Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 45) (Titanic signature pose)


Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.

Recap: twinkle was hurt by Naman

Chapter 45:

Twinkles pov:
I was hurt by Naman s words, I was regretting for going with kunj. Everything is cooking up in my mind. I closed my eyes tightly, my mom, this marriage nting is making me happy, am I wrong?
I wish no one should be in position like me i don’t knw what I want, I couldn’t trace my priorities.
Jesus….help me.

I couldn’t help rather than crying hard out of my heart.
I was tired of doing that, I just wanted some space n moved out of my room.
I went for a small walk, I wished not see kunj, I knew he won’t be able to come here as it is confined only for high class ppl.
I was lost at my own thoughts n was walking when sme one caught hold of my wrist n dragged me aside into the room.
I came out of my trance n realised that it was non other than kunj.
He locked the door.
* end of twinkles pov*

Kunj locked the door n moved towards twinkle.
Twinkle looked at him n tried going out
Kunj: twinkle, listen just once listen to me
T:kunj, better u leave me, if any one see us together then both of us will be in trouble.
K: plz just listen
Kunj begged her but twinkle didn’t paid heed n tried moving towards door to move out when kunj immediately grabbed her arm n made her lean towards the table near by.
K:twinkle….yesterday what we did was reality, accept it. I love u and I know I can’t afford u luxuries but can keep u happy. At this moment I don’t have a single penny, but I have lots of love to u which is more enough to make u happy. Just think about us once.

Twinkle knew that kunj was abt to confess this.
T: just leave me kunj, u knw I am getting married soon…..u won’t understand.
Twinkle shooves him away n moved towards door when kunj speaks she stops.
K: I knw….I knw u r getting married i even know that u r nt happy with it. Just think of ur self. Once u accept me i will be thr for u untill the last breathe of my life.
Twinkle without even looking back at kunj left the place.

Twinkles pov:
I moved away from that place, without listening to kunj s words. But his words were still echoing in my ears….
‘I also know that u r nt happy with it..’
These words chocked me. It’s True. I am not happy with this. I don’t know what to do.
I sat at one corner looking at the sunset. It was just like my life which is going to set soon.
I just wanted to ne with kunj.

Did I mean my words that just escaped from my mouth.
I closed my eyes tightly, my mom, my engagement, Naman, his arrogance everything made my heart cry. But as I remembered kunj, I felt smewt pain in my heart.
This pain is due to the fear of loosing him. I don’t want that. I realised that I love him when I kissed him but I was nt ready to bare the bad consequences.
But now what ever it may be, I love him n i need him. I am ready for anything.
I opened my eyes with a broad smile on my face, I wiped off my tears n ran towards where he was.

* end of twinkles pov*

Twinkle came running towards kunj who was standing near the railing at the end of the ship.
‘Kunj, I knew that u will be here,’ she told smewt loudly
‘Even I knew u will come back,’ kunj replied with a wink.
Twinkle blushed.

He let out his hand n signed twinkle to come near.
Twinkle gave her hand n stepped forward.
He made her stand infront of her.
‘Close ur eyes,’ He spoke with lite voice.
Twinkle closed her eyes
‘Step up on the railing,’ He said her holding her both the hands in his.
‘Ah…’ twinkle trembled
‘Just do it’ He asked.

Twinkle climbed up on it.
‘One more’kunj said.
‘Are u serious, ‘ twinkle questioned this time sheet was little scared.
‘U trust me right?’ He asked.
‘Yeah’ she replied with a smile face still her eyes were closed.
‘Then go ahead,’ kunj said

Twinkle climbed one more step.
Kunj held her hands n stretched both their hands.
‘Now open ur eyes’ He told in her ears.
Twinkle opened her eyes.
‘Oh my God kunj I am feeling like we are flying,’ she spoke with happiness while her heart was throbing like hell due to her adventurous stunt.

They were in same position n were enjoying the sunset.
‘Kunj look thr,’ twinkle pointed towards the dolphins which were racing with the waves.
She slightly tilted her head towards kunj.
He smiled n thy had a eyelock.

Kunj motioned towards her lips n held them with his.
Twinkle made her hands to his hair n started caressing. They shared a beautiful lip lock.

Precap: according to story line as u ppl knw

Hope u ppl liked n let me tell u frnds i am nt getting response at all shall I stop writting. If u ppl r really nt enjoying my ff thr is no need of writting.
If i wont get ur feedback I am nt going to writem further.

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