAman made it wear to twinkle n was adoring her beauty.
Twinkle comes out of her thoughts n saw kunj examining the necklace.
‘Kunj, I wamt u to dram my picture with this, like ur French girls,’ twinkle asked.
‘Hmm okay, kunj said still looking at the necklace.
‘ wearing…only ….this…,’ she whispered slowly more intensely.
Kunj took back fr a minute for wt he heard he looked at her n she smiled n took away the necklace frm his hands.

Kunj came out of his trance n arranged a bed n his chair, he sharpened his pencils n made things ready for this work.
He sat on the chairs near the bed.
The sound of door was heard n he looked that side.
Twinkle came out from the room in a transparent black colour long coat which covered her completely.
She smiled at kunj whose mouth was open.

Kunj came back into sense.

Kunj’s pov:
‘There on the couch’ I said her as I was little nervous and was stammering.
Twinkle came towards me, she removed her coat,she was also nervous as well as naked.
She settled herself on the couch as even I was pretty nervous.
I stared my work.
*end of kunj s pov*

Twinkel s pov:
All the time my heart was popping like anything as I can’t believe myself lying here like this. It’s really a big deal for girls like me, I even can’t imagine myself like the landed up in the bed all naked n being infront if a guy like this. The guy whom I love still I enjoyed Thai moment as it’s seems crazy…truly said that love is crazy it makes all hell impossible things as possible one.

I could see kunj glaring at my parts. He was pressing his fingers on the paper all the time.
‘What are you doing there? Is that my br**st? I asked.
He gave a small smile frm the corner of his lips.
‘I am just shading them’ He replied.
I blushed
‘Just relax u self’
‘Okay’ I replied.
I was lost all the time.

After a very long time he was done with his work.
I took back my coat n wore it.
He was writting the date and signed it.

precap: makeover..

I hope u like it…as I am nt used to write such adult stuffs in my stories even I can’t do that bt this one is needed.
I knw u ppl expected a lot bt this is wt I can give u guys i am really sry. ..if u r disappointed
Do share ur views…

Urs lovingly

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